Meet your tooth fairy online

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meet your tooth fairy online

How can I meet my Tooth Fairy? A girl goes online to TheRealToothFairies. com - with her parent's permission – and gets matched to her own. How can I meet my Tooth Fairy? and more at an award-winning interactive online world of the Tooth Fairy, filled with imaginative adventures. The Real Tooth Fairies is an award-winning entertainment property for girls that delivers the complete Tooth Fairy Meet Your Tooth Fairy.

Now more than a fanciful imagining, it's a reality for girls ages 5 to10 years old. Thanks to the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to inspiring imagination, fostering creativity, building character and encouraging girls to spread kindness and change the world.

meet your tooth fairy online

The Tooth Fairy is a cultural icon and a magical visitor that dreams are made of around the world. What does the Tooth Fairy look like? What is her name?

meet your tooth fairy online

What does the Tooth Fairy do with my teeth? Where does the she live? How can I meet my Tooth Fairy? We are all very busy with our special magical jobs, but we've met before. Sometimes we get together and have lunch, but most of the time we're just too busy making children happy to spend a lot of time with each other. It would be nice if we could spend more time together, but the children's happiness is most important to all of us.

What is your favorite food? I have many favorite foods.

meet your tooth fairy online

I really like healthy foods that are good for your teeth like fruits and vegetables. Maybe you will leave me some carrots or celery next time you lose a tooth? How much money do other kids get?

Tooth Fairy Letters Draw 6 Million Visitors to Real Fairyland's Award-Winning Website

Other kids get just about the same amount as you do. Losing a baby tooth really isn't just about getting money. It is about the magic you share with your family and friends. It is about the magic moment when you realize you are getting just a little bit older. Be sure to always remember this time and to cherish the people you love and that love you the most. Why didn't you come and get my tooth? Even though I can fly as fast as Fairy Speed Eleven, I just can't get to every lost tooth in one night.

Tooth Fairy Letters Draw 6 Million Visitors to Real Fairyland's Award-Winning Website | Benzinga

Sometimes there are so many lost teeth to collect. Sometimes the weather especially blizzards and hurricanes causes me to have to slow down, and I get behind. Just remember to leave your tooth for me, and I will get to it. Sometimes I have to work overtime on the weekends to get caught up. But I'll always come and get your lost teeth.

What is your name? I don't mind at all if you want to give me a name. But I'll always be The Tooth Fairy. If you want, you can just call me "TF. Can I have a picture of you? So far, nobody has been able to take a picture of me with a camera. You can see the picture of me at the top of every one of my web pages.

Next time you want to see what I look like, just visit ToothFairyLand. Because the amount of money I have to give for teeth changes all the time, I can sometimes leave more money, and other times, I have to leave less. On the average, I leave one dollar. But sometimes I can leave as much as Twenty dollars. Well, of course I'm real! I find that question so silly sometimes. Every night I visit thousands of children and collect their teeth.

They all believe in me, and they all know how real I am. So many parents see the magic I perform when they discover with their children that I made a visit during the night. It is true that some children just don't want to believe that I am real.

This makes me sad, but I hope that someday when those children have children of their own, that they teach their children about me. The magic and ritual of The Tooth Fairy That's me! How do you know my name and where I live? Tooth Fairyland is full of Tooth Fairy Helpers.

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One such helper is Tooth Fairy Helper Emma. She is the keeper of the names, address, and map books. Emma and the other Tooth Fairy Helpers who work with her spend their days and nights making sure they know all the children's names and where they live.

Every night, before I go to collect teeth, Tooth Fairy Helper Emma gives me the list of names and addresses to visit. At what age will I lose my first tooth? The age for boys and girls is sometimes different. I can tell you that children start to lose their baby teeth as early as 3 years old, and as late as 7 years old.

But around 5 to 6 years old is usually when children will lose their first tooth! Do you only leave money or do you leave other things? Mostly, I only leave money. I really think that children can learn so much from saving their money to buy exactly what they want. Sometimes I do have special toys and other gifts to leave. I've been known to leave stuffed animals, action figures, toy dolls, and one time, with the request and permission of a mommy, I left a little baby puppy - not under the pillow, but in a little puppy bed.

Can you imagine how hard it was to fly all around carrying that puppy! How many teeth have you collected? Since I collect new teeth every night, the number of teeth in our magical collection at Tooth Fairyland is always growing. I have collected at lease ,,,, teeth. I hope that your baby teeth are next. How do I get my loose tooth to fall out? There are so many different ways to get a loose tooth to fall out. I have heard of tying a string to the tooth, and the other end of the string to a door knob.

Then, someone slams the door shut, and the tooth is yanked out. Sounds scary to me, but it certainly does work, and it works FAST! Other ways include eating an apple, making sure to use your loose tooth to bite the apple.

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Every night, millions of children around the world put a lost tooth under their pillow and wait for the Tooth Fairy to come. I need to go show my mom. What if this moment of real-life magic that kids and parents already buy into could be captured into a Tooth Fairy brand that girls love?

We could come up with a list of time-tested characters, from Spiderman to Mickey Mouse to Tinkerbell to Spongebob, and I believe the tooth fairy, herself, as a character, literally stands at the same level of these kind of globally-recognizable characters.

Parents and children are having Tooth-Fairy moments every minute, every day. I mean, kids are going to lose many teeth over the course of several years and each tooth is really a holiday moment.

meet your tooth fairy online

The Real Tooth Fairies brand is the first to leverage and define this rite-of-passage moment that everyone celebrates. This brand has harnessed the ritual and made it more magic than ever.