Philadelphia areas cyo track meet

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philadelphia areas cyo track meet

Each year, a week or two before the Area “C” Championship Meet, Region 20 purpose of CYO sports, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is divided into Areas. Cross Country · PCL SCHEDULE · BISHOP SHANAHAN Bishop Shanahan Girls' Cross Country Program Volunteers At Coatesville VA. Area E Meet Program (updated with time schedule goodness) Area E Ranked Performance List We will not have programs for sale on Sunday.

While a letter designates an Area, a number is used to designate a Region.

Philadelphia CYO Track and Field, Cross Country

Ours is Region Typically there are about ten parishes fielding teams in Region 20, consisting of about children. There is only one Region 20 Championship Meet held each year. As with the other 'Championship' meets, it too is a competitive meet involving points and trophies.

However, unlike the other two meets, you cannot earn the right to compete in the Region 20 meet. In the week prior to the Region 20 Championship Meet, each parish coach must select the competitors who will represent the parish's team at the Region 20 Championship meet and possibly beyond. For smaller teams this selection process is not especially difficult, but for larger teams it may be somewhat traumatic.

This is because of the entry restrictions, imposed by the Archdiocese, governing all three of the Championship meets.

philadelphia areas cyo track meet

The first of these restrictions is that no one is allowed to compete in more than three events. There are exceptions when it comes to some of the field events. The second restriction is that no team may enter more than three competitors in any event.

philadelphia areas cyo track meet

In the Novice Boys group there are 9 events, which means that each parish coach has a total of 27 spots to fill with novice boys. For smaller teams, some of those 27 spots may go unfilled. If a team has only 5 novice boys, it can only fill 15 of the 27 spots because of the first restriction. Large teams, with more than 27 novice boys, will not be able to field their entire roster, even if each boy competes in but a single event.

Extremely talented individuals will not be able to demonstrate their prowess by winning 9 gold medals because the first restriction will only allow them to compete in three events. Large teams, with an abundance of talent, will find it difficult to get their entire team on the field due to the second restriction.

Because of these restrictions, it's not possible to state any objective criteria that will guarantee you'll be selected by your coach to be in the Region 20 Championship Meet. - Error

In making their selections, coaches are faced with the task of balancing your personal wishes with the best interests of the team as a whole, all the while staying within the rules and conforming to the entry restrictions. The best suggestion is simply to do your best and demonstrate your abilities to your coach at the qualifying meets.

There are four areas and a letter is assigned to each. If you are in doubt about how to handle event conflicts, please ask in advance of the meet! Every team should be represented by a coach or an adult at the coaches meeting.

philadelphia areas cyo track meet

Athletes may NOT use the fly zone for the 4xm per CYO Track and Field rules All 4xs this year will be 2 turn staggers first 2 legs in lanes, 3rd and 4th legs may break in 4xs will use a waterfall start from the gun.

The 1st leg will not be run in lanes.

Philadelphia CYO Track and Field, Cross Country: Area E meet seedings and meet program

There will be 2 heats. All relay exchanges must be made within the applicable exchange zone.

philadelphia areas cyo track meet

Please educate your athletes and do not rely on officials to inform them of the relay rules or position them on the track.

Lane preference at Franklin Field for all races run entirely in lanes: There will be cones between lanes 3 and 4 all around the track for the 4xm, m, m, and 4xm. Please prepare your athletes for this in advance! Shot Put is outside the stadium, at the Rivers Fields next to the turf Rhodes field.

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There will be signs directing athletes and spectators from Franklin Field. An open pit is held beginning at 9am for Shot Put athletes with conflicts later in the day. Team awards will be given out for overall scoring to top 3 boys and girls teams.

Medals will be awarded from the alcove by the Northwest Gate as we have in the past. Medals not picked up before the conclusion of the meet will be forfeited. Results will be posted near the awards table.