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Robert Sholto Johnstone Douglas (3 December – 10 March ), known as Sholto . in his journal that on Boxing Day he had lunched with Douglas and his wife at the Hotel Bristol in Cannes to meet the Polish singer Jean de Reszke. Book Second (chapter 12) at the play with Millicent, Hyacinth is approached in an interval by captain sholto, a gentleman whom Hyacinth has met a couple of. She also arranges to meet Sholto in his elite residential neighborhood of Mayfair. In between her home and Mayfair, nearly equidistant from each, is her place of.

The puzzled sons glimpsed a face in the window, but the only trace was a single footstep in the dirt. On their father's body is a note reading "The Sign of Four". Both brothers quarrelled over whether a legacy should be left to Mary Morstan, and Thaddeus left his brother Bartholomew, taking a chaplet and sending its pearls to Mary.

The reason he sent the letter is that Bartholomew has found the treasure and possibly Thaddeus and Mary might confront him for a division of it. Bartholomew is found dead in his home from a poison dart and the treasure is missing. While the police wrongly take Thaddeus in as a suspect, Holmes deduces that there are two persons involved in the murder: He traces them to a boat landing where Small has hired a steam launch named the Aurora.

sholto meet

With the help of dog Toby that he sends Watson to collect from Mr Sherman, the Baker Street Irregulars and his own disguise, Holmes traces the steam launch. In a police steam launch Holmes and Watson chase the Aurora and capture it, but in the process end up killing the "small" companion after he attempts to kill Holmes with a poisoned dart shot from a blow-pipe.

Small tries to escape but is captured. However, the iron treasure box is empty; Small claims to have dumped the treasure over the side during the chase.

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Small confesses that years before he was a soldier of the Third Buffs in India and lost his right leg in a swimming accident to a crocodile. After some time, when he was an overseer on a tea plantationthe Indian Rebellion of occurred and he was forced to flee for his life to the Agra fortress.

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While standing guard one night he was overpowered by two Sikh troopers who gave him a choice of being killed or being an accomplice to waylaying a disguised servant of a Rajah who sent the servant with a valuable fortune in pearls and jewels to the British for safekeeping.

The robbery and murder took place and the crime was discovered, although the jewels were not. Small got penal servitude on the Andaman Islandsand after twenty years he overheard that John Sholto had lost money gambling. Small saw his chance and made a deal with Sholto and Arthur Morstan: Sholto would recover the treasure and in return send a boat to pick up Small and the Sikhs. His involvement with the Sign of the Four pact and the way he chases the treasure are key to the plot. How is Jonathan Small like this?

sholto meet

His appearance is ugly and frightening, suggesting that his character is similarly unpleasant. Calculating Small explains how he took advantage of the fact that Major Sholto was in debt.

Sholto Johnstone Douglas

He promised the Major and Captain Morstan a share of the treasure if they would arrange a boat to rescue him and his comrades. Ruthless He has no concern for other people and uses them to meet his own ends.

sholto meet

In his bid to escape he takes advantage of Tonga's devotion. Instead he ruthlessly abuses the islander's devotion to make his own 'escape'. He kept ponies brought back from a visit to Iceland.

He came to attention at the Royal Academy by being the first artist to hang a painting there of a motor carbut was best known for his portraits and his Scottish landscapeswhich " Semon to take Douglas with him on a visit to New Guinea.

Semon wrote "This young Scotsman was just then staying with his uncle on Thursday Islandbeing on his way back to Europe after a voyage to Australia and New Zealand. Besnard has given us, nor the poetically suggestive beauty of The Sisters by Sholto Douglas, in which a reminiscence of one of Whistler 's lovely Nocturnes is aroused. The International Studio noted that "Mr.

sholto meet

Sholto Johnstone Douglas exhibited a collection of his portraits.