Neutral bay cinema meet

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neutral bay cinema meet

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There was just one serious moment for the evening. It followed a heartfelt toast by Stanley N Wright to the memory of departed friends. Men who had not met for years, but others who never had met and whose names were familiar to all, fraternised in a function that made film history in Australia. The oldest old timer of them all was a man who was probably unknown to most of those present — Harry Skinner. He was the first manager of a theatre that presented a motion picture in Australia.

Among other old timers were Joe Perry father of Orrie, Stan and Reg whose entry into the business was around George Clements was unanimously elected as the first President and entertainment for the evening was supplied by songs from Fred Bluett and Harry Little which took the old timers back to the days of illustrated ballads.

In all, 57 members attended and it was another outstanding success. Stanley N Wright was elected as the second President and installed in the chair by retiring President Clements. They were supported by a Frances Scully Ballet while Stan Porter brought around the Regent Orchestra and soloists who were the hit of the night. A warm welcome was given to Roy Purves, whose association with the business dated from Bill Szarka, associated with Hoyts Theatres, was installed as third President.

neutral bay cinema meet

W A Mcintyre was installed as President. A picture on the cover of the Souvenir Programme was that of George Clements who had passed away that year. Alan J Williamson was installed as President and he assured the members that every effort would be made by him to advance the interests of the Pioneers.

neutral bay cinema meet

He was very proud to have been elected. The guest speaker for the evening was Norman B Rydge, Managing Director of Greater Union Theatres who gave an address on the economics of the moving picture industry. Immediately inside the banquet room was a reminder of the very early picture days — a Cineograph projector brought along by Tim Wiseman.

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Also there were recitals by Beryl Howard piano and Oswald Sommerton cornet. Prior to being with Hoyts, Munro was head of Fox Films and, inon behalf of Fox negotiated the deal whereby Fox acquired a controlling interest in Hoyts Theatres. Munro made an appeal for contributions to a fund for the purpose of building a home for needy pioneers. Munro — Managing Director of Hoyts Theatres guineas was immediately pledged and A J Beszant offered to make available his holiday home at Bowral and a flat at Cronulla to the cause.

The guest for the evening was The Rt Hon William Morris Hughes who spoke well of the industry and the pioneers who were present. A well-known figure in cinema Circles, he had started as a projectionist in the silent days and had managed theatres in Sydneys western suburbs. This eventually led to he formation of Western Suburbs Cinemas. InCarroll had joined his brother who was showing one reelers in Brisbane.

In they built skating rinks in Queensland and screened films in them in the summer. That was the foundation of their northern circuit which, between andwas rebuilt as a chain of modern theatres. Charles Munro was guest-of-honour and Sir Benjamin Fuller was welcomed as a new member.

Star of the entertainment items, staged by Wal Grant, was Stella Wilson. Now, after eleven successful annual banquets, the society was firmly established. So, for the years that follow, we will detail the succession of Presidents who were elected, their standing in the motion picture industry, and the points of interest at each meeting.

neutral bay cinema meet

Not all of these functions were covered by the trade papers so, in some cases, details are scarce. Guest-of honour was Herc C Mcintrye of Universal. Guest-of honour was Sir Ben Fuller. The men present gave him a standing ovation.

Norman B Rydge proposed the toast, seconded by Jimmy Bancks. May John Fuller presiding. Venue — The Savarin Restaurant. Alan J Williamson was honoured to mark the occasion of his 50 years in the industry and Norman B Rydge proposed the toast. As well, he had thrice been Lord Mayor of Sydney. Guests-of-honour were Bill Robbins and Franklyn Barrett. Prior to entering distribution, Mcintyre pioneered with brothers Gus and Hugh in a tent show at North Sydney and later on he was involved with the establishment of Haymarket Theatres.

During that time there was no annual banquet and no explanation for its abandonment was given. It may have been because of the great changes that were facing the industry — these were the years that saw the introduction of 3D, wide screen and CinemaScope. Ellis acknowledged that it was the first banquet for some time.

Hall New rules for membership were announced. Pioneers who had served 25 years in the industry would be eligible; past eligibility comprised 20 years service, but it had been discovered that numbers were decreasing and this tendency would accelerate with the passage of time. Mel Lawton was in-charge of entertainment by artists from the Prince Edward and Tivoli theatres.

Ellis served as President for two years — Invited guests were Raymond Longford and Franklyn Barrett. Awards Total prize money: Categories of the Sydney Film Festival The festival is composed of the following main categories: The date of completion shall mean the date of the delivery or availability of a locked-off print, tape or final digital format.

Such films may have screened publicly elsewhere in Australia. Further information on digital formats will be provided upon request. Subtitling is the sole responsibility of the film's producer. In the event of inconsistency between clauses 3 and 4, clause 4 prevails.

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Fees for international and competitive sections may vary. The SFF will be seeking films that have emotional power and resonance, are audacious, cutting edge and courageous, and go beyond the usual treatment of a subject matter. The SFF reserves the right to invite non-fiction features if they clearly meet all other criteria.

The date of completion is the date of the delivery or availability of a locked-off print, tape or final digital format. The Jury President will exercise a casting vote in the event the Jury is unable to determine a winner.

The final results will be known only by the Jury and SFF and will be kept secret until the announcement at the Official Competition Award Ceremony. Films invited to participate - General 5.