Should we end the relationship

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should we end the relationship

It may seem impossible to end the relationship and keep your partner's dignity intact, but it isn't. First, here are some practical do's and don'ts. Then we'll talk. How to End a Relationship - The Book of Life is the 'brain' of The School of Life, We hesitate to be cold and try to be nice because we are sentimental. It's a tricky question, but here are things a therapist would ask (and they more should i end my relationship should i leave my relationship.

I say this with love: You are going to hurt people, and people are going to hurt you. So do what you know to be right and cut people free when you can't give them what they deserve. And hope to goodness that they do the same for you. You love your family - but you don't always like your family.

You like your next door neighbor, but you don't love them especially when their damn dog barks all day. This is not a personal reference.

Ok, yes it definitely is. So ask yourself, do you like your partner? Do you admire their accomplishments? Do you think they are a good person? Do you like their friends? Are they nice to strangers? Do they tip their waitresses?

10 Reasons to End Your Relationship

Do you brag about them to your family? If you are struggling to come up with concrete things that you like about your partner, that's not a good sign. You need to love AND like your partner. Leslie and Ben style! Life is too long to be with someone you tolerate. They can have a good heart, and still not be the one for you.

should we end the relationship

Give yourself permission to find someone who lights your haystack on fire AND is nice to your mother. But you won't find them, unless you end it.

should we end the relationship

You are putting your life on pause Let's get one thing straight: The goal is to have an independently happy life, find someone who also has an independently happy life, and share your fabulously independent lives together. So if your life is being put on hold because of their choices - that ain't good. It's ok if there is a little give and take. Your relationship responsibilities won't always be evenly distributed.

But you should always be able to pursue your goals, keep moving forward, and build the life you envisioned while you are dating somebody else who ideally is doing the same thing. There's another way of putting this: You can love someone with all your heart, but they just might not be on your same frequency. This might not be their fault. It might not be anyone's fault.

But if you can't ignore the reality that your life isn't progressing the way it should because of this relationship - things aren't going to get any better the longer you wait. You're only going to fall further and further behind on your goals, and in the end, you will resent your partner for the lost time. Don't do that to them. Don't to that to yourself. End the relationship, and keep moving forward. The vast majority of romantic relationships are not meant to last.

How to End a Relationship the Right Way

They are meant to teach you something, offer you some amazing memories, and fade away. Give the relationship the dignity it deserves and put it out of its misery.

Then we'll talk about how to handle your emotions during the break-up. How to End a Relationship in Style Ending a relationship is never going to be pain-free, but here are some very practical ways to lessen the pain: Tell your partner you need to talk to them. Don't let them think that you are planning a nice intimate afternoon, only for them to be hit by a bombshell. Do this as close to the actual date and time as possible.

It's unfair to leave them stewing for longer than necessary. Always end the relationship in person. Phone calls, texts, emails, or getting other people to tell them are unkind and cowardly ways of breaking up, unless you fear violence from your partner.

Make sure you will not be disturbed by interruptions by arranging to break the news in private. If they do become emotional, it can be embarrassing to have any strangers around, even if it's in a quiet park. I for one don't want to hear someone else breaking up again.

Choose a neutral place rather than somewhere you share; perhaps a friend's apartment when they are out. Avoid breaking up with them in a place that has past romantic associations for the two of you.

Avoid ending the relationship during a row or when highly emotional. This just sends the signal that it was said "in the heat of the moment" and perhaps you didn't mean it. By ending the relationship calmly and clearly, you convey you're serious, that it's definitely over. Don't be swayed by their emotional response. If they become upset it may be tempting to try to comfort them or even tell them that you didn't mean it just to stop them from hurting.

Don't send mixed messages. This will make it more painful in the long-term. Avoid blaming your partner or criticizing them. Talk about the relationship as if it is an object outside of you both. The last thing you want is your partner weeping, yelling or calling you names in front of a live audience.

On the other hand, if you are afraid that your partner may react violently, definitely end your relationship in a public setting where you can call for help if necessary. A few other faux pas to avoid: Never break up with someone at work. If you are going to end a relationship with someone, have the courage and the decency to do it face to face. Choose Your Words Carefully Start by letting your partner know how much you value the good parts of your relationship.

Maybe he is a great listener. Maybe he has a killer sense of humor. Some people feel that a relationship is a gauge of their own self-worth. If someone breaks up with them, it is because there is something wrong with them.

You can help ease the blow by telling your partner that you simply do not or no longer feel a connection. This way, you are offering a strong reason for ending the relationship without finding fault with or placing blame on your former partner.

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Most importantly, be clear. The last thing that you want to do is give him false hope that your relationship can work. At this point, it will sound trite and meaningless. If the two of you are able to be friends in the future, only time will tell. Prepare for Backlash Your partner may be so devastated by your break-up that his only recourse is to hurt you in return.

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If your partner starts throwing out verbal and emotional slings and arrows, resist the temptation to fire back. Understand that he is only trying to hurt you because he feels hurt. Be the bigger person and hold your tongue. If you are addressing the situation honestly, without placing blame or judgment on your partner, there is no reason to feel guilty.

You are attempting to end the relationship as painlessly as possible. But the truth is, his feelings will probably be hurt. Just know you are not obligated to take responsibility for his feelings. All you can do is be honest with him and with yourself. In the end, you have to do the right thing.