Msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

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msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

Ferris State To Host GLIAC Cross Country Championships This Saturday At Katke Ferris State Cross Country Squads Race In Michigan State Spartan Invite. Spartan Invite. Auto Owners Cross Country Spartan Invitational Site : Michigan State University's - Forest Akers East Golf Course Parking: MSU. 1, MSU Cross Country Camp. 2, Meet Counselors in front of East Wilson before each session. min run, Strides, Meet outside East Wilson. Lansing South, Meet outside East Wilson for group outing to Playmakers Running Store.

Scott -- Running back, Michigan State Season stats: Scott might be the most important offensive player on the field Saturday against a Michigan defense that stops the run better than any team in the Big Ten.

In 42 of the last 45 meetings between Michigan and MSU, the team that gained more rushing yards won the game. Last season, the Spartans out-rushed the Wolverines and ran away with a win. Two years ago, Michigan infamously rushed for negative 48 yards while MSU ran for The Spartans blew Michigan out of East Lansing, Scott leads Michigan State with over yards and six touchdowns despite having 25 fewer carries than Madre London. The freshman averages 6 yards per carry and was held below 4.

Saturday will be Scott's toughest matchup of the season. The Wolverines allow fewer than 70 rushing yards per game and only 2. Scott will be asked to run behind a battered offensive line that hasn't been fully healthy since the start of the season. If Michigan State can find a consistent running game against D. Durkin's front seven, it'll really open up the middle of the field for quarterback Connor Cook.

Chris Wormley -- Defensive end, Michigan Season stats: Michigan State's offensive line is on its heels due to injury, and if Wormley can take advantage, it would put the Spartans in a huge hole.

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Cook has so much success on third downs because MSU's rushing attack sets up shorter attempts with positive gains on first and second downs.

Wormley is Michigan's best chance to put the Spartan offense behind the sticks. A third and 12 might turn into a third and 8 or longer, making it much tougher to extend drives. But it hasn't seen a receiver as good as Aaron Burbridge. Burbridge has four games of over yards receiving this season, but none were more impressive than his nine-catch, yard effort at Rutgers. The senior is Cook's favorite target on third down and made a pair of huge catches to give MSU a late lead in New Brunswick.

If Michigan State falls victim to Michigan's front seven, it will be up to Cook and Burbridge to carry the offense.

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Jourdan Lewis -- Cornerback, Michigan Season stats: Lewis has defended the sixth most passes in the country and picked off throws in each of the first two Big Ten games. His pick-six in the second quarter against Northwestern took the fight out of the Wildcats before they even reached halftime. Northwestern threw toward Lewis 11 times and completed just two short passes for a total of 21 yards. According to Pro Football Focus, Lewis has been thrown at 34 times this season, allowing just 11 catches for 67 yards.

Lewis hasn't matched up against any elite wide receivers this season, but faces a really tough test in MSU. Cook won't be afraid to throw toward Lewis, and his receivers make excellent catches in traffic. The most critical play to watch in this matchup will be the back-shoulder pass to Burbridge against Lewis. If Cook makes a mistake, Lewis will make him pay. Otherwise, the junior will have to be in perfect coverage to break it up.

Jake Rudock won't have much trouble with the secondary itself, but Shilique Calhoun will put his own stamp on that matchup if he lives in the Michigan backfield.

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Rudock isn't going to light it up for the Wolverines -- he's a game manager who counts on a great running game to open up receivers in the short passing game. But when the offensive line gives Rudock time to throw, he can step up in the pocket and pick a secondary apart.

That's where Calhoun comes in. Calhoun has been responsible for 41 yards of loss this season, 40 of which came on sacks.

In the season opener against Utah, the only game in which Rudock was under consistent pressure, he threw three interceptions, including a game-clinching pick-six. Calhoun is the best defensive player for the Spartans, leading the team in TFL yards and sacks, so he'll have to ensure that the secondary doesn't stay in coverage long enough for Rudock to do legitimate damage underneath.

Mason Cole -- Left tackle, Michigan Strength matches up against strength in the trenches when a stout MSU defensive line squares off with a surprisingly effective pass blocking unit for Michigan. Calhoun leads a Spartan pass rush that ranks behind only Penn State and Oklahoma State with 21 sacks on the season.

Six of those sacks came in close games against Purdue and Rutgers, so Michigan State is really relying on pressuring the quarterback.

msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

Michigan football climbs from cellar to contender Mason Cole will lead the effort to slow down that pass rush on Saturday, making his 19th straight start. There was lots of cheering going on as the runners ran by in different events. Reminded me of my track and field days competing all those years with teams of various sorts. The meets are where we experienced lots of comaraderie and fun; it was always like family. We were the last event to get done. Trine University was the conference champs and they were celebrating in the fieldhouse as we left.

It was great day to be officiating at a first-ever indoor championship. I drove around the acre campus and checked out that football stadium without a track. Interesting-- football is king even though it loses money hand over fist and other sports are left in the dust. Got to my hotel and called it a night.

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Drove over to Portage about 15 miles from my hotel. I was a pacer for the walkers the first year when the temperature was around the zero mark when we started. The race started and ended at Portage High School. The race also included a 5K and a 10K. A big crowd was in the school waiting for the start. I signed up and got ready to run. It was a fantastic day for running since it was 45 degrees at 8 am. We all go out the start and the announcer says that if they added up all the temperatures from the first three years it wouldn't add up to today's temperature.

This winter has been a true abnormality. The gun goes off and we run the first three miles through a neighborhood. Then we go through a park onto a bike path along the road up to 5.

Next the course take us through a small park and bike path, then on the road at 6. Finally, we are on a bike path and park the rest of the way, which was nicest part of the race. The last three quarters of a mile were uphill and across the Portage High School parking lot.

msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

It was a good finish area since it wasn't too windy and it was open so people could watch us finish. I ran a little faster than I paced it 3 years ago. I went back into the high school, got some refreshments and talked with other runners about the race.