Slgc meet 2013 gmc

GCEAR2 - Supplement No. 1

slgc meet 2013 gmc

Winter Qualifier Level 4 Blue Age 11 & Up 12/15/ Meet Results 2, 3T, 9, 7T. 8, , Anna Johnson. SLGC. 3. Winter Qualifier Level 3 Blue Age 12 & Up Meet Results . SLGC. 6T, 4, 5, 6, 8. 9, , Sierra Graham. After we break escrow, we expect we will meet our short-term operating was formed on November 20, under the Maryland General Corporation Law.

She served for eight years as a senior executive appointee to advise the Canadian government on the effects of Federal legislation on women and children, while managing two offices in Western Canada. Pat served 10 years as Director of Pathfinders International, providing reproductive health and rights in over 30 countries. Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and has been the sole pro-bono convener since Pat has been guiding the expansion of this network model among 7 countries in Latin America and now 5 countries in East Africa with a focus on peace and security.

Nimalka Fernando Nimalka Fernando of Sri Lanka is a prominent human rights defender, lawyer and activist with over 30 years of peacemaking experience. She is a co-chair of South Asians for Human Rights and the president of the International Movement against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism IMADR — an organization dedicated to eliminating discrimination and racism, forging international solidarity among discriminated minorities, and advancing the international human rights system.

Her vast experience in the development sector and equally important support for press freedom and freedom of expression brought her close to the journalist community and she stood by journalists whenever free press in Pakistan was under attack.

Her quest for knowledge does not end with one degree as she obtained her LLM from Coventry University.

slgc meet 2013 gmc

She is the founding trustee of The Prajnya Trust, a new centre for research and public education on security issues. Swarna received her Ph. In addition, the Dealer Manager will be entitled to an ongoing stockholder servicing fee with respect to Class T shares sold in the Primary Offering. The Company will cease paying the stockholder servicing fee on any Class T share on the earlier of i the date that the aggregate stockholder servicing fee paid equals 5. See Note 5, Related Party Transactions.

As of June 30,the Company engaged only in organizational and offering activities see Note 2, Basis of Presentation and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies - Organizational and Offering Costsand no shares had been sold in the Offering.

Griffin Capital Securities, Inc. The Property Manager will derive substantially all of its income from the property management services it will perform for the Company. The special limited partnership interest in the Operating Partnership entitles the Advisor to certain subordinated distributions as defined in the operating agreement and discussed below in Note 5, Related Party Transactions.

The Operating Partnership will own, directly or indirectly, all of the properties acquired.

slgc meet 2013 gmc

As of June 30,the Company has neither purchased nor contracted to purchase any investments. Certain information and footnote disclosures required for annual financial statements have been condensed or excluded pursuant to SEC rules and regulations.

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Accordingly, the unaudited consolidated balance sheets do not include all of the information and footnotes required by GAAP for complete financial statements. The unaudited consolidated balance sheets include accounts of the Company, the Operating Partnership and the TRS, if applicable.

All significant intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated in consolidation.

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Use of Estimates The preparation of the consolidated balance sheets in conformity with U. GAAP requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the amounts reported in the consolidated balance sheets and accompanying notes. Actual results could materially differ from those estimates.

Cash and Cash Equivalents The Company considers all short-term, highly liquid investments that are readily convertible to cash with a maturity of three months or less at the time of purchase to be cash equivalents. Cash equivalents may include cash and short-term investments.

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Short-term investments are stated at cost, which approximates fair value. The Company maintains its cash accounts with major financial institutions.

slgc meet 2013 gmc

The cash balances consist of business checking accounts.