Meet us tonight y earthquake

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meet us tonight y earthquake

Damage does not usually occur until the earthquake magnitude reaches above 4 or 5, according to the Colorado-based United States. A massive magnitude earthquake will hit Jakarta tonight, capable to in Central America is a hotpot of volcano and earthquake activity. NEWS: Fans Invited to Meet Quakes Head Coach Matias Almeyda for First Time NEWS: Earthquakes to Host Montreal Impact in Almeyda's Debut on March 2.

When an earthquake first takes place, it is known as the main event. However, there may be a series of smaller earthquakes that could occur after the main one. These smaller earthquakes are known as the aftershocks and are capable of inflicting further damage. The aftershock is just as unpredictable as the main one. Showing the different Tectonic Plates How are earthquakes measured?

However, they are able to measure the magnitude of an earthquake or the amount of energy that is released from the earth when an earthquake takes place. Seismometers are used to record the seismic waves generated by an earthquake.

Seismologists are then able to use these recordings to determine where the earthquake was located and how strong it was. Seismic waves may also be used to map the interior of the earth. The Mercalli Intensity Scale is used to categorize the levels of shaking observed during an earthquake.

Massive earthquake causes significant damage in Southcentral Alaska

Seismic waves are also continually excited by the pounding of ocean waves and the wind. The epicenter is usually the location of greatest damage. Some significant earthquakes that have affected Trinidad and Tobago Dec 26 - 4. No reported injuries or damages. This is the fifth earthquake in the magnitude 7 range to occur near Martinique since Not using building codes and the right type of material when constructing structures.

MEGA earthquake 'as devastating as 2004 tsunami' to strike capital city TONIGHT

Building codes are guides used to ensuring that structures can withstand the effects of earthquakes and hurricanes. Building structures according to building codes would ensure the integrity of the structure. Not building structures on the correct type of foundation. Some soil types are more susceptible to ground movements than others. The soil type of the land upon which a structure is to be erected, would dictate the type of foundation the building should have; be it a shallow or deep foundation.

Massive 7.0 earthquake causes significant damage in Southcentral Alaska

As previously mentioned different soil types are more susceptible to soil and ground movements. It is important to know the soil type before constructing. Closed —Knik River Bridge: Periodic closures; follow detours —Dowling Road C Street: Northbound closed —36th Avenue Seward Highway: One lane, follow detours The People Mover is expected to reopen Saturday.

All rides are free Saturday and Sunday, which will follow a regular weekend schedule. Anyone in need of shelter in Anchorage can go to: Those without power are advised to use or assemble an outage kit, including flashlights, batteries, a battery operated radio, emergency blankets and clothing, food and water. Anyone without power can shelter at the Egan Center in downtown Anchorage. The closure is expected to last for between 30 and 60 minutes.

meet us tonight y earthquake

Outbound traffic may be diverted through medians and off the highway to the Old Glenn Highway. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz says the city's infrastructure helped prevent much more significant damage.

Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility recommends precautionary water boiling, though city officials say there is no evidence of contamination. Phone systems are largely intact. Areas with outages are likely a result of power issues or overuse issues. The city urges people to use text messages and internet for communications to stay off voice communication lines.

meet us tonight y earthquake

The southbound Seward Highway is now open after crews have cleared rock slides between Indian and Beluga. The Trans Alaska Pipeline system has been restarted as of 3: Friday after operations were shutdown at 8: A tsunami warning was lifted as of 3: Anchorage businesses continue to rebuild, and major damage was discovered at the Port of Anchorage on Friday afternoon. Officials with Chugach Electric say damage to electrical conduits has prompted repair crews to begin working on a fix.

Additionally, Chugach says of the 21, outages initially reported, only 1, customers appear to be without power now. In the Mat-Su, several leaks have been detected in Wasilla infrastructure, according to the city's mayor. Mayor Bert Cottle told KTUU that a water leak, as well as a sewage leak, were found following the quake, and officials are working on the water leak first before they plan to turn their attention to the sewage leak.

Cottle said that in the mean time, the Menard Center will be open tonight for those who can't get home and need a place to sleep. Meanwhile, businesses trashed by the quake are cleaning up the messes, but Cottle said it could take time. Following massive damage to Alaska highways, the APD says that detours have been established so that areas both to the north and the south are accessible once again.

A full list of those road as well as schools, businesses, and state organizations closures can be found here on our website. While roads are opening back up, schools in the Anchorage School District are shutting down for an extended weekend.

meet us tonight y earthquake

In addition, the statewide volley ball tournament is being postponed for the day, while organizers attempt to find another a facility to be able to host a revised formatted tournament tomorrow. If that happens, games would begin at 9: An aftershock forecast has been issued by the United States Geological Survey, which states there is a relatively low likelihood of another earthquake in similar magnitude as the 7.

The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre

Michelle Torres with the Department of Homeland Security, said there is no reason to believe there will be an other quake near a 7. As the aftershocks continue, Torres emphasized the importance of continuing to practice good safety. According to the USGS, there's only a 4 percent chance of another earthquake equal or greater than magnitude 7.

The USGS said in its entire aftershock forecast: A state of emergency has been declared for the Anchorage metropolitan area, according to city officials, due to the massive damage caused by Friday's earthquake. The Anchorage Police Department will be shifting to an emergency deployment plan, partnering with the National Guard and other agencies to conduct damage assessments.

The Seward Highway is closed down as of 11 a. Officials say to shelter in place and stay off the roads if possible. Mayor Ethan Berkowitz said at a news conference this morning that, despite the earthquake chaos this morning, "Anchorage is a very well prepared community.

meet us tonight y earthquake

Airport officials recommend calling individual carriers to check on delays before flying today. A house caught fire on C Street north of Dimond Blvd. AFD says the cause is not known, but that the earthquake this morning "likely contributed" to the origin. The father of the household told KTUU he saw the fire start in a floor heating element and it spread throughout the house. The home, located off Branch Drive near 76th Avenue is reportedly a landmark property.

AFD said they will remain on scene and attempt to salvage the garage, but the home is completely destroyed. Watch the video of the fire in the carousel at the top of this story.

meet us tonight y earthquake

Walker said that the White House called Alaska asking if the state would require some assistance, and Walker accepted. He said crews from the Lower 48 are en route. So far no injuries have been reported, but we will continue to check for that information.