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play meet me in montana

Dan Seals & Marie Osmond Miscellaneous Meet Me IN Montana () Wrote my whole life down in When I left home for Hollywood looking for a part to play. Dan Seals - Meet Me In Montana lyrics lyrics: Wrote my whole life down in a notebook Meet me underneath that big Montana sky Looking for a part to play. Original lyrics of Meet Me In Montana song by Dan Seals. Meet me underneath that big Montana sky * I left home for Hollywood Looking for a part to play.

His ex and current lovers going to dinner with him, this was going to be a long dinner. Maybe a dirty martini with extra olives wasn't such a bad idea.

Meet Me In Montana

Jamie ordered a beer while the girls had their dirty martinis. All through the meal Jamie kept his eyes on Eddie. She was looking so pretty in her black shirt and jeans, hair down around her shoulders.

There was nothing wrong with Eddie's appetite that night either, she polished off twelve wings and a plate of mozzarella sticks, that was his girl. Dana kept watching the pair all evening. She saw the diamonds shining on Eddie's hand, it was clear she was married.

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It was also clear that Jamie didn't seem to mind, he was as smitten as ever. Jamie had eyes for Eddie and only Eddie any woman could see that.

Dana wasn't surprised when Jamie confirmed her suspicion. Jamie took Eddie's hand, "While you were in the ladies room a little while ago, Eddie and I spoke. Very few people know this, but considering we've been good friends for so many years, we want to explain…" Dana smiled, "Oh I know…the two of you are an item now, even though you're married.

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I'm not one to judge, I'm just…It's a shame you didn't find yourself together sooner. I half expected this when I heard you got married the first time, I was surprised…" Eddie smiled at Dana, "Of course, we are putting out trust in you as Jamie's friend to keep our secret.

We do have plans but I have a daughter and I have to be careful…" Dana smiled, "Of course I'll keep your secret. I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm going to check on April, she was fussy when I checked earlier. Don't blow it with her, you have a gem there. Truth be told, I've been in love with Eddie for a long time.

Keep me posted, if Eddie needs help with her divorce…I'm your friend, let me be. They finished the evening with small talk and paid the check.

play meet me in montana

The separation was easier because she was able to see Jamie and talk to him every day if she wanted to or they needed to. It was a longer commute and the intensity of the work meant less time with April, but Eddie knew in her heart this was the right move.

After a particularly ugly case, Eddie came home exhausted and footsore, not to mention, heart sick. That little boy was so cute, even in his traumatized state he carefully explained how the man that hurt him looked, smelled, sounded in the same obsessive detail that Jamie would have.

Eddie sighed, "Caught a case stepping out, it was a kid, four years old so…I took it, no questions asked.

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Are you ready for your trip? Do you want to talk about it? April was sleeping sounding but Eddie didn't care. She scooped up her baby and sat in the rocking chair holding her close to her heart.

Mommy will kill them first, no one is ever going to hurt you. A few tears rang out, she picked up her phone and text Jamie, "Bad day, how are you and Max? After cuddling with April, Eddie took a scalding hot shower washing away the creep factor she got today.

That poor little boy, she hoped that with his description she would find the bastard and make him pay. Tom had two glasses of red wine waiting when she came out.

play meet me in montana

Parents are sick to their stomach, we live in a sick world. You too on this trip, 10 days is a long time to be unreachable," Eddie replied. He signed to Capitol Records in Rebel Heart[ edit ] 's Rebel Hearthis first album for Capitol, was much more successful than his first two albums.

The first single, " Everybody's Dream Girl ", peaked at No.

Meet Me In Montana - Dan Seals and Marie Osmond (cover) by Nikki and Keith

The next single "After You", however, charted lower, at No. The album's last single, " God Must Be a Cowboy " was much more successful than the album's first three singles, becoming his first top 10 hit in earlyat No.

The album peaked at No. San Antone[ edit ] His album San Antone was even more successful. This album peaked at No. All of the songs included on the album were top ten hits. The lone new track " One Friend ", which was originally included on 's San Antone, was re-recorded for this collection and continued his No.

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The first single, " Addicted ", not only became a No. This streak was broken when the album's third and final single " They Rage On " peaked at No. The first single " Love on Arrival " reached No. After it came a cover of the Sam Cooke standard " Good Times ". This cover was not only his last Number One, but also his last Top 40 hit, as the album's next two tracks "Bordertown" and "Water Under the Bridge" failed to reach the top 40 in the United States, although they reached the top 40 in Canada.

Greatest Hits[ edit ] Dan Seals' second compilation album, titled Greatest Hits was released in Walking the Wire[ edit ] By this time, the country music landscape had changed abruptly, and Dan Seals found his style out of favor.

play meet me in montana

He moved to Warner Bros. Records inand released Walking the Wire.