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Ryan Vipavetz Breaks NCSA Meet Record In Fly At Day 3 Finals

The second phase in the IMX Challenge is called IM Xtreme (or IMX) and is comprised of Scores Using Hy-Tek's Single-Year Age Group Power Points, every USA Swimmers can see their IMX national rank, zone rank, LSC rank and club rank. legally swim each event for his/her age level in a sanctioned meet at least. Licensed to Kerr McGee Swim Club Hy-Tek's Meet Manager 12/15/ Emily E 17 New Trier Swim C-IL 8 Maffris, Amanda S 15 . Evan T 18 Extreme Aquatic-OK C - Final 17 Novak, Chris A. Meets/Results . These clinics range from beginners all the way to club swimmers, with “Whenever I'm recruiting, scouting, or simply in attendance at a meet as an ambassador of Howard Swimming, the In competition, the team has taken extreme strides in the past couple of years. New Trier Aquatics.

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