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Roommates Season 2 Jackson and Seo Kang Jun // relationship goals .. MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon, Park Bom, and model/fashion designed Lee So Ra. . I imagine all asian guys just starting eat rice for every meal. . Jackson WangMark JacksonGot7 JacksonBambamYoungjaeKim YugyeomHajaMarksonJinyoung Meet. I'm sorry this is so adorable that I couldn't stop smiling like a creep while watching this he's so cute. Got7 Jackson meets Ga Yeon - Roommate. Explore Style.k 키키's board "Roommate 룸메이트~❤" on Pinterest. | See more Park Bom and Actor Park Min Woo Take A Series of “Roommate” Selfies. Find this . Roommate' Kang Joon, Young Ji, & Jackson Take A Picture Together . Song Ga Yeon #Roommate Roommate Season 1, Park Min Woo, No Min Woo.

I guess the student is not the master yet. The three check out the house… aw I see Cucumber has a buddy, Sunny. Yay, for a woman who can stand her ground in the kitchen. The rest of the gang arrive. Jackson makes note that he is really scared of Nana. Jackson has some impressive hoops shot as he shows Guk Joo and Guk Joo shows her boxing skills.

Jong Ok arrives on her own and Jackson, bless his heart as if she is a man or woman? After the stage of awkwardness, they jump right into doing stuff. Jong Ok calls out Nana on using instant rice to make the rice rolls, which she totally did, but back up Guk Joo and Sunny covered for her. They get to know each other.

Jackson shows his mad martial art skills: Yay, the new Song Ga Yeon. Joon Hyung and Jong Ok are the oldest cast in the house…and not awkward around each other. The roommates are now set to know who each will be rooming with.

Please, let this be a love line. He knows how to sword fight.

Song Ga Yeon cuts @Roommate part 1 [eng]

Jackson hates his room. So he thinks that the roommates will play a game of roomo-changeo. Sooner than later, Jackson gets bored as he still assumes that people would want to switch rooms with him. Yea, but it does look like he fit in just right with his new roomie. Sunny and Guk Joo leave for their afternoon schedule. Se ho tells bored Jackson to do the dishes…yep, you will work Jackson. Already, Dong Wook looks like he will have to be weary of this newbie.

Dong Wook is perplexed about his room arrangement; it looks like the boys like in a hostel. Some roomies already left for their schedule, so Noona Jong Ok and the rest went out for dinner; the dinner buddies. Kang Joon is finally home as already dreads his room; this was his old room in season 1. Oh, but he is not home alone. Before we forget, there is one more roommate arriving. She came with quirks and skills.

For instance, she is told not to laugh a lot so now she laughs without sound coming out of her mouth and she sleeps with her eyes open. Sunny notices that Kang Joon and Young Ji are already getting acquainted and she wonders if she came too early. Wow, the whole senior and junior colleague in the entertainment business is no joke. Young Ji tries to tell Sunny to come down to come eat marinated intestines that Ryohei told them they could take from.

She gets all nervous and tongue tied around Sunny, whom I think notices. The dinner buddies play rock, paper, scissors to see who pays for dinner. She is a pro with her knife skiils in chopping off the slimy bugger and she is not afraid to show her homemade skills.

Good for you, you rising idol. Everyone meet up to talk about the house responsibilities and contribution as well as prepare for their self-intro…you know, their likes and what not so that they know each other a little bit better.

Jackson arrives just in time, but before he can participate, he still brings up the topic of choosing a room. Suki Suki now, I smell love line. After changing, Ga Yeon continues to nervously wait for her turn. While on standby, Ga Yeon finally comes face to face with her opponent. Emi is called up first to weigh in. She passes, weighing in at Ga Yeon is called up next. She gets on the scale, but then gets off. They announce that Ga Yeon is grams over the accepted weight.

The captions read that grams is about the weight of her clothes and that female fighters usually strip down when being weighed.

It is announced that they will weigh Ga Yeon again in 1 hour. Not wanting to wait, Ga Yeon removes her clothes as some of the ring girls hold up a large towel to cover her.

She gets back on the scale and weighs in at In her interview, she explains that it wasn't the time to worry about what others would think, instead she was more concerned with making weight to compete in the fight.

As soon as she stepped off stage, Ga Yeon chugs down some water and exclaims she feels better. Now in the clear, Ga Yeon can finally eat. But that doesn't stop her teammates from being strict on her. They tell her she could eat a little bit at a time, but she couldn't eat right at that moment. Ga Yeon seems very excited as she is given watermelon juice, but another teammate takes it away from her.

She is given some honey water instead, but she doesn't seem to mind. Her spirits are up as she says she can be normal again.

Ga Yeon asks if she can eat yet. Her teammate informs her only 5 minutes have passed and gives her coconut water to drink instead.

She asks about the watermelon juice, but is denied. Not only that, he also gives the drink away.

‘Roommate’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap (It’s Okay, Roommate)

After it is over, Ga Yeon rushes into a car. Inside the car, one teammate who also has a fight starts talking about watermelon juice. Hilariously, Ga Yeon tells him she packed some watermelon and proceeds to show him. It is cute to see both them excited about watermelon.

During their way to the next destination, all Ga Yeon can talk about is food. Back at the roommate house, everyone is in the kitchen preparing dinner for Ga Yeon. Ga Yeon and her teammate are at the hospital to get replenished through an IV treatment. Another teammate explains that eating alone won't mean they are getting the nutrients they need, which is what the IV is for. While getting her treatment, Ga Yeon finally gets to eat. She starts introducing the other fighters. She comments that it is nice that they are all competing or else she would be eating alone right now.

Their coach starts talking about each of their opponents. For the other guys, it is like they are going against the best from other countries. In Ga Yeon's case, both have only seen fighting through amateur footage not from official fights. He explains that her opponent trains at a famous gym in Japan. From his past with competing with opponents from this gym, he knows that their fighting style is aggressive and relentless.

With this knowledge, they prepared for this style. The mood is good as her teammates say good things about Ga Yeon's upcoming match, commenting that her victory is a given. Her coach hassles her about not wearing socks again.

One by one, her teammates show that they aren't wearing socks either. Reluctantly, the coach shows that he wasn't wearing socks either. Embarrassed, he tries to turn things around saying she is a woman implying that she should be wearing socks while they are men implying that it isn't necessary for them. A teammate defends her, saying she isn't like other women. At the share house, Nana and Soo Hyun are watching a dance practice video for Orange Caramel's latest song.

The group gathers together as Nana teaches them the steps so they can perform it later when Ga Yeon arrives. They plan it out that they will give her a cheer before proceeding to perform the dance in a line going around the living room.

They practice it once and Dong Wook becomes addicted to the dance. The doorbells rings and they check through the screen to see that it is Ga Yeon. They are frantic as they get in place. Dong Wook answers the door and asks who it is. Ga Yeon says it is the maknae youngest. Dong Wook jokes that they don't have a maknae here. Ga Yeon is let in and they become frantic again when they realize they don't have the music ready.

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So Soo Hyun tells them to lock the door. Once prepared, they unlock the door and Ga Yeon enters. They give her a cheer before dancing around the living room.

Ga Yeon is confused by their action and they tell her to stay where she is. After the dance, they each say a word of encouragement to her. It all goes as plan. They even guessed right that Min Woo would get punched when he went in for a hug. They top it all off by telling Ga Yeon they love her.

At the dinner table, Soo Hyun starts things off with her caprese salad. Nana and Soo Hyun express their concern for Ga Yeon as she looks tired. Ga Yeon tries to assure them it was just because she didn't sleep well the night before. Dong Wook jokes that he would win if he and Ga Yeon were to fight right now since she seems tired. Ga Yeon fires back that she has a lot of fighting spirit. The next dish is Kang Joon's octopus soup. Kang Joon explains how octopus restores energy.

Still concerned, Nana asks Ga Yeon how much sleep she got. Ga Yeon says she only got 30 minutes of sleep. Soo Hyun orders her to immediately go to sleep after eating. Just then the brownies are done. Nana and Min Woo check on the brownies made in the rice cooker, but it isn't exactly done.

Dong Wook asks if they aren't going to have rice since they used the rice cooker to make the brownies. Soo Hyun jokes that brownies go well with octopus soup. Nana rejoins Ga Yeon at the table and Ga Yeon asks if she really made it. Nana tells her she knew Ga Yeon would want something sweet. Ga Yeon is eating away, complimenting how good the food is. Everyone is relieved and glad that she is eating well. Now that everyone is at the table, Sung Woo encourages Ga Yeon, telling her to stay cool and win.

The roommates ask if it is okay for them to go to her match to cheer her on. Ga Yeon tells them of course they could come. Dong Wook asks if she has a strategy. She answers that she doesn't and will just go on her instincts. The roommates are impressed and Dong Wook jokingly asks if it is like when she hits Min Woo. Going along with it, Min Woo tells he she'll win like that. Ga Yeon assures them it will all go well if she doesn't get nervous.

They start talking about her opponent. Ga Yeon has heard the comments about how others viewed her opponent as "easy" since they believe Ga Yeon is a born fighter as opposed to her opponent who has been training for 4 years. She doesn't take their words to heart and just wants to go out there to prove herself instead.

She wonders how she'll fight since this will be her first fight will she go on instinct or fight calmly, using the skills she learned? The last dish of the night are Min Woo and Nana's brownies. Ga Yeon takes one taste and compliments them, saying it is really good. She describes the taste as intense and talks about the texture of it. After dessert, everyone notices how tired she is. They tell her to go back to her dorm to rest.

Dong Wook goes in to give her a hug, but he gets a punch instead. He asks for a real hug afterwards. Everyone escorts her out to her car and say their goodbyes.

After she leaves, Nana sadly comments that it must be hard for Ga Yeon. The day has finally arrived. Ga Yeon arrives to the site of the fight 5 hours prior to the event. In her interview, she shares that although everyone around her is nervous, she isn't and instead feels happy.

The roommates are on their way to the site as well. In each car, they are listening to songs to get their spirits up. Sung Woo explains that the lyrics are about not letting the world get you down. The roommates arrive backstage with Mr.

Hong came as promised and gives Ga Yeon some words of encouragement.

GOT7’s Jackson Gets Too Shy When He Met His Ideal Girl Song Ga Yeon

He also brings her some good energy, his championship belt. The event starts and all fighters go on stage during the introduction. Afterwards, Ga Yeon goes backstage to stretch and prepare while the other matches are going on. In contrast, her opponent is practicing her boxing. Ga Yeon's teammate has his match and wins. As time goes by, Ga Yeon appears nervous.

Another teammate has his fight, but unfortunately loses. The time has come. As Ga Yeon's name is announced, her teammates loudly cheer her on. As she makes her way to the cage, she earns more cheers from the crowd and her roommates, some of whom were crying.

ROOMMATE Episode 17

In their interviews, Dong Wook and Se Ho couldn't pinpoint exactly why they cried. Se Ho tries to explain by saying it was because he was proud of her as he sees her as his younger sister.

Her teammates are yelling out their advice. The roommates are watching nervously. In her interview, Ga Yeon shares that she realized her opponent was left handed early on. After circling around the ring, Ga Yeon charges forward and starts attacking by punching with her right hand thus blocking opponent's left side.

On the floor, Ga Yeon is on top of her opponent, punching away. Dong Wook comments that she is doing so well, but he stand to watch. The others seem to feel the same way although they see she is doing well, they can't help but be nervous and worried.