Nashville swim league city meet 2015

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nashville swim league city meet 2015

Events. Meetings. City Meet. NSL Winter Meetingp Richland. Feb 6, ( PM). More League News. 10/8/ General Membership Minutes. The swim team is a member of the Greater Columbus Swim League (GCSL), which The PTAC pool closes Wednesdays at p.m. on Home Swim Meet Days. Parkland Dr, Columbus, OH Grandview Municipal Pool Goodale Blvd, .. and Turn Handbook Dual Meets: Dates to Remember: City Meet: June 7. CITY MEET July Centennial Sportsplex, Nashville. Friday AM 11 and up. Friday PM 6 Unders. Saturday Your City Meet Invitation will contain .

I joined the Sequoia Swim Team when I was just 4 years old. I swam on the team for 14 years until I aged out of the system at At 16, I took on an additional role and became a coach for the first time. I absolutely adored the position and have gone back and coached for the past four summers.

Most of those years, I was able to double as both a swimmer on the team and a coach. There is diversity in my job that comes from the kids I work with. They range from ages 4 to 18, which offers a variety of personalities, moods, fears, and senses of humor.

While each individual might be different, they each teach me as much as I am teaching them. Each age group requires a certain set of skills that is unique to that range of kids. For example, new swimmers normally need a more gentle approach to compensate for their fears of the water.

Oppositely, the 7 to 10 year old range normally requires a more stern attitude to offset their wild personalities. With one of my youngest swimmers, Tucker Paxton, at the end of season banquet.

nashville swim league city meet 2015

However, I have learned the importance of flexibility from working in this position. There is value in not mass labeling every age division or gender sector, for some kids break the mold in the ways they learn. It is important to reach every child and meet them where they are.

There is a spontaneity in this position that mirrors the required flexibility. Some days this may look hectic and frazzled, making me want to pull my hair out as the kids are bouncing off the walls. Other days, this may be playing games at the end of practice because they are all so quiet.

They go back and forth, and you have to be willing to gauge their attitude and adjust yourself to fit. More than anything, working so closely with children is incredibly humbling. Their high-pitched squeals entice you to act crazy in front of them, for their joy seems vastly more important than your own humility.

Meets begin at 6: Swimmers will need to be at the pool by 4: The maximum number of events a swimmer can participate in during a dual meet is five 5. COSA meets are held on Saturday mornings. The meets begin at 8: Upon arrival at a meet, be sure to check in with the Swimmer Check-in Volunteer. This helps the coaches know that all team members have arrived at the pool. Below is a listing of pools and links to maps: Annehurst Granby Pl.

nashville swim league city meet 2015

Mingo Pool, E. Dive meets begin at 4: Divers are expected to arrive at the pool at 3: There are 5 dive meets during the season. Age groups are the same as those used in swimming. The number of dives a diver must perform is dependant upon their age group.

The team uses a plain black swim suit. Swim gear such as goggles, bags, and practice caps can be purchased from swim gear stores or local sporting goods stores. What to Bring to the Swim Meet plenty of towels, goggles spare pair in case one breaksswim cap, healthy snacks and drinks lots of waterwarm clothes to put on after events very important on cooler or windy eveningsmarker for noting events on swimmer s arm, fun activities for your swimmer to do between events, chairs some pools do not have many chairs available for use during a meetblanket or extra towel for swimmer or family to sit on, camera Prior to coming to the meet, each swimmer should have the following information printed on their hand as shown below: With the exception of the lane assignment, the other information can be completed prior to coming to the pool.

Permanent sharpie marker works best for this task. E H L IM Breast Fly Back What to Bring to the Dive Meet plenty of towels, healthy snacks and drinks lots of waterchairs outdoor meet, see aboveblanket or extra towel for swimmer or family to sit on outdoor meet camera 6 How to Decipher the Heat Sheet Regular season heat sheets are relatively simple since there rarely are multiple heats. Each sheet contains the following information: Event number, event title, heat number, status of heat, lane number, swimmer s name, swimmers age for season, swimmer s team, and their time.

At the beginning of the season, each swimmer is designated an NT which stands for No Time. After they swim their first meet and earn an official time not disqualified then a time will be shown in the last column. The seed time is based on their best time for the event, not necessarily the time from the previous meet. Championship meet heat sheets look different in that there are usually multiple heats for each event.

In addition to the information provided in the regular season heat sheet, each heat is designated by it s number out of a total number ie. Heat 1 of 4.

The type of swim, preliminary or finals, is also noted. When swimming championships, it is very important to know which heat your swimmer is enter into so they are placed correctly in the bullpen.

The preliminary times listed are based on the regular season. The finals heat sheet distributed before finals contain the swimmers championship preliminary times.

All relay times are from the regular season since relays are considered final swims. For each event, the Championship meet heat sheets also contains the meet record time, the year achieved, and the name of the record holding swimmer.

One meter diving table 10 Dive Meet: Per the league rules, in order to be eligible to swim in the championship meet, swimmers must swim 3 regular season GCSL meets.

If a meet has been cancelled due to weather and a swimmer was entered for that meet, the cancelled meet DOES count toward as one of their completed meets. No swimmer will be able to swim more than 5 3 individuals and 2 relay events during championships. The coaches will enter swimmers into events based on the times that they achieved during the regular season meets.

The top 16 swimmers, based on their morning preliminary event times, will return to swim in the finals sessions. Swimmers with the top 8 preliminary times swim in the finals heat th th Swimmers in the 9 to 16 spots swim in the consolation heat.

In addition to the top 16 th th preliminary swimmers, the 17 and 18 place swimmers from the preliminaries will return in the as alternates in case any of the finalist swimmers do not return for their event. Two Day Championships at One Location Swimming champions can be an all day event if the swimmer qualifies for finals or swims individual events and is part of a relay team. On both days, preliminary swimming events are held in the morning, with finals and relays held in the evenings. The events are divided up as follows: In addition, heat sheets are available to purchase for each session morning and evening of the meet.


Parents will be needed to volunteer at championships also. PTAC will be assigned an area of responsibility for meet. Volunteering takes place in 2 hour shifts.

W hen PTAC hosts the championships, additional parent volunteers will be necessary. The team will be assigned a designated area for the swimmers to gather during the meet. Parents should be prepared to bring their own chairs to championships for use in the PTAC tent area. Bleachers are erected near the pool for spectators during events. In order to qualify for champions, divers must participate in 3 dive meets and be able to perform 3 or more dives.

Each age group performs a specific number of dives. In addition, divers must dive within their age group and all divers must perform a three step hurdle and a forward dive. The party is usually held in the evening during the week of championships.

All swimmers and divers and their families are invited to attend. Each family is asked to being something to share.

100 Meter Freestyle Relay @ Nashville City Swim Meet July 12, 2014

The coaches present the swimmers with any trophies, medals, or ribbons they earned during the championships. In additions, other awards are given to the swimmer by the coaches. Parent volunteers are an integral part in how successful our season will be Therefore, each family is required to volunteer for a minimum of 3 times during the regular season at either swim meets or other activities where parent volunteer are needed.

Meets can be either home or away. All positions must be filled for meets to run smoothly, therefore if you become unavailable to fulfill your volunteer assignment, you are required to provide a replacement volunteer ie. Each family is expected to be a team player to ensure all positions are covered. A description of each volunteer opportunity is attached.

Please indicate if you would like to volunteer for any of the above positions. To help with the team, each family is asked to supply food for one of our two home meets or two of our three home meets will vary by year. The food will be used at the Gator Concession Stand.

Volunteering for Swim Championships is coordinated once is has been determined which swimmers will participate. Each team is assigned specific tasks at each championship meet. These tasks change yearly.

Who’s the Coach? Lessons learned during summers at Sequoia Swim and Tennis Club – Oxford Stories

These do not count as part of the regular season volunteer requirements. Once signed up, VolunteerSpot will send reminders to your. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five general positions. The swim and dive coaches also sit on the board.

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Each Board member has specific duties for the season. The parent of any swimmer can volunteer to be on the Board. Call-out for Board members is in the fall after the season is completed. Home Meet Gator Concession Stand At each Gator home swim meet there will a Gator concession stand which will be located under the first umbrella. Parents volunteer to bring something for the concession stand. Responsible for sending s to team parents if all positions are not filled.

Will check-in volunteers at each meet and find substitutes if a volunteer cannot fulfill their meet obligation. Coordinates parent volunteers for each Saturday morning meet using HotSpot. Coordinates food donations for the Gator Concession stand during home meets using HotSpot.

nashville swim league city meet 2015

Responsible for sending s to team parents if all food donation spots are not filled. Oversees the setup and take down of the stand and check-in of food donations. Coordinates the end of year banquet. Leads a committee of volunteers. Determines menu, food donations, and works with Head Coach on swimming awards that need to be ordered for the swimmers. Parents are needed to help the Banquet Coordinator set up the end of year team banquet.

Prepares the ribbons won by swimmers at the meet. Announces and starts each event and calls to bullpen 15 Age Group Bullpen Parents Parents are needed oversee 10 and under swimmers in age group bullpens swimmer waiting area and to walk them to lanes for their events.

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The age groups are: Two to three parents are needed for each level of swimmer. Head Timer is responsible for distributing stop watches to timers before and collecting them after each meet. Also responsible for the meet stopwatch which is used to time every event with time being used if a lane timer s stopwatch fails.

Three 3 timers are needed for each swim lane. PTAC provides 2 timers for each home meet and 1 timer at each away meet.