Rodmasters swap meet 2012

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rodmasters swap meet 2012

in small Chevy pattern at the Pate swap meet in Fort Worth last year for . We had just released the Rodmaster (Halibrand lookalike) in 15x5". Santa Ana Aliso Viejo News () · Santa Ana Canyon Life () .. 20" Rodmaster S25 obo ' 7-pesk Swivel ehrs, nr new $25 . Swap meet canopy, 10x15' $/obo Sponsors since 25/07/ (we help fund this site) #FBF 3D Renderings done for DendorFineHomes 3D Renderings are . Rodmasters Swap Meet.

In the hotter months you may feel fine in normal beach wear but for extra comfort, warmth and safety it is well worth considering a wetsuit and a pair of neoprene shoes.

rodmasters swap meet 2012

Optional extras on most designs include: Drainage or Scupper Bungs On flat water keep your sit on top dry by blocking these holes. Thigh Straps Hook onto the accessory loops to give extra control. The planing hull and sharp rails give surf board like handling while the straps and pedal footrest combination offer great control for the paddler.

Fast, easy-tracking hull with good stability and plenty of room for carrying gear. Plus adjustable footrest and 2 water bottles.

The Freedom is also available in an Angler spec listed on our fishing pages. This is one of our most popular tandems and justifiably so. Can take a child plus two adults or be paddled solo.

Comfort spec includes backrest system plus hatch with mesh bag. Available in 3 versions. The beach spec is ideal for group and hire centre use, whilst the comfort spec is the most popular with its integrated backrest, day hatch with mesh bag and water botle.

Surf spec has the addition of thigh straps, paddle leash and luggage retainers. Surf outfitting includes all the benefits of the Comfort and adds thigh straps and paddle leash. The thigh straps give more control in waves and on moving water. The paddle leash helps keep your boat and paddle together. The Beach is a low maintenance specification for easy days at the beach and is extremely popular with rental fleets. The smooth bottom and short length make it easy to use on waves and its width provides great stability.

Ideal for use by anyone weighing up to kg. A great all round water toy. It performs well on surf, gentle rivers, calm bays and lakes. In fact anywhere you want to take it. Stackable for easy storage and easily car toppable, the Frenzy is great fun for all the family.

The new Scrambler 11 is extremely stable and maneuverable. This kayak is the perfect choice for the paddler who may want to surf a little, fish a little or just cruise around.

Looking at a 1958 Buick Limited in Green Mist

With its overlapping foot wells it can be used by two adults and there is room for a child in the centre. It can also be paddled solo. At only 12 feet it is very compact and easy to store and transport. The larger Malibu 2XL is the roomiest sit on top kayak available and can accommodate 2 or 3 adults easily, plus room for kit. It can be paddled solo, tandem or with 3 people. Very stable, great family fun. Ergonomic design offers great comfort on lakes, sea or rivers.

Includes backrest and paddle park. Includes backrests and paddle parks. Scrambler 11 Sit on Tops 11 Length 2. The self-bailing hull is ergonomically contoured and has moulded foot wells. A storage hatch comes as standard, as does the surf backrest. The self bailing hull is ergonomically contoured and has moulded foot wells.

The Paradise 2 is a tandem sit on top that can be paddled solo or with a third person. Can be used for general play, short trips and with the addition of the optional thigh straps, can be used in the surf. Comes with surf backrest as standard. Great for small waves and bay hopping. Very stable hull and durable construction.

Stable, durable and easy to paddle, this is great fun for family or group days at the lake or beach. It is light weight, easy to carry and its size also makes it easy to store. With a unique design and exceptional stability anyone can learn to paddle or surf. Shown with optional back rest and thigh straps. Carries two to four paddlers. An excellent choice for families and rental operations, with a great load carrying capacity. Built in high backrests bow and stern with 2 smaller central seats to accommodate children or a solo paddler.

Great fun at the beach. Take someone with you for a great fun ride. Can be paddled solo, tandem or take a third passenger. Two moulded fold-down backrests fitted. Moulded footrests and bungee storage plus two storage hatches. Excellent for coastal or lake exploration. Room for storing gear and good for introductory surf. Includes fold down backrest, adjustable footrest and hatches. Easily car transportable and compact to store, the Ripper features a built in backrest and storage area for kit.

Includes moulded footrest and bungee storage at rear. Is light in weight and easy to handle. Available in 11, 12 and 14 foot, regular and Angler versions, featuring DVC seating. Native Manta Ray 11 Angler shown Length 3. Features include fold down backrest, pedal foot rest and large storage hatch. Whether surfing a wave or exploring the coast. The is better for smaller adults wanting to do shorter trips or surfing.

The larger model is the best all rounder for all sizes and abilities. The is better for smaller adults wantiing to do shorter trips or surfing. Kona takes your breath away, whether you are paddling it or just admiring it.

The Kailua offers ample storage space and due to its redesign, an even bigger weight capacity, making it an excellent choice for families and rentals. It is stackable, self bailing and stable. What more could you ask for? With a built in keel for tracking and generous shoulders for stability, the Fiji can now do almost everythiing. The Fiji is light, easy to store, easy to transport and takes on surf, easy rivers and flat water. This is the kayak to bring along on any trip that takes your fancy.

Our Sit on Tops are stackable and self bailing. The Fiji stands for big time fun on the lake or in the surf, especially for smaller and lighter paddlers. The compact all round kayak that is easy to use for anyone from four feet to six feet tall thanks to the adjustable seat mount. Ideal for short trips and general purpose use on lake, sea and river.

Four rod holders and plenty of storage areas make it a popular fishing choice. Includes two mirage drive systems, two paddles and rudder system. A host of fishing accessories are also available.

rodmasters swap meet 2012

The Adventure is also available as the Adventure Island Trimaran for as much fun as you can handle. Unlike any other craft on the water the Adventure Island offers uncompromising speed and power under sail with superb stability provided by the outrigger arms. Designed by the Hobie cat design team this kayak also comes with the Mirage drive system plus all the hardware to turn it into a sailing machine.

Using the Hobie Mirage Drive is simple, fun and efficient. Alternating pedal steps drive two underwater fins that work much like a Penguins flippers propelling the Mirage with surprising speed and ease. With minimum effort, coming up to plane and reaching top speed are easy.

The magic is in the drive pattern. With each step the Mirage drive flippers flex and take the shape of a propeller blade, then reverse this shape on the alternating step. Unlike the complete revolution of a traditional propeller this sweeping action allows the Mirage drive to utillise large powerful blades in a shallower configuration. It is easy to propel the boat through the shallowest of water and the blades can even be tucked up against the hull for beach landings.

Steering is no problem too with the finger touch control rudder located within arms reach for precise easy tracking and steering. The speed of the Revolution will get you to the best spots quicker and the unrivalled comfort and cockpit layout as well as superb stability make this the most popular choice for fishing from.

It is stable and sleek with plenty of room for gear. It can also be paddled solo too. The thrill of sailing a Trimaran in a package that lets you pedal, paddle or sail, very stable, the ideal craft whatever the conditions. New for a Tandem Adventure Island is available. Available in x-small, small, medium and large. Powerful enough for map reading at night or as marker. The whole reason the kayak was invented was to allow people to provide for their families by hunting and catching the bounty of the sea and not merely as toys to mess about with in the waves, but now we have the best of both worlds.

A kayak can get you to more places in your local areas than any other craft. You can get to known and unknown fishing hot spots, that shore-based anglers can only dream of.

Sit-on-top kayaks are perfectly suited to fishing because of the available open deck space and the cargo well. Also they can be used by people with little or no experience in kayaking. However, some basic coaching and advice from others and clubs will make your time on the water more enjoyable and safer. Please follow our simple steps to being safe at sea. Getting some help and advice or even attending a formal course is highly recommended 2. Always wear a buoyancy aid pfd 3.

Never kayak alone 4. Have the right kit know how to use your kit 5. Let someone know where you are going and what time you expect to be back The following is guide to the minimum basic safety kit that should be carried at sea, even on short trips out.

A great wealth of articles and advice is available online. The following websites and forums are all worth a look: Sit-on-tops are perfectly suited to fishing because of their stability, either when moving or when stationary.

Most kayaks you see here are for use on flat water, sheltered bays, estuaries, canals, lakes and moving water up to Grade 2. By all means read reviews, get advice, research on forums, etc. The best ways to choose is either to have a go at a local club or forum meet or at the very least visit us to touch, feel, sit on, etc. What makes a kayak a good fishing kayak? Fishermen often have needs that may be different than someone who is out strictly to paddle.

Some of the basic features that fishermen prefer in a kayak are stability, storage, and enough flat surfaces to bolt on fishing extras such as rod holders and depth finders. Performance and manoeuvrability, while important to many, may not be the primary factors in choosing your first fishing kayak.

Start your decision process by answering some basic questions which will help you narrow down the kayak models that are most appropriate for you. What are your height, weight, inseam measurements and general condition? In fact, this will make your decision easier because finding the right kayak will be more a matter of finding one that handles your size and weight more than anything else.

Look for kayaks with lots of leg room and a weight capacity that will handle you and your gear. As you read on, consider the different factors and consider them whilst making your choice. What type of fisherman are you? Are you strictly a catch and release fisherman, do you like to take the occasional meal home, or are you regularly taking fish home?

Where are you going to store your catch? Is there room in the kayak you have selected? General design characteristics Speed: Generally, the longer and narrower a kayak the faster it is.

Speed is only important if you need it. A long fast touring kayak will be more difficult to use in these situations and might take away from your overall fishing experience. A shorter kayak will suit you better in these types of environments. The sit on kayaks we sell are all very stable. Some however are more stable than others when loaded or in certain conditions. The stability is down to the combined factors of width and hull shape. Fishermen tend to take a lot of gear with them.

Organizing this gear requires the kayak that you have chosen to have adequate storage. SOT kayaks have a double hull which means there is a lot of potential storage below the deck. Depending on your needs this may be very important to you. Maybe you plan on camping or making long journeys in your kayak. This large relatively dry storage area may appeal to you.

If you plan on launching your kayak through the surf this space will allow you to stow rods bellow deck which will keep them safe while you pass through the surf zone. Then there is no reason why you cannot enjoy paddling virtually all year round. Can be used as a spacious solo angling model or as a traditional tandem when you want to take a friend or partner.

Also roomy enough for a child plus 2 adults. Stable and easy to manoeuvre, with a high seat well to keep you dry. Features seat, bungee storage, large bow hatch, moulded-in cup holder, paddle keepers, two flush-mounted rod holders and small tackle box. The larger 14 and 15 have optimal speed, hull efficiency and wave-handling ability, for longer distances. Plenty of storage space and a new drainage system for a drier ride.

Features comfortable seat back, oversized tank well with bungee, large bow hatch with battery storage, adjustable foot pedals, moulded-in cup holder, paddle keepers. Perfect for anglers who are looking for maneuverability over covering long distances. Features a bow hatch, large tank well and roomy cockpit.

The adjustable foot braces fit most leg lengths and allow you to ride with ease. Sleek, efficient and stealthy on the water. Makes it easy to get to your favorite fishing spot. Handles swell and surf well. Fishing Sit on Tops20 Please also see Hobie kayaks range on P15 which are all outfitted and designed to maximise your kayak fishing experiences.

Fishing Sit on Tops 21 Length 4. An easy paddling, efficient tracking hull cuts through chop and swell with ease. Available in 11, 12 and 14, regular and Angler versions, and features DVC seating.

Native Manta Ray 11 Angler shown Length 4. A dry ride, loads of storage space and a smooth upswept bow and fast hull make the new Tarpon glide with ease. Innovative new hatch systems and the slide trax accessory clip in system allow easy installation of accessories. Superb comfort and adjustability on footrest and seat system. Unrivalled storage space and the multitude of fishing features placed within easy reach.

To allow freer movement in the cockpit and for stand-up casting there is a flat section in front of the seat. Perception Catch Your size and weight will have some bearing on what kayak will fit you best. Also you may need to choose between a closed cockpit, kayak or an open cockpit, favoured by those who prefer a less confined kayak.

Some designs are slightly more biased to flat water touring, or to pottering about. Others are suited to introductory moving water use. Kayaks in this section are often the first choice for many newcomers to the sport or for groups and organisations offering a taste of the sport to its participants.

They are ideal if you are not sure which area of kayaking you want to specialise in yet. They are very affordable, easy to use and can often be traded in or sold on easily when you wish to opt for a more specialised design.

Most kayaks you see here are for use on flat water, sheltered bays and estuaries, canals, lakes and moving water up to Grade 2. Most modern General Purpose kayaks are made out of rotomoulded plastic. Very tough and maintenance -free plastic will give years of trouble free pleasure.

In the unlikely event of damage plastic can often be repaired General purpose kayak Suitable for learning strokes, flat water, school and centre use and introductions to moving water. These kayaks are usually around 2. Recreational touring kayak Suitable for flat water, touring, longer distances, canals, lakes, coastal, sea, flat rivers.

These kayaks are usually over 3 m in length and have a larger cockpit for easy access and exit, often with extra storage and a displacement hull. Buoyancy Bags Extra buoyancy prevents your kayak completely filling with water should you capsize, making it lighter and easier to empty.

See p79 Helmet Protects your head from rocks, paddles, etc. See p91 Wetsuit keeps you warm when wet. See p94 Wetsuit Boots keep your feet warm and protected. See p90 Buoyancy Aid Essential for any water use. Helps keep you afloat when in the water. See p73 Paddle For moving your boat around! Very responsive, the Sierra is ideal if you want to explore canals, rivers and lakes. The expedition version features an easy seal hatch and bulkhead storage compartment.

Sierra Standard, Vista Standard and Vista Expedition A great general purpose kayak suitable for introductory moving water. Soft forgiving lines make it easy to paddle. It tracks well but is also manoeuvrable enough for moving water.

The Arc suits medium to large sized paddlers while the Sparc suits small to medium paddlers. Good speed to make the moves but carves like a dream on the turn. Great tracking in a straight line with an over sized cockpit to help fill newcomers with confidence. Large easy seal hatch and bulkhead compartment. Easy to paddle, tracks well in a straight line and is ideal for trips along canals, calm rivers and lakes. Flat hulls, low volume ends and centralised buoyancy.

The Infrared is suitable for small to medium sized paddlers and the Redline for medium to large paddlers.

Brookbank Catalogue 2010

Club shown Pro spec shown The RPM has a traditional rounded displacement hull design for a responsive feel. Available in a basic club version for general purpose and group use or the legend spec for introductory moving water use.

Ideal for newcomers wanting to explore local lakes, canals, calm rivers or sheltered bays.

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Large easy access cockpit and a stable, easy to paddle straight hull design. Also features a large, retractable skeg to help directional control. No storage hatch or bulkhead fitted to club spec. Easy to roll, room for kit and just enough edges for precise control. These are great for all round use. Very easy to turn and control and great fun for use on moving water up to Grade 2.

Supplied in standard spec, or with addition of fitted thigh braces. A sculptured bow cuts easily through the water and the keel shaped stern helps keep the boat online. A fantastic entry level general purpose touring kayak. Ideal for exploring lakes, canals, calm rivers and estuaries. Includes rear storage hatch and bulkhead and retractable skeg to help with directional control. A very light, portable and easy to handle kayak ideal for newcomers.

A hybrid kayak enabling the user to explore local lakes, canals, calm rivers, sheltered bays and introductory moving water. Large easy access cockpit and a stable, easy to paddle straight hull design also features a retractable skeg to help directional control. Rear storage hatch and bulkhead fitted for stowing kit. Easy access cockpit and an easy to paddle straight hull design also features a retractable skeg to help directional control. Large rear storage compartment for gear.

The Waikiki has a uniquely shaped hull for maximum stability and precise forward tracking. The included skeg can be positioned down to increase directional speed, or up to make the boat more reactive. Ideal for small to medium sized adults.

Comes with keeper sliding footrests Length 3. They feature a large easy access cockpits, notch footrests and end handles. Great for flat and moving water up to Grade 2. Cyphur suits medium to large paddlers. Conquest suits smaller paddlers. Basic S features notch sharks teeth footrest, backrest, end handles, drain bung.

Basic is as above with an upgrade of a full plate footrest instead of notch sharks teeth. The XP features an integral skeg which when deployed offers superb tracking but with the skeg tucked away the XP offers the agility needed to excel on white water.

rodmasters swap meet 2012

Fitted with a large watertight hatch for carrying kit. Able to take a wide range of sizes the Xile is available in 2 specifications and represents great value. A planing hull, with with forgiving edges and excellent comfort and adjustability.

General Purpose Kayaks26 Cruising slowly along quiet backwaters and lazy rivers, exploring our lakes, lochs and sheltered estuaries or exploring our vastly interesting coastline is all about personal discovery at your own pace. The kayak is probably the only type of craft able to access some of these beautiful areas. It is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to spend time as well as being easy to use. We believe that your kayak and equipment choice are essential to getting the most out of your leisure time so we have gathered together a comprehensive range of kayaks and accessories along with our experience and knowledge to guide you through making an informed choice.

Our touring department is larger than most other kayaking outlets alone so you can be sure of getting the best equipment for your needs. Short Touring Kayaks Listed in the previous section, these are ideal for most inland touring uses and sheltered short coastal recreational paddling. These are made of plastic and are short and wide for ease of use by those with limited experience.

Kayaks in this category are generally 9 to12 feet in length. Intermediate Touring Kayaks Shorter than sea kayaks but longer than the inland short tourers and are available in a variety of sizes. These are ideal for people who may be paddling on both the sea and on large lakes, calm rivers, canals and estuaries. - Shop Locally in North Ogden, Utah

They offer many of the features found on sea kayaks but are slightly wider and shorter making them a good compromise on straight line performance and turning ability.

Most models in this category are made of plastic. Touring kayaks in this category are generally 12 to 15 feet in length.

rodmasters swap meet 2012

Choosing a touring kayak can seem like a bewildering task but we can help you narrow down the choice quite easily by identifying which category of kayak you are most likely to need.

Sea Kayaks Generally long, narrow and designed with paddling performance and efficiency in mind. Many days worth of kit can be carried in the storage compartments and this class of kayak will usually be chosen by intermediate to more experienced paddlers or those looking at undertaking open crossings and longer trips or more challenging day trips.

Available in both plastic and fibreglass constructions.

rodmasters swap meet 2012

Sea kayaks in this category are generally 15 to 18 feet in length. Long narrow designs are better suited to longer distance paddling in a variety of conditions. What is your budget? Where do you intend to use your kayak most? Here are the basic features and their names found on all types of touring kayak although these can vary between models.

Composite Touring Kayaks Fibreglass is used less often in the introductory to intermediate level of kayaks but is still the preferred material for the sea kayaking enthusiast due to its slightly lighter weight, stiffness and the ability to produce certain performance orientated designs into the hull.

Fibreglass kayaks are much more time consuming and therefore more expensive to produce than plastic kayaks as each one is made by hand. Owners of composite sea kayaks will always appreciate better performance, pleasing aesthetics and can often benefit from the kayak being custom made. They do however require more care when landing and launching and potentially more looking after.

Plastic Touring Kayaks Rotomoulded polyethylene plastic is by far the most commonly used material due to its lower price and durability. Plastic powder is placed into a mould which is then heated in a giant oven whilst being rotated in all directions.

This classic is covered with chrome all in the right places. The correct side trim is still in place along with all the trim on the hood.

The grill is beautifully done with only the center section being chromed out. The headlight bezels and taillight bezels are beautifully done and look perfect. The car has a split window in rear and up front with the correct trim. This car truly is amazing. On the rear bumper the Ford logo is custom cut out with a third brake light being mounted behind. That type of custom touch and attention to detail is what really raises this car to the next level.

This street rod has an awesome stance and rides on American Racing Rodmaster wheels with custom V8 knock offs. The car is a driver but as you can in the picture below everything is very cleanly done.

Every component is nicely painted and mounted in place. Getting this custom down the road is one of the nicest finished out V8 motors out there.

It is topped with tons of chrome with all the top components. These may not be Ford motors but when it comes to having plenty of power with some reliability there is nothing better. Every little component on the engine is shining and in great condition.

The finned valve covers look awesome in place and match the air cleaner nicely. The billet AC compressor and alternator utilize tall mounts that have been polished out like a mirror.

This gives the motor a cool look while allowing it to nicely fit under the hood. All of the lines and hoses on this machine is nicely mounted and routed for a clean look. Up front you will find a brushed aluminum style bezel that looks really cool next to the polished brass radiator. This car mixes old school and newage custom everywhere you look.

Mounted up to the engine is a R4 automatic transmission that shifts nice and smooth. The suspension on this car is solid and utilize a 9" Ford rear end with a drop axle up front. Other nice luxuries this car offers is the power steering and power brake system drums in rear. The interior on this car is just as nicely done as the rest. It is finished out in Burgundy and White leather that is in great condition.

The Mercedes loop carpet is like new and looks perfect in this car. The split bench seat is very comfortable and are easily adjustable.