Randy smith journal inquirer track meet

29th Randy Smith Journal Inquirer Greater Manchester Invite - Track and Field Event - FloTrack

randy smith journal inquirer track meet

Chiaravalle 12 Danbury 04/08/17 Arcadia Invitational 2 Elizabeth Lodge 12 Manchester 05/20/17 36th Randy Smith Journal Inquirer. Albemarle Ryan Smith RB Mt. Airy, Md./Urbana Jason football and track and field at Clarkston H.S. in football earned the . named First Team All- South Jersey by the Philadelphia Inquirer. . 26, in Gaithersburg, Md. son of Bill and Terry Potterton and Randy Smith has two brothers. You'll often read in our pages and in newspaper accounts about what our elite runners have to say event was held in conjunction with the annual Randy Smith. Journal Inquirer high school track meet at MHS and included.

I decided to become a language major because I absolutely love the language. It helps me see the world in a different perspective. The different culture fascinates me, and makes me want to learn more about the French language. What has been your most rewarding experience in your language major so far? My most rewarding experience is just being able to learn. Not many people actually get the opportunity to pursue something that they love, and I am really lucky to be able to do so.

What are your plans after Ursinus? I plan to live in France for as long as I can while teaching English. That is a life long dream that I have, and although difficult, I think I can achieve it.

My study aimed to understand any relationship between cardiovascular health and joint angles and ranges of motion of the knee and foot. Joint measurements were taken with goniometers. The study has continued during my independent research this year, and the results are currently being used for an abstract submission to the Journal of Experimental Biology. My Experience This program was the perfect opportunity to become familiar not only with the workings of a research laboratory, but with a clinical setting.

It was great to also bond with other students doing research and appreciate the uniqueness of different research labs on campus. I enjoyed meeting new people that I still had not gotten to know in my first three years at Ursinus. The extra responsibilities and discussions that were involved with the FUTURE program were also unique experiences that I really enjoyed being a part of. The Coolest Part of the Experience The best part of this experience was definitely the opportunity to design my own study and get my voice out there.

The friends I made throughout this program inspired me with how much effort they put into their research, and the professors who presented us with their inspiring life journeys were truly a positive influence on me. I thank my advisor, Dr. Feairheller, very much for everything she taught me and for giving me the confidence to be a researcher, a mentor, and hopefully a future doctor. Her name was originally Heyna Adjelson. She lived in the Parisian region of Occupied France.

Her portrait was taken on July 7, A native of St. As a saxophonist, Hubbs has performed in venues in both the United States and Europe and is currently an active recitalist in the Philadelphia area. She has released four CDs: Also an active scholar, Dr. You may encounter circumstances that require you to take time away from the College. In those situations, you can request a leave of absence. Deena Gu works in watercolor on silk, using time-honored techniques and incorporating images and conventions from the deepest roots of Chinese painting.

In China, painters traditionally learn their craft by studying and copying treasured artworks from the past under the guidance of a master teacher. Early Works, Early Scrolls features pieces created during Ms. In the early s, the scroll ceased to be a part of her oeuvre. While a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the rectangular shapes of Western art became her preferred format. At the core of this exhibition are scrolls being seen for the first time in the United States.

Preferred for their portability, scrolls are traditionally displayed only on special occasions or for personal enjoyment and then stored away. The horizontal handscroll isthe preferred method when a painting involves a complex narrative sequence, while vertical scrolls are more appropriate for figurative themes involving symbolism. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the silk canvas on which the artist paints, whether a horizontal handscroll or a vertical scroll, is unforgiving.

Riley is a Professor of Physics at Ursinus. He received his B. He has involved undergraduates in research in experimental nuclear structure and detector simulation since His research program has been continuously supported by grants from the National Science Foundation since He joined the Ursinus faculty in fall of Nathan Rein has been teaching at Ursinus since His main field is the history of the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

His research has focused in particular on the relationship between religious and political identity as reflected in popular publications and visual culture.

His recent publications have examined the overlap between early modern history and questions in the theory of religion. At Ursinus, he teaches courses on the history of Christianity, on religious diversity, and on the theory of religion, as well as contributing regularly to the Common Intellectual Experience program.

Golden Plate Awardees - Academy of Achievement

He lives in Phoenixville, PA with his wife and two children, as well as three cats, two rabbits, and a pet white rat. I am currently a second year law student at Villanova Law School. How did your language major help you after UC? In general, having a lot of experience writing and reading in a different language while at UC helped me develop much better reading and writing skills overall.

randy smith journal inquirer track meet

I was then able to utilize these improved reading and writing skills during my first year of law school, which involves a lot of reading and a writing class each semester. Furthermore, I studied abroad again this past summer and was able to speak Spanish when I visited Madrid.

Finally, I have started looking for summer positions already for this coming summer and my fluency in Spanish definitely sets me apart from many other applicants and I believe will even make the difference in regards to a law firm picking me over someone else.

What was your most rewarding experience in your language major? Definitely my most rewarding experience as a Spanish major was studying abroad in Madrid, Spain during the Fall semester of my junior year. I was able to travel to a few other cities in Spain as well as to Rome, Italy and London, England while I was studying abroad.

I definitely greatly improved my Spanish reading, writing, and speaking abilities as well as made many new friends from Ursinus as sixteen students from Ursinus went to Madrid that semester.

Tenacious D

It was an overall amazing experience! Designed to introduce students to integrative learning experiences across areas of study within food and agriculture. What do you do now? Overview This summer, under the mentorship of Kneia DaCosta, I researched decriminalizing mental illness.

This project was inspired by three years of volunteering to educate inmates at Montgomery County Correctional Facility. For the majority of the summer, I conducted a literature review to investigate the vast number of mentally ill individuals recycling through jails and prisons. In addition, I translated my experiences volunteering into a collection of vignettes about some of the inmates I have encountered.

Lastly, I synthesized my research and firsthand experience to create a draft for an intervention program to treat mentally ill female inmates.

What Was Valuable About the Experience Summer Fellows granted me the opportunity to spend my summer researching an issue I am genuinely passionate about. DaCosta pushed me to challenge myself and expand my project into new directions.

Overall, I had a great experience this summer. I learned a lot about myself and developed new skills during this process. The Coolest Part of the Experience The coolest part of this experience was being able to raise awareness about mentally ill in jails and prisons.

Instead of treating mental illness, our nation is punishing an extremely vulnerable population. Mental illness is exacerbated during incarceration and many inmates leave jails and prisons much sicker than when they entered. For three years I have witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking mistreatment mentally ill endure while incarcerated. It feels good to know that my Summer Fellows project is bringing some well-deserved attention to this issue.

Even if I was only able to reach a narrow audience, I hope my project was one small step in advocating for treatment over incarceration for the mentally ill. Throughout my time volunteering many of the inmates, especially the women, have been very open about their personal histories. After hearing their heartbreaking stories of mental illness, addiction, physical abuse, and sexual abuse I was motivated to research and raise awareness about this issue.

In addition, my wonderful mentor Dr. DaCosta was incredibly helpful in completing this project. Her expertise in mental health and program development was especially valuable in creating the intervention program.

I chose American Studies because it explores such a wide range of American Culture, as well as our relationships with other Cultures. One starts to question what one reads with a whole new eye. Chana Zylberman lived in the Parisian region of Occupied France. He wrote back to Chana on June 10, to commend her honest expression of a proud Jewish identity, saying: I was sure that you would be among those who would wear the yellow star with pride.

I did wonder if it might not bother you to pin it on before going to and from work; but I realized that [in wearing the star] you felt even stronger and freer than even I would have guessed. It seems that these discriminatory, medieval laws will disappear as quickly as they appeared…They will pay dearly for all the physical and emotional suffering they have caused us.

Translated from the French by Julin Everett. Marianne joined Ursinus College as Controller on September 24, She is responsible for all accounting and reporting operations of the college. Professor Amanda Reig was born and raised in southern California. She received her undergraduate degree in chemistry at Claremont McKenna College and then left the sunshine for the frozen tundra, earning her Ph.

He said that the album would likely be released in[84] but on other occasions had mentioned the year The DVD was released later that year, [87] and included a documentary of their world tour entitled D Tour: The film focuses on the tour Tenacious D made in support of the film and soundtrack and the consequences of their film's poor showing at the box office.

It's a very powerful recording called "Deth Starr" [ He performed a vocal sample of the song along to keyboards. Tenacious D played the main stage at Bonnaroo music festival inwhich featured the band playing the song "Dio" as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. Gass has hinted that the band's third album may be called Tenacious D 3-D, reasoning that "It's the third record, so it should probably be 'Tenacious 3-D. John Konesky estimated that the new album would come out "in spring ".

The mockumentary, titled 'Tenacious D - To Be the Best', documents the uncertain future Tenacious D faced after the box-office failure of The Pick of Destiny, KG's subsequent breakdown and incarceration in "an institution", and Jack's embracing of an indulgent Hollywood lifestyle.

The film shows a deranged Kyle escaping the facility and attempting to kill Jack and then himself, before they each realize their importance to each other and revive the band.

randy smith journal inquirer track meet

They produce a new album in 75 minutes in the studio, described as "awful", but try again and emerge with another new album, described at the end of the film as "the greatest album recorded by anyone, ever". Rize of the Fenix was officially released on May 15, with mostly positive reviews from music critics.

When asked about the status of the band, Black confirmed that they were working on a new album. Stating that they were "very slow," Black suggested that it would likely be completed in Black also mentioned that so far they just had a few song titles.

Inwhile on promotion for the film, Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleBlack stated on the British radio station, Kerrang Radio, that Tenacious D had created an animated series, and that the fourth album would be called Post-Apocalypto.

He went to state that "I don't know where you will be able to see it, but we have decided it's happening and it's coming out. These would be uploaded from September 28th to November 2nd. Columbia Records would release the album Post-Apocalypto on the 2nd of November. Black stated that the fifth album will take time, and "most likely be released [at sometime] after ".

Satire and comedy are a major aspect of Tenacious D's lyrical content. Like the bands that are the fucking hardest rocking are like, 'We'll fucking kick your ass, dude Black has starred in a number of films himself, and he has provided voices for animated films.

Black and Gass have made several television appearances performing songs from their first album. Tenacious D was a musical guest on Saturday Night Live for the first time, although they had previously appeared as an uncredited musical guest on May 2, The interview's topics include comedy rock and Upland Skatepark.