Press meet nithyananda swami

press meet nithyananda swami

Nithyananda - Paramahamsa Nithyananda gracing all with Kalpataru Darshan be made at [email protected] Swamiji will train (through video) after 3 Arjun Sampath, leader of Hindu Makkal Katchi, through Chennai Press Meet. His Divine Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda met press reporters through a highly interactive session on 13 July at Hotel Marina. Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami awarded with Doctorate of Humanities ( Honoris Causa) by . Nithyananda reveals explosive truths at Bangalore press meet.

press meet nithyananda swami

No written order was given to us authorizing either the search, the sealing of the ashram or the investigation. Hence this was a completely illegal operation that not only violated our human rights, but instilled terror and caused irreparable trauma to our ashramites, especially to our children.

He was released on bail the next day.

press meet nithyananda swami

This is a shocking, unconstitutional, disgraceful and thoroughly condemnable act. It may be recalled that the law and order breach was caused by certain anti-social elements, not by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

It may be recalled that the Delhi police had used the same CrPC sections to illegally arrest social activist Anna Hazare in August for his anti-corruption drive.

In an unheard-of move, Instead of arresting the perpetrators, the State ordered the arrest of the victim for purposes of maintaining peace.

The fast was in view of the continued unconstitutional actions and human rights violations against himself and his spiritual organization. Click here for more. Nithyananda devotee files habeas corpus petition in High Court In the meantime, a habeas corpus petition No. The Bidadi ashram is still under siege, and the odd people inside are in constant danger of another senseless and vicious attack any moment.

This is a gross violation of their right to worship and to live in peace inside their own home. As is obvious from the above, those with vested interests have spared no effort in spreading rumors and attempting to influence public opinion against us using brute force, political power, media power and money power.

Chennai Press Meet 13 Jul 2011

However, Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam rest their faith in the law and in spiritual power, which is a blessing from the Divine. We appeal to all socially conscious media and the discerning public to support us in our campaign against this gross violation of our human rights, including our right to practice our chosen religion in peace and with dignity. Nobody can stop us from doing the good spiritual and social work that we are doing. All our charitable work will continue.

press meet nithyananda swami

Annadaanam free food for all will continue in all my ashrams, wherever it is possible by law. I have faith in the Divine, and in the law, and in the people of Karnataka. Thousands From More than 60 Countries Convert to Hinduism in Bengaluru Dec Sadashiva, in his Agamas, has clearly defined a set of initiations for someone who wants to officially become a Hindu.

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In the past 10 years lakhs of non Indians have officially converted to Hinduism in the Nithyananda Adheenam in Bengaluru adopting Hindu names and following Hindu rituals, lifestyle and worship. Revelations about Yoga by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Jun Anti Hindu and extortionist forces upset with the amazing success of the Kumbh are trying to create a silly news story about some vendors claiming that they haven't been paid as per their expectations.

The The First truth he revealed was that yoga did not originate from Patanjali. With all respects to Patanjali and his work, he said "Patanjali is the organizer of Yoga but not the originator". The originator, Swamiji said, is Adi Guru Sadashiva himself.

And Yoga originated at least 10 to 15 thousand years before Patanjali. In his complete works - the Agamas - Sadashiva has presented a detailed, elaborate manual with complete descriptions for Yoga.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda and Ranjitha addresses the world in a Press Meet in Chennai

Sannyasi of Nithyananda ashram passes away due to cardiac arrest - Mother's statement about her healing Jan Ms. Sangeetha Arjunan Ma Nithya Turiyateetanandaa sannyasi at Nithyananda ashram passed away on 28 December due to sudden cardiac arrest. Her family has had a history of cardiac problems leading to death at a young age.

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Her sister and cousin also had died at a young age due to cardiac problems. Her cousin had also died of cardiac arrest one day before Ms Sangeetha. Hospital sources confirmed that Ms.