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pop meet shop bandung

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An adequate and accessible parking lot is crucial to bring customers to businesses in Bandung. Yet, despite not having many visitors, Jacky said the market was quite well-known among tourists from Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore who came to hunt for vintage and antique items. He then showed me around several shops and pointed out some old clocks mounted on the wall, reminiscent of old movies or your grandparent's house.

From time to time, the clocks would emit loud and rather eerie tolls. The brand produced clocks, he said, whose quality was not diminished by the decades. The eighth stick determines the music and the older the clock, the more expensive it gets," Jacky said. Jacky and his colleagues said that they usually scavenged while traveling to remote villages in Malang, East Java, or around West Java.

They would try to find items from residents' houses after noticing their furniture. Next, Jacky showed another favourite item among collectors: Jacky brought me to another colleague, who demonstrated one he had just cleaned.

The device played vintage-sounding music, bringing a nostalgic mood to the air and painting images in your mind of romantic films set in war-time. No music player today can produce a similar sound. The art-deco style was very popular throughout the earlier half of the 20th century and the city and it's suburbs retain many fine examples of these architectural styles.

The city administration has a tendency to lean toward a modern style throughout the city with many of the more recent bridges, banks, malls and commercial areas. However many of the historical buildings have conservation orders and there are some very well preserved and maintained examples of the colonial era architecture to be seen.

The non-profit organization Bandung Heritage Society [35] has been formed recently to assist in endeavours to further preserve the city's historic buildings.

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He is famous for adapting modern European architecture to the tropical surroundings. This blending of ancient decorative elements and modern architectural features has made him the best Indonesian architect of his time. He later became a professor at the Institute Technology Bandung. Among his students was ir. Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Pot Meets Pop / PMP Denim

He died in in the city that he loved and buried at the Pandu cemetery, Bandung. When visiting Bandung, don't forget to visit his residence at Jl. Merdeka, Church at Jl.

Make sure you see these buildings before they're gone. Built in for an Italian millionaire D. Berretty as a villa. It lies in the northern part of Bandung, overlooking the city to south and the Tangkuban Perahu mountain to the north. Villa Isola and its 2 gardens have a magnificent design by its architect, combining the unique landscape and the Indo-European architectural style.

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This monumental art was later used for a hotel, named Hotel de Luxe. Asia-Afrika 65 near alun-alun or city square. Van Gallen Last and C. Built in for a club house for rich people, named the Concordia Society. Inthis building was famous as the first Asian-African conference venue. Now it is a museum for that conference. Savoy Homann Hotel, Jl. Aabers with an art-deco style as it is seen today. It still serves a hotel until now.

You can also still stay in this hotel and enjoying the old colonial time. Grand Hotel Preanger, Jl. It has two sides: The old facade has an interesting story, as C.

Schoemaker designed the art-deco style that is blended with local culture.

Anggrek Shopping Hotel

It was a controversial issue at that time, but that gives a unique style. Gerber, built in It was used as the head of the Dutch Indies Government Companies. The roof has a decoration of a popular satay food as now it is famous for the name, though it was not meant to be like that.

In fact, it is a 6 ornaments, symbolizing 6 million guldens, the cost of the building. Now, the complex is the office of West Java governor and the local provincial house of representatives.

pop meet shop bandung

Interestingly, this building mixes different architectural styles: The facade faces directly to the Mt. The building is open for public, and at the end of the journey inside, you can sip a nice hot bajigur drink while watching the city view from the top floor. Schoemaker, built in It was the only mosque that was built in the European residential area in the northern part of Bandung. The central facade still has the original design, but the mosque has been expanded to both of its side.

It was built in by the architect Maclaine Pont. There are some interesting places to visit: Saung Angklung Udjo, Jl. Padasukaaround 7km from Bandung[36]. Angklung is a traditional South-East Asian musical instrument, made by bamboo.

pop meet shop bandung

Udjo Nalagena, a famous angklung artist, created an Angklung House in the outskirt of Bandung, where angklung is made, learned and played. You can enjoy an angklung orchestra played by 12 year old or less children or even be a part of this orchestra, holding one of the angklung instruments. The place is in the middle of padi terrace and bamboo field, a perfect location to feel the relaxedness of a small village. It is one of the famous travel destinations among westerners and is highly recommended.

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The easiest way is to rent a car to go there or ask your travel agent if there is a program to visit this place. It lies in Lembang, a small suburb city in the northern part of Bandung. It is now part of the Dept.

pop meet shop bandung

To visit there, ask the department administration first for a reservation. Reservation must be made 1 month before. Bosscha is closed on national holidays, Sunday and Monday. Day visit at 9: Special visit can be arranged, subject to their availability. Diponegoro 57, near Gedung Sate complex.


Housesrocks, a mineral collection, and 60, fossils. There are 3 major rooms in the museums: The building itself has an art-deco style, built in by a Dutch architect Wnalda van Scholtwenburg. Recommended museum by locals. Sri Baduga Maharaja Museum, Jl. The museum is located on southern side of Tegallega square, south from city center. The museum is the state museum of West Java province.

Opened sincethe museum houses historical and archaeological relics of West Java history; dated from the era of Tarumanagara, Galuh, to Sunda Pajajaran kingdom, also displaying ethnography of Sundanese culture. Lembong 28, Bandung, is a military and weaponry museum depicting the history of Indonesian struggle for independence and beyond. The museum building originally was a colonial heritage building built in as Dutch East Indies' Militaire Akademie. Do[ edit ][ add listing ] There are many activities that you can do in the city or outside the city.

As Bandung highland is surrounded by a string of mountains. Activities in the outskirts of the city are centred about the mountain resorts, adventure activities and outdoor sports.

In the city, you can have culinary activities see the Eat section as there are so many food varieties, shopping with many clothing outlets and distros see the Buy section or just hanging around. Saturday night at Jalan Dago. Every Saturday night, teenagers and youngsters are hanging around at Jalan Dago. The street stretches from Holiday Inn Hotel in the south and a few blocks to the north until Simpang Dago. The street is crowded with modified cars with loud music.

Don't bring your own car if you don't want to get stuck in a traffic jam. Just walk and watch these hip-hop youngsters. There are some cafes and chic restaurants in the street that you can sit in. Don't forget to buy some grilled sweet or hot-chili corn that is sold at the street stalls.

The party usually lasts until midnight. Sunday morning at Gasibu Park. After having a party on Saturday night, wake up very early in the morning around AM.

Go to Gasibu park at the front of the Gedung Sate complex and wear your sportswear. At the park, you can go jogging and do some stretching, and after you finish, food stalls are already waiting for you with a lot of food varieties.

pop meet shop bandung

People's favourites are dim sum ceker a chicken foot cooked like a dim sum and nasi liwet a rice cooked with coconut milk and served with chicken and other vegetables.

In the walking distance, there is a famous yoghurt drink cafe with a nice and relaxing setting at Jl Cisangkuy.

A trip to the north of Bandung cannot be missed. Rent a car and start to go at the very early in the morning to Lembang, an uphill resort city. On the way to Lembang, you can make a sidetrip to Bosscha, the only observatorium in Indonesia. Please make sure you have made a reservation and take a note on its opening hours. You can visit in the afternoon, to see the telescope, or at night. Their webpage is in Indonesian only. Continue your journey to Lembang and stop at one of the food stall that sells fresh milk.

You can drink fresh milk with many flavours. The milk is really fresh. While this stop is interesting, it it not extraordinary in that they serve only fresh milk strawberry, mocca flavoured and some poor quality bread sandwiches. Stop if you need a break, give it a miss if you do not. Go to the Mt. Go circling around Kawah Ratu Queen's crater to see the volcanic activity closely. There are other craters: Kawah Upas and Kawah Domas. Beware of the tourist hawkers who sell many things at unreasonably expensive prices.

From August until further notice, Directorate of Vulcanology and Mitigation announced that 1. From September 3, until further notice, local authority closed Mt. Tangkuban Perahu area for visitors because of afraid of undetected harmful gas. Continue the journey to Sari Ater, a hot water spring complex.

On the way, there is a good Sundanese restaurant, named Sindang Reret, that you can stop by for your lunch. Sari Ater [38] is a resort with natural hot water spring pools, some recreation parks and healthy spas.

Stay overnight and have a good dinner at their restaurant.

pop meet shop bandung

This hot spring has shallow pools some with lukewarm and some with hot spring water for you to soak. There is a restaurant serving food just adjacent to the pools. On the way back to Bandung, take a stop at a street food stall and have some grilled 'sweet corns or grilled ketan sticky rice while enjoying the view of the tea plantation.

Villages around Bandung host ram fights on alternate Sundays. It's a big event for locals who turn out in their hundreds to watch 5-minute bouts between prize fighter male sheep.