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Bart Kwan Powerlifting Documentary Update . i hope you come to the UK so I can meet you. Spoto, Jake “Big Boy” Johns, Barbell Brigade Owner Bart Kwan, Chad Wesley. Smith, and most . Powerlifting Federation] national record for the deadlift with a. As the title states, what got you into the sport of powerlifting? Realized you love PLing from perma points 2 years ago (0 children). Bart Kwan.

My best total to date is by squat, bench and deadlift.

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I left a bit on the platform in all three lifts, so Im excited to compete again to top all three numbers, bench has always been my struggle but I truly focus on all three lifts evenly. What is your dream total that will make you satisfied for life if you ever hit it?

I was lucky and unlucky to start my competitive powerlifting career at the top with Mark Bell and Supertraining. I realized early that I was not going to be a world record holder but if i put my time in i could improve and had some potential. So i always stuck with that, focusing on small improvements over long periods of time.

How did you and Omar Isuf get so close? I connected with Omar first via email and had him on our podcast. From that interview I could just tell he and I were of similar mindsets and generation. We then went on a few trips to barbell brigade together, he also stayed at Supertraining for a few weeks and bonded. I try to surround myself with like minded-people and I believe other successful people do as well.

I guess I am lucky to be able to look up to guys like Omar and Bart Kwan and be able to call them friends. How much are you currently weighing at what bodyfat and height? Also what is your dream goal and weight? I am about lbs at 5foot 9 inches and no idea of my body fat haha. I think i was a little different then most meatheads growing up. I never wanted to be the biggest, baddest, most vascular dude.

Looking back I think I had some body dysmorphia, i always thought I was fat or overweight. After this next powerlifting meet I look forward to cutting a little bit and would be happy around lbs. Potentially test myself and see how lean I could get. When you weighed about lb in your basketball days, what food do you think helped you pack on the most weight? Majority of my basketball career I was probably between lbs.

My dad, although a great athlete, was only like I started lifting in 8th grade.

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I knew very little about nutrition. I tried to eat some fruits and veggies but I was just a normal year old eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Because I was training in the weight room days a week on top of basketball practices or pickup games my body naturally just found its form. What is the worst injury that you ever had to experience and how is it feeling right now?

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I have never had any crazy injuries knock on wood. I think part of it is luck and part is my preparation and execution. I always worked smart and hard in the gym to hopefully be able to take whatever comes at me. In basketball there were plenty of jacked up fingers and swollen ankles but no real injuries. In powerlifting the worst has been my low back.

Every now and the it will lock up.


Possibly an alignment deal or a bulging disk acting up. Right now everything is firing on all cylinders. What do you think about before trying to hit a brand new PR? I drown my thoughts out with loud hip-hop mostly.

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My philosophy in training is to really master the skill of each lift. By the time I am testing a max or rep Pr, I only focus on getting as tight as possible and let me body do the rest.

Do you look up to anyone for motivation or do you just motivate yourself? I guess you would say I am self motivated. I know its popular to say that true motivation should be intrinsic but my entire life I have a need to impress people. Whether it be a coach, spectator or especially my parents. My father past away a few years ago.

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Even since I often think about how hard I can work and the things I can accomplish in hope to make him proud. What is the most weight that you have ever rack pulled from knee level? Not Sure to be honest. We are not sure if this has been done intentionally, but the logo has all the necessary main colors in it.

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And it means this person likes spending time with you and enjoys the conversation. Subscribe to Bright Side: For todays challenge Bart tries to match Kristen's best pull which was over 3 times her bodyweight by doing 3 times his own bodyweight on the deadlift!

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