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Google CEO Sundar Pichai's wife was the one who advised him to Sundar met his wife, Anjali Pichai, at IIT where she was his classmate. The name of Sundar Pichai wife is Anjali Pichai. They met when Sundar was doing B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur. He proposed during the last year which she. Anjali Pichai is married to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, they live in Los Altos Anjali Pichai met her future husband while they were both.

Anjali was pursuing a degree in chemical engineering while Sundar was studying Metallurgical Engineering. As expected, Sundar Pichai was a nerd, he was a brilliant student and was at the top of his class. Therefore it came as a surprise to the IIT alumni community when they got to know that the very shy nerd Sundar was getting married to another one of their own.

In their final year in college, Sundar proposed to Anjali. Upon graduation, Sundar won a scholarship to Stanford University.

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At one time, they went 6 straight months without speaking to each other. However, the love they had for each other was strong and they were able to persevere. Anjali subsequently moved to the US to also further her studies. Eventually, Sundar was able to get a regular job and with permission from both their parents, the couple got married. S and started a family.

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They are parents of 2 children; daughter, Kavya and son, Kiran. However, they have kept their family life out of the media as much as possible.

The couple never announced any of their pregnancies. The family currently resides in Los Altos Hills, California.

Sundar Pichai's Wife: Who Is Anjali Pichai?

In between discussing India's startup ecosystem and digital economy, Pichai also spoke about his student life, his leadership style, and his favourite cricketer and Bollywood actress. This was Pichai's first visit to his college since graduating in Pichai said that the ragging was pretty mellow, but he'd had his fair share of it. As a freshman, he once came back to find everything, including clothes and furniture in his hostel room, rearranged despite the door being locked.

Pichai recalled a language faux pas that he made just a couple of weeks after joining college. Listening to others speak in my first two weeks in college, I thought you address people as abbey saale. One day, I called someone in the mess, abbey saale. The next I thing know, the folks in the mess were quite upset and temporarily shut it down.

As a leader, Pichai emphasises the importance of delegating responsibility and teamwork. It is learning to let go and empowering people at all levels of the organisation," Pichai said.

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During my fourth interview, someone showed me Gmail and then I was able to tell them what I think of it. Though he studied metallurgical engineering, Pichai said that he had pursued programming on the side.

Pichai admitted that he had his share of late nights and missing morning classes. Pichai spoke of how he didn't have a computer and even a phone at home while growing up. He saw his first computer only when he came to IIT Kharagpur.