Second semester seniors meet

7 Things Only Second Semester Seniors Can Understand Teen

second semester seniors meet

(And if you are a senior, don't worry -- it's never too late to start doing any of these things!) "I didn't meet enough people." School is one of the. 22 Things Only Second-Semester Seniors Understand You realize you've completely run out of new dating prospects, making recycled. Being a second semester senior is hard. Not only do you have to work hard in classes, but you also feel the pressure to get your life together.

First Semester of senior year vs second semester

You start drinking out of glasses instead of Solo cups and bottles instead of cans, and you've replaced those nightly Red Bulls with home-brewed green tea. You have a tough time believing that those prepubescent children on tours of your campus are seniors in high school.

You're on a first-name basis with the college bartenders and bouncers.

second semester seniors meet

You suddenly feel creepy, old and out-of-place at frat parties. You've procrastinated so much, you have literally run out of people to stalk on Facebook and Twitter. The outcome on your BuzzFeed quiz is far more important to you than the grade on your econ midterm.

Roommate just got dumped?

second semester seniors meet

First date with your Tinder crush? Parents in town for the weekend?

second semester seniors meet

You may be at a fancy Italian restaurant You realize you've completely run out of new dating prospects, making recycled hook-ups socially acceptable. Weekend binge drinking with friends has been replaced with weekend binge watching "House of Cards. Instead of going for that sixth shot of vodka at the birthday party, you grab a sixth slice of cake. You figure you have the rest of your life to work, so you have to make the most of what's left of your college career.

You spend as little time on campus as possible.

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All of your classes are in the same building. Cooking is a thing of the past: Jimmy John's has your number and address in their system. You start to feel past your prime. Dancing with friends at clubs has turned from this… …to this.

second semester seniors meet

You pretend not to make eye contact with your roommates when they catch you having a drink in the middle of the day. They don't really care, anyways Studying has turned into this You celebrate when you pass a test without even touching the textbook.

22 Things Only Second-Semester Seniors Understand

Every time someone mentions graduation at the bar You are starting to run out of costumes for theme parties. When the bar begins to overflow with obnoxiously drunk underclassmen and their fake IDs, you're like: Your class schedule does not involve anything before 11 a. When midterms and finals roll around, you get extra dramatic about having to say goodbye to your social life.

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On that note, your social life is sitting on the very fine line between wanting to go the bars every night and locking yourself away from society to watch endless amounts of Netflix. Your friends literally have to coach you through going to class every single day.

You become emotionally unstable after seeing Facebook status updates about new internships, jobs, engagements, babies and promotions. When people ask if you're excited to finally be graduating, you pretend to act ecstatic to hide your complete sense of panic.

second semester seniors meet