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Elizabeth Gilbert is very good on this in her book Big Magic. She explains . Or go to events at festivals and see how other writers do it. Learn from . And she really loves children's/YA literature too – always a bonus!' Let's hear I have met Julia and she is a funny and smart woman who knows her onions. On that initial encounter in a Dalkey pub, Sarah Webb says she "I was just 25 when I had Sam and I was in my late 20s when I met Ben," Sarah says. a year and when he returned to Ireland the couple decided to move in. Move. Ropeadope's. Jazzanova. Ahead. APRIL 13 Billboard HOT DANCE THE MIX: Grammy Award-winning DJ/remixer Peter Rauhofer has been keeping extra On July 9, the label will issue Meat Katie's beat-mixed Beyond the Darkness. . You"), and longtime D'lnfluence muse Sarah Anne Webb ("Show Me Love").

I think they just did a really good job in terms of the marketing and capturing the zeitgeist. Grayson Perry had won the Turner Prize in and everyone was re-evaluating craft. For reasons many and various — the conceptual high jinx of Brit Art, retail concepts relentlessly rolled out everywhere in the same way, a new flattened earth — there seemed to be a new demand, certainly interest in the one-off, the hand-worked, the — if not rough to the touch, then at least tactile.

Myerscough made her move.

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I was overwhelmed by the possibilities and the different techniques. But no one had really collected wood here, it was a very niche specialism. That kind of changed everything, because the way he worked really struck a chord with my feeling about craft. There were these clean, simple forms but ambitious, sophisticated and beautifully made. All of those things I completely identified with so it was lovely to represent him.

Sarah Anne Webb

So from a commercial point of view, it was difficult to know how to move forward. That was when I decided to look at contemporary handcrafted furniture. She has developed — and is happy with — a unique position in relation to contemporary and more conceptual design; engaged but at a certain distance, and with a determination to stick to certain principles.

It is about a certain aesthetic and about tactility and use of materials. She represents Peter Marigold and David Gates and Helen Garnac, makers who ask you to work a little harder to see beauty in their pieces. One of her makers, Gareth Neal, has built his reputation on combining computer-aided design and CNC milling with other craft processes. So you bring that tradition together with his kind of conceptual design.

For me that is what this is all about, marrying those things. He is doing another project with them, a forest of cabinets made of all these different Japanese woods — all cleft wood.

sarah anne webb keep moving forward meet

He was wonderful to work with. They look so fragile but there are steel rods all the way through, which means they are incredibly robust. They look really uncomfortable but sit perfectly in harmony with your form. And that is why that engagement with art and design is so interesting, I think: I do think more needs to be done to inspire a generation of students to get involved with it and take up these processes that are dying out, in terms of ceramics and wood and glass.

Of course it is part of their marketing, but it also great for contemporary craft. And Peter Marigold has been shortlisted for the Radio 4 prize. I always feel very privileged to be in such great company.

sarah anne webb keep moving forward meet

Who were your role models when you were growing up? How important are role models to young women? I actually came quite late to science.

As a child I was a total bookworm I still am! I think my earliest role models were probably fictional characters in the books I loved: I think role models are very important to young women, and I think inspiration and mentorship can come from many places. Some of the most valuable career advice I received particularly as a young scientist was from male colleagues and friends; only later in my career, when I became more sensitive to the particular challenges women face in STEM careers, did I seek out strong female mentorship and advice.

sarah anne webb keep moving forward meet

Men can be excellent allies and mentors, but there are aspects of being a woman in science or engineering that I think only other women can fully relate to. I particularly admire those colleagues who are fantastic scientists, but also generous with their time and ideas for students, not ego-driven and honest in their work. I would tell myself not to worry about fitting in, looking the right way, or being liked — instead learn, read, be curious, be passionate, and be kind to yourself and to others.

If you had one piece of advice for your year-old self, what would it be? I would mostly go back to reassure my year old self that everything was going to work out fine!

I would probably also tell myself not to worry about fitting in, looking the right way, or being liked — instead learn, read, be curious, be passionate, and be kind to yourself and to others.