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Lee Watson's Reptile Swap in Streamwood, IL.

Our missions is to end reptile abuse, neglect, and misunderstanding through rehoming of our Illinois' only (c)3 reptile, amphibian and invertebrate rescue. Photo of Scott Smith's All Animal Expo - Wheaton, IL, United States. . some of that was as LEE WATSON'S REPTILE SWAP (was in Streamwood back then). - The SHHS is a group of venomous reptile keepers State: IL. URL: Contact: Lee Watson at

Some localities have adopted ordinances to regulate swap meets in their jurisdictions. On the state level, animal cruelty, pet store, and live market laws regulate swap meets on a limited basis. However, in many places, few laws address the animal welfare concerns of swap meets. A handful of states have sought to address this vacuum in the last few years by passing legislation directly regulating swap meets.

Illinois was the first state to regulate swap meets when it required swap meet organizers to provide the state information about the swap meet 30 days before it occurs. Nebraska has similar procedural requirements related to swap meets. California and Nevada have much more substantive restrictions, and allow animals to be sold at swap meets only if the local jurisdiction has adopted standards for the care and treatment of those animals.

Finally, Virginia regulates the sale of dogs and cats at swap meets. These five states illustrate that while it has proven politically untenable to ban animal swap meets altogether, state legislation can regulate the sale of animals at swap meets.

The most commonly sold animals are chickens and other birds, rabbits, pigs, reptiles, and dogs. Swap meets can be outlets for selling smuggled birds and other exotic animals, and for puppy mills that want to skirt commercial regulations. However, for rural farming communities, swap meets can be a way to purchase needed livestock and sell extra animals. Common complaints include animals being kept in cramped spaces, sometimes piled on top of each other, a lack of water and food even in hot climates, and animals that are too young to be weaned being sold apart from their mothers.

Additionally, documented cases of unregulated breeding and unsanitary practices in the transport, display, and sale of these animals can result in high, unmet needs for veterinary care.

Consequently, swap meets may contain disease, with customers buying and trading sick animals and spreading zoonotic diseases. Animal swaps can be regulated in three ways: Sometimes this includes requirements that vendors provide food, water, and sufficient space for the animals. Other times, however, swap meets are advertised informally on message boards with no restrictions.

Additionally, some localities have adopted ordinances to regulate swap meets in their jurisdictions. The penalties for violating these ordinances are typically minimal. However, the scarcity of animal neglect prosecutions and political barriers to enforcing animal neglect laws make criminal sanctions a mostly unhelpful tool for regulating swap meets.

Gilbert Thompson Darin Chappell Entrapment is when an officer says or does something that encourages a person to committ an act that they would not otherwise have done.

Watson a HUGE appology. Since that time, we have had no problems. The bearded dragon ticket was issued for lack of an aquaculture permit, although we have a letter from Rodney W. Horner, Aquaculture Coordinator, stating that they are only interested in indigenous animals. So if there is not a wild population of beardeds in IL, I guess we're all right without it. Thanks a lot for all the support everybody's been giving us and we'll see you on October 5!

Same place for the last 11 years. Lee Watson Sorry I forgot to sign my name at the bottom of my last post. What happens to the animals, and who burdens the responsibility of loss? This is frightning to say the least.

I would attempt to peruse legal remedies by suing them personally. I dont know how far you would get, but if these individuals are making up these legal decisions as they go along, then I think they are going above and beyond what should be considered normal.

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The officials acted in a very unprofesional manner from what I gather. The officials should have showed up early before the show started and inspected the animals. But not interfere with law abiding vendors and disrupt their business. Here in Florida Wildlife officers come to the facility of dealers, importers and pet stores to inspect their animals.

They do show up at local shows and inspect animals but they do it in a profesional manner. If there is a question on an animal and it's legality, they approach the owner in private, ask to remove the animal from the table and discuss the legality and ask for proof if needed on that animal.

Rob RK Reptiles Gilbert Thompson Thanks, Gilbert Thompson P. It's the attack of the killer Beardies. Lock up the women and children folk and git ur guns boys. Now on to a more serious note. I have absolutely no respect for law enforcement officer types. Quite frankly the whole system is set up to steal your money.

Get a ticket pay a fine, get arrested pay a fine.

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Its all money driven and its your money they want. As far as I am concerned its the largest legal form of an organized crime syndicate.

Just short of the governmental systems that is. I was selected for federal jury duty and got called in for jury selection. Before they do that they send you a card to fill out asking very specific questions about race and religion. Both as far as I felt were none of their damm biz and has no bearing on justice. So I put that as my answer. Then they ask if there is any reason you feel you cant serve as a juror. So I put that I feel the legal system is out for nothing but money and justice is just accidental at best.

So after they call my number to come and appear for a duty. They pull out that card and review it with you in front of the judge. God I wish I had it on tape. We went over why I put my answers down about race and religion. As far as I am concerned it has no direct bearing on whether or not they committed the crime and how see the evidence presented to me.

So why ask it. Looked to me they where trying to fix the jury to get the vote they wanted. When they saw my answer to the last question the judge got red right know. In fact when I went on to explain that money is the driving cause of "justice" and how every lawyer has their hand out for it, they flipped. Then I went into the citations for funds called ticketing.

It would nock you flat when you see how much they steal annually from us. Where does it go? After all tax payers pay your salaries. I do know first hand that Highway Patrol officers get commission of sorts based on the quantity of certain types of citations they write and win.

DUI's Well after it was all said and done, the defense wanted me for my assured not guilty vote, the prosecution was peed off and excused me, and the judge was dumb founded. He event went as far as to thank me for the unusual overwhelming amount of honesty whether they liked it or not. As for the local street cops, biggest bunch of thieves and hypocrites you ever wanted to meet. Several of which I went to school with so I know first hand.

Almost all of them locally I have partied with and call acquaintances. Ever heard of the Blue Wall or Blue Code??? It really exist, even when they are caught on tape beating a hand cuffed kid. You can bet that the only thing that will come of this "RAID" will be some fines to steal more of your money. This certainly doesnt reflect all of the law enforcement officers, but it represents well the ones I know of anyway.

Ken Harbart Thanks for the heads up and the bigoted reply. Without it, i dont know how society would function. Is the state providing propper conditions for these animals? Will they be returned to the owners if it is found out that no laws were broken? I have no problem with the animals being taken if laws were broken, but it sounds like the officers were not aware of the law. Seems to be a pretty common problem. I hope everything works out for the best, and please keep us posted.

Thanks Uffern I can't even find words to express what I'm thinking. We all know that these confiscated animals will be stuffed into drawers or into plastic bags on evidence shelves. Citation for bearded dragons?!?! Arboreals of the Rainforest And its not bigoted because it accuratley represents the ones I do know of. Facts are facts wether you agree with them or not. If I may ask, have you ever "not remembered" under oath? Or conveniently left out any detail in a report to make your case look better?

Classic Dum's I'll admit to over-reacting to your post, Tim. Hopefully, you'll be able to understand my perspective, and why it got under my skin. Firstly, on the law enforcement tangent. That's the easiest way to avoid getting a ticket or paying a fine. Even so, did you realize that most traffic stops don't result in a ticket?

Or shal we just turn it into a free for all?

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Driving 50 in a residential, take a corner a little to hard, and wipe out a bunch of kids waiting for their schoolbus? We must be crazy to risk our lives for such great pay.

Some of us, such as myself, actually do this for free. It ain't about money- it's about doing something positive. Using that rationale, I guess we could characterize the entire herp community as a bunch of poachers based on the actions of folks like Rudy Kormarek and Ed Tierney??

Yes Tim, there are a few bad apples in law enforcement, but they represent a very small minority. As long as we select police officers from the general population, a few will slip through the cracks. Most get weeded out somewhere along the line. As for the "Blue Wall of Silence", I'll admit that it exists is some places. When you're armchair quarterbacked to death by the media and folks like Al Sharpton for shooting a bad guy coming at you with a machete, well However, I know that's not the aspect of it that you were referring to.

Rest assured though, most of those guys do get what's coming to them sooner or later. To begin with, the kid split the officer's head open just above the ear. Then, when he was handcuffed, the kid grabbed the officer by the family jewels. By no means am I supporting the fact that he struck him after the cuffs were on- that much is inexcusable. Once the cuffs are on, the game is over, and he should have just stepped back. What I am saying, though, is that there is more to that story than the little snippet that made it to the 11 o'clock news.

The vast majority of law enforcement officers are decent people. It's a shame that your experience with a few bad apples has skewed your view of LEO's as a whole. I'm only a part-timer, and don't often find myself having to testify. However, even if I was a full-timer, that wouldn't change a thing. Watson did not show that the license was only supposed to be for native species. If this is true, the application of the law is inaccurate, and the animals should be returned immediately!

It was a mistake. It is outside their abilities under the law. United States Fish and Wildlife is the only agency that deals with "exotic" or foreign species. They have no rule of law or policy to allow them to in any way regulate the bearded dragons that are captive produced here in the USA.

The Food and Drug Administration has no jurisdiction either. The only reptile related law that they were there to enforce is the 4" turtle law that falls under public health.

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The beared dragon was just one of the mistakes. They attempted to seize American alligators under the rational that they are protected. They are not native and not protected in Illinois. For that fact they are no longer protected in Florida. So again, they have no right to seize or regulate alligators.

I can keep on with this. There are articles circulating on the net that many vendors were arrested and that there was all kinds of drama. They were not there. Lee and I were there all day. We know what happened. One kid was arrested for a rattlesnake. The authorities have already admitted that they were wrong on several topics both to us at the show and since. It was very low key and very little happened. Evan Stahl evansnakes I am a full time reptile breeder and have many friends that are state and federal law enforcement personel.

This thread was and is about what happened at the show in Streamwood, not ranting about parking tickets. Anyone who does not like a law but does nothing to change it has nothing to complain about as far as I am concerned. That is certainly why it is such a shame that there is no unity in the reptile industry. By the way Ken!! Gilbert Thompson Classic Dum's As such, they are prohibited under the Dangerous Animals Act. As for the western hogs, they're a threatened species in Illinois, so I can see where the problem arises.

For the same reason, it's not advisable to keep eastern indigos if you live in Florida. Vendors need to familiarize themselves with the laws of the state at least that they're doing the show in. For those that knew the law, and got busted, I have no sympathy. Their greed not only got them in hot water, it also gave the entire herp industry a black eye. There's things that shouldn't have happened, of course. The vehicle and bag searches should have also been limited to those people arrested.