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Don met the love of his life Lucy on a blind date in Montreal and married shortly thereafter. Group (the Flying Tigers) before assuming command of the airfield at Akyab. Following his squadron days (60's), Pat served on the staff of NATO's 4th .. Claude then moved on to become a consultant for the International Civil. He now operates an aviation consultancy business based in Australia and the . His writing has been published by the Canadian Owner's and Pilots Association, .. In addition to his Champ, he's logged time in Piper Cubs, Tiger Moths, T's, . his RCAF wings under the NATO Flying Training program in and joined. The NATO Tiger Association or the Association of Tiger Squadrons was established in A Super Étendard of the Flottille 11F of the French Navy during a 'Tiger Meet' in A Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter of squadron, Royal.

Al immediately took the bull by the horns and the Lion Squadron Association was soon up and running with membership from the bomber, fighter and helicopter eras. He was our first and only Association Chairman and worked tirelessly to make the new organization a success. No task was too large or too small and he had his finger on all the buttons. Among his achievements he inaurated our newsletter ROAR in Decemberand since handled all the planning, production and mailing and much of the editorial work.

This was a popular appointment and recognition of Al's outstanding contribution to the squadron and the association. He always had a quip and noted that he advanced from Flight Lieutenant to Group Captain in one day.

Al carried out his duties and responsibilities with distinction and was asked to continue in office for one more year. In early Al journeyed to Bosnia to visit the Lions on deployment. While he found the experience rewarding, and wouldn't have I missed it for the world, he wasn't at all well at the time. The fact that he made the trip is yet another example of his grit and determination.

I spent several hours with Al a few days before his fatal attack. He was working on ROAR 17 and had plans for the issue well underway. Despite having been very ill he was determined to see the next issue "on the street".

There is so much to say about Al d' Eon. He was a good and loyal friend and will be sadly missed by his loving family and a host of friends near and far. The tributes to Al are many and perhaps the greatest was the magnificent assembly of the serving members of Squadron in full dress uniform participating, or in attendance, at his funeral.

For six decades Al had a special place in his heart for Squadron and would have admired that sea of Air Force blue. Rest in Peace old comrade.

Vern White -friend and associate Captain Mark Fairley, CF CF then CF Testing at Scottish Aviation in Prestwick Mark, or "Marcus" as he was affectionately known by those of us who knew and loved him, passed away in April, after a long and courageous battle with a serious infection for which there was no apparent cure.

He was laid to rest in a cemetery near his retirement home in Chilliwack, British Columbia, with a great many of his Air Force comrades in attendance. He was sent on his way by a bagpipersplendid in his regalia, and a missing man formation performed by the Fraser Valley Blues, a local airshow performance team led by George Miller, himself a former CF pilot.

After the ceremony, his comrades retired to the local Royal Canadian Legion, where a few glasses were raised in his memory. I visited Mark many times when he was doing maint testing at Scottish and played golf with him many times at Old Prestwick along with Johnny HuttEd McGillivray and some other gangsters.

Mark died unfortunately in and we saw him off in style with George Miller's airshow Navairs doing a show and flypast at the gravesite. Thanks to Jack Orr John Faull d: December 31, The first headteacher of Tewkesbury School died, aged 88, on December A private funeral and cremation was held earlier this month, but family members have also arranged a thanksgiving service in Tewkesbury Abbey, at Some of those who knew Mr Faull have spoken about their fond memories of him.

Staff at Tewkesbury School, where he was the first headteacher when it opened inremember him well. Current headteacher Gary Watson said: He touched the lives of so many young adults during his years as the headteacher. Chairman of the civic society, Alan Purkiss, said Mr Faull had been a member of the organisation for many years and was still president when he died.

Mr Purkiss said he was saddened by the death of his colleague, who he said had been hit hard by the loss of his wife Joy in January 11, Alex was born in Saskatchewan near Weyburn.

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He was conscripted at age 21 and trained as a pilot. He was posted to Leeming, Yorkshire eventually and flew the Wellington and Halifax with Squadron.

The plane crashed on the island of Texel, Holland. He had been badly injured and he attributed his survival to the heroic efforts of fellow prisioners.

Returned to Canada he underwent many surgeries before rehabilitation. He met his wife Helen in Weyburn and they married in Toronto in See also Weyburn Boys An Email note from his daughter Recently a gentleman by the name of Rob van Ginkel made contact with my family. He lives some yards from the site where the Halifax that my father piloted crashed.

It so happens that he recently published a book about the commemoration of WWII in the Netherlands and that the local Texel newspaper featured a story about it.

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This initiated a discussion between a couple of neighbours, including himself, who then decided to commemorate the crash and the four crewmembers who died on the 13th of June I have attached some photos that he said were from the Texel Air and War Museum's collection, along with the article translated in English. People speak of him as a saint, a man illuminated, a man that used violence looking for a fair cause.

They called him King Tiger; though, King Tiger is alive and he wants to tell his story. The documentary was selected as part of the Latino Media Market.

The series discusses the idea of Islamic awakening Sahwa that arose after the shock of the Crusader invasion and the emergence of the generation of Mujahideen.

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His experiences include working on short fiction films, documentary films, TV programs, commercials and graphic projects. For more than a century, throughout Europe, the United States and Japan, human beings put other humans on display. Only a handful of the thousands of men and women recruited from the four corners of the Earth ever managed to tell their story.

Some of these tales have survived and are now able to bring us the inside story of human zoos. For the first time ever, a documentary brings this forgotten piece of human history to light with the help of six remarkable and emblematic stories, six incredible fates: He is co-director of the working group ACHAC on colonization, immigration, and post- colonialism, which brings together more than researchers around the world to examine issues of colonization.

He has spent more than two decades examining this question. He taught courses in video design and production and currently teaches a documentary film courses in the Indiana University Honors College. The Psychology of Pickup Basketball. With the ongoing demolition of the Red House, one of the garrisons used by the Japanese during World War II, a group of youth pays their last visit to one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Stepping on another realm hoping to find ghosts, they sink into the horrors of the past as they visit the remaining living victims of the house. During World War 2, Japanese soldiers set their camps in various places in the Philippines — mostly churches, schools, and farmhouses. The soldiers raid houses in the Philippines. They get the girls and kill the men.

Most of the girls end up in their garrisons and camps where they were treated as sex slaves. They usually keep them for months.

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Known as comfort women, more than a thousand of these women were captured, raped for days and then released as the soldiers are deployed to another town. Now, the Red House is slowly being demolished. From the women who were raped in that house, only a few remain alive, or fighting to be alive.

It is a collective memoir of the women, of the house, and the horrors that continue to haunt us today.