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petatv meet your meat trailer

Throughout!travel,!they!are!confined!to!boxcars!and!trailers!and!often! .. http://! The inspector wrote, “[H]ousing does not fully meet the needs for clawed” and that in this incident, “[t]he tiger had ripped the meat from the bone of. In a moving narration, actor and activist Alec Baldwin exposes the truth behind humanity’s cruelest invention―the factory farm. Subscribe to PETA’s YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay up to date on the latest vegan trends and get breaking animal rights. it's all the about animals and advocating to save the beautiful, fragile planet we share. Ask Congress to Defend Manatees and Other Marine Mammals - Save the Pangolin fetus soup or meat is often the most expensive item on the menu at Asian .. Big-Tuskers are elephants with tusks so long they reach the ground.

Many have been quick to note that the dog is literally brought to tears with happiness, but perhaps there is a little more to the story. When dogs are sad, their physiological reactions are different than the reactions we humans have when we are upset. Allergies can be a common cause of a tearful dog. The dog in this video, however, is thought to be suffering from a condition called epiphora, which is a symptom which is commonly connected to other health disorders in dogs.

Epiphora results from insufficient drainage in the eye, causing tears and film that collects over the eye to spill over. The amazing folks of the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand WFFT have rescued many injured and abandoned animals since their establishment inincluding elephants, monkeys, and muntjacs.

We aim to provide the best standard of living and a life as close to wild as possible for these animals. This loris is the fiftieth one to be rescued by WFFT this year. This little guy is suffering serious bone deficiency, due to severe malnutrition. We are fighting to save his life. Staring out at the unfamiliar environment around him, he could only wonder what his fate was to be.

However, being forced to live amongst misinformed humans who have no real idea of what it takes to care for a loris, is just about the worst thing that can be done to them. Organizations such as the WFFT are on the front lines of the fight to protect them. You can help the Foundation with their work by making a symbolic adoption, donating, or participating in one of their volunteer programs.

Recently rescued orphan orangutan Jecka is becoming more and more independent each day! He can now be left in his tree hammock and will play and feed happily without crying out for comfort and security from the vets.

This amazing video shows that he is eating well and looking very healthy, which is great news. He will soon undergo his second medical check up and if everything looks good he will be able to join Budi and Jemmi in baby school!

Don Lichterman Official Blog: On Rescue TV This Week!

Dog Left Behind to Starve. Sweet June was left behind when her owners moved away. She was found 45 days later tied up and starving.

petatv meet your meat trailer

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit http: We are a registered c 3tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change. If you are not able to donate, please enjoy the videos and share if you like them!!!

For pictures and behind the scenes info on current animals we are working on, as well as updates on past patients, be sure to follow us at https: Ruth has given Vet Ranch direct permission for use of the song. This is the story about a dog "Bo" who was dumped at a local car wash in Etobicoke and left to fend for himself for 7 months.

Bo is a 2 year old Azores Cattle Dog which is a rare breed. He is the most gentle and well mannered boy you will ever meet after all he has been through Bo is now in the care of 'The Dog Rescuer's Inc.

To become a foster parent please email info mightymutt. To see more awesome dogs in need of a foster or forever home you can visit our facebook pages: And now, along comes the story of another compassionate human being who took a chance on a little dog who seemed destined for certain death. On July 31, I was on my way to work and I passed what I thought was a deceased little dog in the middle of the road that had been hit by a vehicle.

I did a U-turn and picked her up and move her out of traffic. As I rushed inside they greeted me and got us to an exam room immediately! She was still berthing, her eyes were blinking more and she tried to lift her head.

She started whining and my heart melted, literally melted in my chest. I thought for sure she was dead when I stopped and then I thought for sure that we would have to put her down as soon as I arrived at the vet. I had to move her to a hour care facility.

There they did x-rays that showed a broken femur and fractured pelvis. As long as it is in her best interest I have promised that I will not give up on her, she is a fighter and it is a true miracle that she is alive today, so I am going to name this little female Maltese, Miracle!

This is a picture of Miracle when she first arrived at the hospital. After undergoing a series of life-saving surgeries, Miracle was exhausted and her condition remained very serious. But her devoted new daddy refused to give up on her.

She seems to be enjoying the attention! A Paypal option is also available: Good luck, sweet Miracle, and get well soon! Heroic neighbor saves abandoned dog. Denver, CO July 7, Went to shut my front window because water was coming in when I saw that somebody left this dog tied to a tree. It had been nearly ten minutes since the rain and hail started.

Thank goodness my neighbor acted on behalf of this innocent babe. We love this brilliant video of Bujing enjoy a feast of fruity treats before having a play fight with Mac!

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When Bujing was rescued in October our team of vets were very alarmed at his condition. He was extremely thin and severely malnourished. He has made amazing progress since his rescue and although he still looks thinner than most of the other rescued orangutans of his age, it is clear he is enjoying the abundance of amazing fruits available at our rescue and rehabilitation centre! Make a donation to send some fruits to Bujing and the other orangutans at our centre: Every day it seems a new story of abuse or neglect pops up, and those are only the stories covered by the news.

Around 63 percent of households in the U. And billions of farm animals are subjected to extreme cruelty and abuse every year. As an animal lover, these numbers can be overwhelming, and the stories attached to each one are devastating. There is hope out there, though. For every person who is cruel to animals, there are many others who treat them with care and compassion.

Meet Your Meat in 30 Seconds

While all of the negative news can be discouraging, we should never forget how much power we all have to help animals. All it takes is one kind action to inspire hundreds of others.

So Green Monsters, check out these positive stories of people helping animals in need and then get out there and pass the compassion along — it is, after all, contagious. Postman Saves Chicks People Helping Animals A box of chicks was left at the post office to be returned to the sender, but postal workers heard them chirping. The box contained 16 chicks who were sent from Wisconsin to New York, a trip that is an ordeal under the best of circumstances.

While chicks dying during shipping is common in the hatchery industry, this postal worker did not accept this fate for these individuals.

The chicks were likely destined for a backyard hobby farmer. They may have been sent to the wrong place or just never picked up. Luckily, the postal worker took them home to care for them and found them a home at Farm Sanctuary.

petatv meet your meat trailer

She now lives just six hours from Bruno and is enjoying life on the sanctuary. Following this experience Bruno and his mother have both also decided to become vegan and encouraged other FFA participants to find sanctuary homes for the animals they raise.

The cat, George, was startled by the noise of the train and broke free from his human companion and ran onto the tracks. Luckily, riders got the E train to stop before hitting the cat, allowing police officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas to climb onto the tracks and rescue the cat who was very close to the dangerous, electrified third rail.

Thanks to their brave efforts, the cat was then returned to his companion unscathed. The officers said the cat looked at them when he was safe and they felt like George hugged them in thanks for the rescue. People Save Great White Shark Most people are terrified of sharks, especially great white sharks, but this story turns that stereotype around.

In the peak of the summer season, a great white shark washed onto a beach in Massachusetts. People immediately went to the shark and started trying to help by throwing water on the animal, even cheering as it became clear the shark was still alive. The rescuers, including professional researchers, took the shark to open water. The shark eventually revived and showed how people are changing the way they look at sharks.

Unfortunately, Sutton was fired for this kind act and accused of stealing the cage. These small acts of kindness may only save a few animals, but they show hope of a shifting attitude toward all animals.

Meet Your Meat

Hopefully, more and more of these heart warming stories will make the news. Do these stories give you hope for the future? Animals Rescuing Other Animals Dog rescued by police officer after being swept away by river. Colombian police officer risks his life to rescue a dog from a flash-flood swollen river in Salgar.

Report by Claire Mewse. Watch this puppy go from sickly to sensational!

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The affection and fun they portray in their interaction in the video is typical of how pigs interact with other animals, including each other, if given the chance. Unfortunately, so many piglets like Little Squeak are only born to be raised, killed and consumed for their meat. These animals are compassionate, intelligent and loving creatures. According to the International Rhino Foundation http: The horn of a rhino is extremely lucrative for those who collect them.

petatv meet your meat trailer

The poaching has gotten so bad, and it is so difficult to counteract, that the driver on my game drive explained that they are considering cutting off the horns of the living rhinos to deter the poaching.

This unfortunately is also not a good thing, as rhinos use their horns for many purposes such as establishing dominance, "fighting" with other rhinos, and protecting themselves and their youngand removing the horns of rhinos for their protection will affect and potentially change the natural ways of the animal itself. Due to the fact that I have been incredibly busy lately, I have not done the proper amount of research or fact checking that the subject is due.

Posted below is an article that I have copied and pasted from the Environmental News Service that discusses this issue. Though I cannot speak for the accuracy of the individual article, I did research a number of articles before selecting one to paste on my blog.

There is a lot more information online about rhino poaching, and I hope this inspires the reader to do a little research of his or her own on the subject! In South Africa and Zimbabwe alone, at least rhinos were illegally killed in and another 62 have been poached during the first six months of conservationists told the Standing Committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species at a meeting last week in Geneva. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN, and the global conservation organization WWF, and their affiliated wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC told the committee that poachers in Africa and Asia are killing as many as two to three animals a week in some areas to meet a growing demand for horns, which are reputed to have medicinal value.

Rhino horn is composed of compressed keratin fiber similar to hair. By contrast, during the first five years of this decade, only three rhinos were illegally killed each month in all of Africa, out of a population of around 18, the conservationists estimated. The conservationists commend South Africa's law enforcement officials for their "focused and innovative attention to this serious conservation challenge," and note a new moratorium on internal rhino horn sales, and a strengthened control framework for the country's sport hunting policy for white rhinoceros, including limiting each hunter to only one rhino a year.

Yet rhino poaching is on the increase in South Africa and poachers are getting bolder. This female rhino was stripped of her horn and killed by poachers in Kaziranga National January 19, Rhino poaching is a thriving business in Asia.