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The Legislature of the State of Oklahoma is the state legislative branch of the U.S. state of The Oklahoma Legislature meets annually in the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Constitution vests all legislative powers of. State Highway is a mile ( km) long ( km) state highway in eastern Oklahoma. It meets State Highway 10A near Lake Tenkiller, where it turns due east. Near Box, it meets State Highway 82, where it turns north and overlaps. In film and television, a meet cute is a scene in which the two people who will form a future romantic couple meet for the first time. This type of scene is a staple of.

It remained so [11] until the United States Congress consented to the Red River Boundary Compact adopted by the states of Oklahoma and Texas, which set the jurisdictional boundary between Texas and Oklahoma at the vegetation line on the south bank, but left title of adjacent property owners at the south bank.

ok meet wiki

It was a failed attempt by the Union to occupy eastern Texas. Confederate commander Richard Taylor was able to repel an army under Nathaniel Banks three times bigger than his own.

In Louisiana, the area of present-day Natchitoches Parish was settled by French Creole and mixed-race Louisiana Creole peoplestarting before Some of the sites are designated as destinations on the Louisiana African American Heritage Traildesigned in the 21st century.

For nearly years after the American Civil Warsome of the plantations were the center of a large African American and Creole community, whose people lived and worked in this area for generations. The area along the lower Red River of Grant Parish, Louisiana and neighboring parishes were a mixture of hill country and cotton plantations, with white planters and subsistence farmers, and numerous African American slaves working the plantations in the ante bellum years.

It was an area of heated social tensions and insurgency during and after the Reconstruction era. Grant was a new parish created by the Reconstruction legislature, with the goal of increasing Republican Party representation.

ok meet wiki

InGrant Parish was the site of the Colfax massacrecaused by political tension and violence arising from the disputed gubernatorial election and efforts by local whites to maintain white supremacy. White militiasorganized from nearby parishes, killed more than freedmen, some of whom had surrendered as prisoners. Insuch militias organized as the White League in Grant Parish and other chapters were soon founded across the state.

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The Coushatta Massacre was attributed to the White League, which attacked Republican office holders to run them out of office. The paramilitary groups intimidated and terrorized freedmen to keep them from the polls, and by the late s, conservative Democrats had retaken political control of the state. Captain Henry Miller Shreve began clearing the log jam in The log jam was not completely cleared until the s, when dynamite became available. The next morning, Pam questions Greg about Jorge, and Greg does not confirm or deny that he is Jorge's father, but insists that he knew nothing about him before the previous evening.

Pam believes him, and is willing to work things out with him. Jack reaches his breaking point with Greg's dishonesty and demands that Pam and Dina leave the island with him. Dina refuses and reveals Jack's actions to everyone.

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Everyone turns against Jack, with Pam announcing her intent to marry Greg regardless of him having Jorge with Isabel, and Dina admits that they were all aware of Pam's pregnancy.

A shocked and hurt Jack leaves with his grandson. Bernie and Greg pursue Jack, but are soon tasered and arrested by an overzealous deputy sheriffVern LeFlore, for speeding and refusing to remain in their car.

Meanwhile, Jack is informed that Greg is not Jorge's father his real father turns out to be a baseball player who also resembles Gregand attempts to defend Greg and Bernie, but the overzealous Leflore tasers and arrests him, too. In their cell, Greg, Jack, and Bernie are released by the local judge, Ira, who is a client of Roz and a close friend of the Fockers.

Before they leave, Greg asks that Jack and Bernie stop their feud. The speaker is the chair of his party's steering committee, which chooses the chairmen of standing committees. The speaker determines which committees consider bills and appoints members of committees.

ok meet wiki

The speaker is also an ex officio voting member on committees. Under the speaker is a speaker pro tempore who assumes the duties of the speaker in their absence. The speaker and the speaker pro tempore are also ex officio voting members on committees.

Each party elects a floor leader, who is known as the majority leader or minority leader. While the minority leader is the full leader of his party, the same is not true of the majority leader.

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Instead, the speaker is the head of the majority party; the majority leader is only the second-highest official. Each party also elect whipswho works to ensure that his party's members vote as the party leadership desires. Senate officers[ edit ] Senator Stratton Taylor was the longest-serving Oklahoma Senate president pro tempore The political party with a majority of seats is known as the majority party; if two or more parties in opposition are tied, the lieutenant governor's affiliation determines which is the majority party in the Oklahoma Senate.

The next-largest party is known as the minority party. The president pro tem, floor leader and committee chairs represent the majority party; they have counterparts in the minority party: The Oklahoma Constitution provides that the lieutenant governor serves as the President of the Senate and holds a vote which can only be cast to break a tie.

By convention, the lieutenant governor only attends important ceremonial occasions like the swearing-in of new senators or when his vote is needed to break a tie. The constitution also authorizes state senators to elect a President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate to preside in the lieutenant governor's absence.

The president pro tempore is second in line behind the lieutenant governor to succeed the governor. The president pro tempore is the leader of the senate and serves as leader of the majority party.

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He or she is an ex officio voting member of state senate committees. The presiding officer sits in a chair in the front of the Oklahoma Senate chamber. The powers of the presiding officer are limited; he or she acts as the Oklahoma Senate's mouthpiece, performing duties such as announcing the results of votes.

He or she controls debates by calling on members to speak; the rules, however, compel him to recognize the first state senator who rises. The presiding officer may rule on any " point of order " a senator's objection that a rule has been breachedbut the decision is subject to appeal to the full membership.

Each party elects a senator to serve as floor leader. The majority floor leader is an ex officio voting member of state senate committees and sets the schedule of what bills will be heard on the chamber floor. Each party also elect whips to assist the leader.

The state's legislative authority is vested within the state legislature as well as other powers. The most important among these powers are the powers to levy and collect taxes, borrow money, and to raise and maintain the militia of the state. The Oklahoma Legislature is authorized to pass laws as they are necessary for carrying into effect the Oklahoma Constitution. The returns of every election for elective state officers go to the Secretary of State and then to the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Immediately after the organization of the House, he must open and publish the information in the presence of a majority of each branch of the Legislature, who for that purpose assemble in House chamber.

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The individuals with the highest number of votes for each seat are then declared duly elected. In the event of a tie, the legislature holds the power to break deadlocks. If two or more candidates have an equal number of votes, the legislature may elect one of them to office by means of a joint ballot.

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The non-legislative functions of the Oklahoma Legislature include the power to establish a state printing plant and provide for the election or appointment of a state printer; the power to establish a State Geological and Economic Survey; and the power to create a Board of Health, Board of Dentistry, Board of Pharmacy, and Pure Food Commission.

The Legislature must every 10 years, beginning in the date of Oklahoma entrance to the Unionmake, revise, digest, and announce the laws of Oklahoma. The Legislature shall define what is an unlawful combination, monopoly, trust, act, or agreement, in restraint of trade, and enact laws to punish persons engaged in any unlawful combination, monopoly, trust, act, or agreement, in restraint of trade. Section 46 through 53 of Article V of the Oklahoma Constitution places certain limits on the authority and powers of the Legislature.

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For instance, the Legislature may not meddle in the affairs of local government in the realm of day-to-day business, such as street lay out or school districts. Legislators may not appropriate public money for a Bureau of Immigration in Oklahoma, nor exempt property in Oklahoma from taxation except as granted by the state constitution. The Legislature may not pass laws granting exclusive rights, privileges, or immunities. Term[ edit ] Legislatures are identified by consecutive numbers and correspond with the election of the members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Terms have two sessions; the first takes place in the year immediately following the election and the second takes place the next year.