Shanks meet ben beckmann

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shanks meet ben beckmann

I believe Shanks offered some kind of deal to make Kaido change his . in the manga where Beckman is shown to go towards Shanks to meet. We've seen Marco, and Katakuri, who are both Admiral Level at least. So going by that, Ben Beckmann should also be someone of the same. Shanks is the Captain of the Red Hair Pirates, and right now, he's one of the most Ben Beckmann is the first mate of this crew, and he's from Eastblue as well. Infact They met again at Marineford during the Paramount War.

So you want to be better than us huh? Luffy then raise his head with a smile in his face and said to Shanks "Uhmmm…!

shanks meet ben beckmann

For now he only has one job, to stop this bloodthirsty war and clean all this mess up. How dare you interfering our business! What business do you have in here, Akagami?

Benn Beckman

The truth is He really can't control his emotion after he looks at Luffy lifeless body, but for the sake of the Whitebeard Pirates and other Marines, he suppressed his personal feelings.

From the Marines side they just speechless, didn't know what they're going to do after Shanks statement.

shanks meet ben beckmann

On Whitebeard Pirates they're speechless too but some of them cries because of Whitebeard extreme injuries and Ace little brother die horribly right in front of their face. The silence is broken by Shanks because he still have things to said "Luffy's body, you will not take him.

Leave his body to me for proper burial" "What are you talking Akagami! Also he wanted to end the war because the casualties of both side is many and the war is really brutal "Fine Akagami, you may take Mugiwara no Luffy body.

shanks meet ben beckmann

Meanwhile I will take the responsibility of this war" Sengoku said "You have my gratitude, Fleet Admiral" Sengoku then turn into the all marines left and he shout to them "You all who still standing, tend the wounded.

All of you let's go! I'm so worried about you" Vista worrying about his "Father" injuries "Gurarara… Don't worry about me Vista. Physical injuries can be healed but if one of my sons is injured my mental injury is hard to heal. He come to him and talks to him "Ace… it's inevitable.

Your cry can't make Luffy alive again" Shanks put his hand on Ace shoulder "It's all my fault. If only I didn't chase Teach, I won't get captured and Luffy won't died" Ace said with broken voice "Don't worry Ace at least Luffy didn't die in vain.

shanks meet ben beckmann

Just look at his face" Shanks said with little smile on his face Ace then opens the coat which Shanks used to cover Luffy body. He saw Luffy face is smiling with blood around his lips and forehead. Ace starting to cry more because he has flashback of Akainu hit Luffy and the moment after Luffy dead. He really blamed himself, because of his selfishness his "father" is heavily injured, all of the Whitebeard Pirates fight to death just to rescue him and more importantly his little brother was killed right in front of his eyes.

This is all my fault" Ace said with a tear from his eyes Shanks then give back the Mugiwara hat to Ace. Ace confused by Shanks action. It's belongs to Luffy now and since he's dead, I think you're the one who should have this hat" "But…" "I'm sure Luffy's Nakama really want to see this Mugiwara hat because this hat will always remind them of their captain" After Shanks word, Ace take the Mugiwara hat and he put it on his head so it always remind him of Luffy then he cover back Luffy body with Shanks coat.

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Then as we all know Gear Fourth uses ridiculous amount of Haki which is the main reason Luffy passed out as the previous fights and his right with Doffy had drained all of the energy out of his body thus leaving him motionless. If Luffy hadn't passed out when he did, he only required one final King Kong Gun to finish off Doffy.

Higher Bounty Equals Higher Power.

shanks meet ben beckmann

This one should be pretty self explanatory but I will explain it for those who don't understand the logic behind how the bounty system works. The most relating bounties to my claim would be the bounties of Luffy and Kidd, Kidd has always had a bigger bounty then Luffy but even an idiot would agree that Luffy can leave Kidd laying on his face at anytime so as you can see Strength isn't a factor here. Kidd has been shown to be evil and based on that its a fair assumption he would've caused a lot of Destruction and he also destroyed Big Moms ship so that is more evidence that WG tool notice of how dangerous he is and that he willingly picks up fights unlike Luffy thus they put on a slightly bigger bounty on his head.

Shanks’ First Mate Benn Beckman’s Power and Bounty – Explained!

A recent example would be that Usopp, who even Oda said will always be the weakest of the crew, has a bigger bounty then Sanji, this is purely because the marines witnessed Doffy claim that Usopp was responsible for making him pissed and destroy his years of plan by freeing the slave toys, and since the testimonies from marines also play a part in placing bounties, the higher ups thought of Usopp as more dangerous because of his actions at Dressrosa and since Sanji didn't do anything at Dressrosa, he got less importance from marines even though they know he is more stronger.

And while we are on the subject, I will also make a bold prediction that Shanks' Bounty will be the lowest of all the Yonkous because he has the image of someone who doesn't goes around destroying islands so WG would consider him a smaller threat based on actions compared to other yonkous.

Dragon Has Weather Devil Fruit.

One piece shanks and yasopp

Some of the fans tend to convert hints into facts which is exactly what is happening in this case, while I do agree some things are obvious to tell but there has been no confirmation of Dragon having any DF at all let alone a weather DF. But as I said, there is no confirmation so far and now we also have to take into account that Big Mom also has some weather manipulating abilities so it would be pretty lame if Dragon also has the same abilities and I doubt Oda will give Dragon, one of his most important characters, a previously used power.

The last on this list is probably the most disputed one among any of the myths or misconceptions in One Piece or maybe in any anime. First of all for those who say he is scared, why would he be scared?