Powerlifting meet results ny city

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powerlifting meet results ny city

Home of the United States Powerlifting Association. RPS New York State Championships. Home / Revolution Powerlifitng Meet Results / Meet Results / Current Page. August 5 • Buffalo Central. Manage your meet from registration to results. Click below for details about Med City Raw Open - Registration, 06/16/, USAPL, Powerlifting. USA Pull for Pride New York , 06/16/, Other, Deadlift Only Solcana Beginner Weightlifting Meet, 05/12/, IWF, Weightlifting, register. Be. Your.

I further recognize that my participation in this competition is voluntary and requires that I assume the risk of this potentially dangerous sport and, therefore, I assume the risk of potential injury. That is, whether I think the results of the tests are right or wrong I agree that I have no right to challenge the results of the drug tests.

I further agree to submit to any physical tests that may be necessary to complete the drug testing. Should I fail to pass the drug tests, I agree to forfeit any trophy or award that I might otherwise have won. I understand and agree that if I fail to pass the drug tests, my name will appear on a published list of suspended members. If the drug test to which I submit is reported as positive, then I waive any claim, action, or cause of action for which legal relief is available.

I agree to pay any attorney fees and litigation expenses incurred by any person, real or corporate, whom I may sue in an effort to challenge this Release of Claims. I understand that my agreement to pay attorney fees and litigation expenses is the sine qua non for the acceptance of my entry in this contest or my participation in this competition.

APA Powerlifting Meet Results

If any provision of this Release of Claims shall be deemed by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the remainder of this Release of Claims shall remain in full force and effect. I also certify with my signature that this Release of Claims cannot be modified orally. Betsy Spann, alsoin the masterproved age is just a number, totaling Betsy also pulled a big 4th attempt record deadlift.

Also representing in the masters, competitor Evangeline Keresey used a huge deadlift along with a squat and bench to total Bernice Fuss, making her California trek worthwhile, hit all kinds of records. A squat, bench, and a whopping deadlift gave her a winning total of in the open and masters classes. Liz Freel, present during most of the weekend's activities and helping a number of up and coming lifters, elected to sit this meet out in order to concentrate on her training for the upcoming Olympia.

As previously mentioned, the number of raw lifters continues to expand. The number of men's raw lifters was very indicative of this trend. Kong also made a 4th attempt pull of Kong's older brother, competing in the class, got in on the action with a total.

Gordon, put some weight on the bar! There were two junior competitors, with Ryan Cordano using a big pull and total of to pick up the gold. Joshua Stangby took silver with a total. Four men competed in the raw open, with Nick Conn edging out Edward Willis, who also competed in the submasters, for the gold. The bronze went to Jonathan Martell with a total.

The raw open division featured the biggest class of the entire meet and proved to be one of the most entertaining. Big and ripped Dan Green took the gold. He got off to a rocky start, needing all three attempts to land his huge squat. It was smooth sailing after that, with Dan getting a good bench and massive pull to total an outstanding Michael Zundelevich took the silver, edging out Jimmy Doyle, with totals of andrespectively.

Bob Strange, liftingcontinues to go strong, totaling The raw open had six lifters. Tyler Sage took the bronze with a total. Good to see you back competing, Steve. Dan Leoncini took second, getting a big squat and total.

powerlifting meet results ny city

Andrew Doupe took the bronze with a total. Silver went to Joe Mass, with his big pull and total. Submaster Rudy Garcia took a 4th attempt record BP of en route to his win and total. John totaledusing a squat, bench, and huge pull. Jose had a great squat day, goingalong with a bench and deadlift to total Only one lifter competing in the open, but it was big Shawn Buckley, defending national and IPL champ. Three lifters vied in the masters class.

My long-time training partner Dave Contreras landed the silver, with an excellent day, going 3 for 3 in the squat with room to spare. The open division featured the third re-match between big Ben O'Brien and me. As I had won the first two meets, been was on a mission and out for retribution.

powerlifting meet results ny city

The third time proved to be the charm with Ben getting p. Ben's bench and total established new world records.

powerlifting meet results ny city

Congrats Ben, see you at Worlds. Hubbel Richmond gained the bronze with his total. My other training partner, ageless Howard Myers, was overtrained, as was I. Defending champ Mike Tronske from OCSC had to withdraw from the competition due to suffering an injury during his opening bench.

Greg Baxter moved up tolifting in the master class. I know Greg wasn't entirely pleased with his results and look forward to seeing his performance at the IPL Worlds.

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Todd Kezerian took the silver with a total. In the bench press only, women's competitor Judy Camsuzou, lifting in the raw open and masterimpressed with a good record 4th attempt of In the women's single ply, it was Bernie Fuss, lifting in the open and master with her effort. Nick I'Anson, lifting in the open and masteralso put up a fine In the mens' raw bench, master Boyd Huneycutt Jr.

Paul Babineaux made lifting in the open. Teen Justin Woods, lifting atmade a good Junior lifter Joshua Lanham went