Shanks meet mihawk mangatown

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shanks meet mihawk mangatown

Explore Jose Gomez's board "Dracule mihawk" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Shank, One piece anime and Drawings. . Except the fight between Mihawk and Shanks was stated to "shake the Grand Line", meaning it. Explore ayo kast's board "Dracule Mihawk" on Pinterest. Dracule Mihawk Hawkeyes and red hair Shanks One piece Red Hair Shanks, One Piece World.

Other Dracule Mihawk as a woman. Dracule Mihawk's concept art with usual clothes from the anime. Personality Edit Mihawk laughing instead of keeping his normal straight face.


Mihawk is mostly very serious. He rarely smiles, and he has only been seen laughing twice so far. He took the revelation about Luffy being Dragon's son in stride, despite the surprise of those around him.

shanks meet mihawk mangatown

He never unnecessarily reveals emotions on the battlefield, even when something unexpected happens such as Jozu intercepting his flying slash aimed at Whitebeard, or Luffy surviving his onslaught. He displays a sense of honor as he recognizes and respects the swordsman's code and he even permitted Roronoa Zoro the luxury of training at his hand for his dedication and selflessness.

shanks meet mihawk mangatown

He is also unafraid to reference his title of "Greatest Swordsman in the World" in relation to himself, indicating a high level of confidence in his own abilities.

He takes pride in his swordsmanship, believing that a nick on his sword is a blemish to his pride. The ship heads towards the Grand Line.

shanks meet mihawk mangatown

Every pirate with a high bounty in East Blue has been defeated by Monkey D. Brannew shows Luffy's first bounty of 30, The Marines are gathered to make a vow of righteousness and justice in the sea.

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Back to the ship, Luffy is proud of his first bounty poster but Nami is afraid that everybody will try to kill. Usopp is also proud of his captain's bounty poster because the back of his head is shown.

They decide it's time to head for the Grand Line.

shanks meet mihawk mangatown

When Zoro sees an island, Nami informs them it is Loguetown"the city of the beginning and the end", where the legendary Gold Roger was born and executed. While Zoro walks around the town, he sees a girl getting picked on because they cannot fulfill their dream to go to the Grand Line.

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The girl, being a swordswoman, quickly finishes them off but drops her glasses in the process. Zoro is impressed by her skills and helps her find her glasses.

When the girl thanks him, Zoro stares in shock, as she is the splitting image of his long dead friend, Kuina. In the meantime, in an isolated island, Mihawk is looking for someone.

Mihawk informs Shanks about Luffy's first bounty poster and that he remembered a story that he told him once about a kid in a little village.

shanks meet mihawk mangatown

Shanks, eager to meet Luffy again, throws a party to celebrate Luffy's arrival and first bounty.