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mega meet chat line

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A few others had stopped with him to diagnose and fix the problem. Sure enough, twenty minutes later, we were back on the road and running late for the pre-meet. By the time we got there and got out of our cars, everyone was starting to leave. The last Mega Meet event from a few years ago had an official pre-meet and a police escort as well.

All of a sudden, just outside the main gates, another one of our local Subaru friends had some car problems as well. He had a tow truck come and pick up the car, but he still stayed for the mega meet festivities. What felt like an eternity waiting in line an hourwe finally made it to the main gates and were directed where to park the cars.

It was hot outside. Thankfully they had the event in the winter unlike most Florida car shows but still felt like summer, minus the humidity and afternoon thunderstorms. After pulling through the gate and getting our wristbands, the event staff had us park in a huge grassy field. After doing a quick-wax cleaning job on the cars, we were ready to start walking around and take in the overwhelming amount of all things Subaru. CJ and my brother, Dan, grabbed their cameras, Ethan and myself grabbed some MFortyFive business cards and stickers to hand out, and off we went.

mega meet chat line

The 4 of us were extremely excited to see those, so we made our way there first. The 22B was glorious of course in all of its Japanese, rare goodness to see in person. Even in a sea of blue cars everywhere, the 22B stood out from the crowd. Everything about this car was designed for one thing in mind — fun.

If only I could drive one someday and experience all the magnificent things a 22B has to offer. CJ went off to take pictures while Ethan, my brother Dan, and myself walked around the grass field observing the staggering amount of Subarus. We had to participate in the photo shoot fun as well!

The first thing I noticed on the car was the yellow headlight tint, giving off a GT-spec, racecar style appearance.

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While drooling over the car, the owner — Robert, walked over and introduced himself. Very nice guy and very outgoing!

mega meet chat line

He talked to me and told me about the molded wide-body fenders, the extremely meaty fitment, the unique color, and several major bits and pieces that brought the car together. This is an easy and faster way to meet with the one you love rather than using dating websites.

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