Sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

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sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

Bending their bodies, mending their senses aiming at ending their minds students from various Sathya Sai institutions battled in the Divine. a world class-Olympic standard indoor stadium, a world class cricket stadium .. In a world full of fierce competition, the Annual Sports Meet bears testimony to in the presence of President of India - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at SSSIHL's 25th Convocation () . Anonymous Tuesday, December 18, am. A state of the art Olympic-standard multi-discipline indoor stadium was inaugurated on 22 . "SSSIHL - Integral Education - Annual Sports & Cultural Meet". .. In , he received the Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievements in Research.

Now I am not able to concentrate on either in my prayer room. What should I do? You will find outside, the poor, the distressed, the afflicted and the diseased brethren of yours, suffering. Serve them and through them you will be serving the Lord Himself. That is the way to fulfillment my dear boy and that is what is expected of you at this young age.

He does not leave any opportunity to communicate to them the subtle truths of life — whether directly or indirectly, whether in words or through silence, whether through lot of individual attention or through ignorance of their presence. Here I would like to share two very touching experiences. On one occasion, Swami blessed the student and his parents with an interview. In the interview, Swami praised the boy before his parents as an extraordinary student, very disciplined, very intelligent and so on.

The boy helplessly looked at Swami, for only He knew the truth. I told them, what I want you to be, what you are really capable of! The boy was so touched by this that life was never again the same for him. Through this Bhagavan gave us, the student community an important message — whenever He praises us, it is not necessarily that we actually possess those exalted virtues in totality.

He only sets an ideal which He wants each one of us to work towards and achieve. Sri Sathya Sai with Students in Trayee Brindavan The other real life experience is also of an indisciplined boy who was quite unlike what was expected of a Sai student. He pleaded with the Warden to ask Swami on his behalf but the Warden suggested that he could do that himself.

So, the next day morning, he prayed to Swami during Darshan to tell him what he was in his previous life. It is because of that effort and yearning of yours, that you have earned Me now. But when this rare opportunity has come your way, you are frittering it away by your wayward ways.


Make the most of this opportunity. It is in this way that Bhagavan has transformed innumerable lives forever. I would like to briefly state how each of these impacts the students psyche and makes them better and fuller individuals. Nearly villages in the Sri Sathya Sai Taluka are covered during this period. Sri Sathya Sai Grama Seva This exercise plays a major role in sensitising the students of the realities of rural India.

For students like me, who have come from metropolitan cities and who have no exposure to rural life, it is a real eye opener. We learn what it means to have two meals a day, we learn the joy of getting new clothes, we learn the satisfaction of smiling and being smiled at, we learn and experience what it means to love and be loved.

The Grama Seva is also an exercise is management and communication which gives the students actual hands on experience. God serves; He allows you to claim that you have served! Without His Will, not a single blade of grass can quiver in the breeze. Fill every moment with gratitude to the Giver and the Recipient of all gifts.

While this drama is an annual event, there are many other cultural activities — music, dance, skits, public speaking and many others which the students get to present before Swami on a number of occasions including the major festivals celebrated at Prashanti Nilayam. Swami is a perfectionist and nothing short of perfection will do for Him, be it acting, dialogue delivery, costumes, make up, songs, dance or anything else. True spirituality is the attainment of human excellence in all spheres of life.

All sorts of cultural, athletic, and dare devilry stunt items on motor bikes and four wheeler including aero-sports are presented by students on this occasion. Once again, it is an exercise of perfection in action. It is also another occasion when the cooperative effort overpowers the competitive spirit. In a world full of fierce competition, the Annual Sports Meet bears testimony to the power of cooperation and unity to achieve success and excellence.

During these events, the best in the students emerges in myriad forms, not for their personal glory, but for the Divine satisfaction — for making their most beloved Mother Sai happy with their efforts.

That is all they seek for their efforts and hard work.

sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

After all these inputs and various means of training and transformation, the end product of the Sai education system is to mould students who have their hands in society and their heads in the forest.

Self-confidence means not only confidence in ourselves, our abilities and talents, but also confidence in the Higher Self which is God and His grace and the knowledge that it is He who is the real doer and we are the mere instruments. Conviction springs forth from experience.

This is developed in the students during their stay here. Their conviction in the power of character and value systems and its practice in daily life, stands in good stead all their life. I would like to share two experiences here, one each highlighting these aspects. Firstly, let me detail about self-confidence.

There was a student of the University, who finished his education and moved on for a job. He was from a poor family and did not have much financial support from home all through his childhood days. At the interview he was asked many things about himself, his background, his education and so on. We have heard that Sathya Sai Baba gives rings and chains to His devotees.

Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

What have you received from Him? I come from a poor family background where majority of the members of my family are not even sufficiently literate. The knowledge of English language is not something I have received from my ancestors. To receive post graduate education is unthinkable in the circumstances I have grown in.

If today, I am able to face this elite panel of experts and communicate effectively with all of you about my background, qualifications and goals of life without hesitation and full of conviction, it is because of the Self-confidence that I have.

During the month of Ramzan, he was visiting the mosque in Puttaparthi to offer his prayers every morning and evening. They were not devotees of Swami but passers by.

So all of them gathered around him and started enquiring about the University and the system of education here. How can you reconcile your religion with your way of life in this place?

There is no difference at all except in the functionalities of the religion.

sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

If I have seen the true practice of Islam in its real essence in any place so far in my life, it is in this place where God is truly considered to be Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. It is indeed rare to find such clarity in young minds!

This Building was inaugurated by the then President of India — Dr. Given below is the basic theme of the Commemorative Building Exhibition which sums up all that I have made an attempt to state. For the proper development of the seed, several conditions need to be present in the correct measure. Bhagavan, the Divine Chancellor of this hallowed University is the Gardener who relentlessly pursues His task of tending to the seeds He has sown. Soaring almost a hundred feet at its highest end, students walked on the top, summersaulted in the rings at each end.

A synchronized act, Meteors, involved students holding a rope with two balls hanging on either side. The item had formations and stunts such as walking on drums and blindfold walking.

This then gave way to Aerial Acrobats, vertical jumps and acrobatic feat using two large circular trampoline supplemented by formations and synchronized acrobatic movements on the floor. Blazing Rangers, was a mass item of various drill movements, synchronized steps and formations depicted using red and yellow colours. Then, the Synergy Squad deftly displayed of choreographed hip-hop steps, including acrobatic moves and dynamically changing formations.

No Sports Meet is complete without the tried and tested Bike Stunts performance. This event consisted of both display and stunt items. Display items include formations such as crisscross and scissor cross by multiple bikes. The stunt items include ramp jumps, jumps through fire, breaking the glass. Using Scramblers a few stunts like wheeling were also performed. Perfect coordination was an essential part of this item, to ensure all were injury-free and the item looked flawless to the viewer.

The last item was perhaps the most nostalgic. The Life of a Jawan was depicted in this cultural item.

sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

Through various simulations of real-life battle situations that these brave jawans face when they protect our country, the item elicited the feeling of pride, sacrifice, difficulty, dedication and values in all spectators.

Their first item was a display using Penny-farthing bicycles and Half-bikes, also known as a high wheel, high wheeler and ordinary. It is a type of bicycle with a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel.

These vehicles-a throwback to the bygone nineteenth century-were refreshing to see. Students rode them in perfect files with elegant synchronicity. The items represented the heroic and the indomitable spirit of womanhood. Students displayed various patterns and formations, using a dual-coloured stretchable fabric that illustrated the trials of the world, subtle qualities of adaptability of women, and the way to direct our lives to Sai in the path of light.

Next up was a Gymnastics performance on an oscillating structure. Breathtaking stunts on the structure exhibit students' determination, flexibility and stability.

They formed multiple patterns on and off the structure to end the morning session with a visually pleasing performance. The performance was a dance drill using shimmering wings with beauty, elegance and grace. Eswaramma High School had the privilege to break first ground with their presentation, Surrender to God, that included an interplay of dances and combat skills depicting the journey of man from the long-lost innocence of peaceful times of earth, when truth and righteousness reigned this earth and peace and love had made a home in every heart and every Radha had her Krishna and beauty and harmony prevailed.

The routine took the viewer on a journey to the gradual loss of this peace to the current day times of strife, division and disharmony. Eventually, the inner conflict within man leads to the ultimate surrender of his will, intellect, emotions and impulses to God at His Lotus Feet in an effort to win back that very peace. Hundreds of little students, some as young as five years of age, put on the most colourful and adorable set of items.

Starting with Dance, a prayerful offering of love to Lord Sai to Gymnastics, an exuberant gymnasts gambol in gratitude to Lord Sai, to Chirpy Birds, when the mirthful tots tweeted in joyful abundance, thy were a sight for all the Gods at Sri Sathya Sai Hill View stadium.

sssihl sports meet 2012 olympics

Other items included Droplets of Pure Love, where these little angels dove deep, deep into the ocean of love and bliss; The Magnificent Trailers, when the trailers mesmerized us with their mind- blowing feats on wheels; The Message of Lord Sai, when the divine harbingers highlighted the message of the Lord with their hands; Sai Ganas In Ecstatic Worship, a Sai Ganas dance to the cosmic rhythm in prayerful adoration; Sunny Sunbeams, a frolic in joy to the celestial beat, and Feats on The Ladder, a trailblazing balance on ladders performing amazing feats.

They ended with beautiful Waves of Love, fanning the flames of divine love in every heart. The dancers sung the chorus of the song whilst dancing around the drum or dhol, which sets the unique beat of the dance. Next up was Janbaaz - The gallant stilt adventurers, a performance with stilts and walking poles. Students marched in files in unison, race with the prop tied to their feet, play games on stilts, performed yoga postures and skipped around with their feet levitated.

They also walked on fiery embers and bravely battled with sticks of fire. The concluding item was The Inspirators. Using Buugeng Japanese for Martial Arts combined with Illusionthese unique, S Shaped sticks made a fine display of a focused, synchronized effort, producing an infinite, amazing geometric patterns and optical illusions, resulting in this phantasmagoria - a spectacle of creative beauty.

Brindavan Campus has always treated us with creative performances and this year was no different. They presented five items. The first was Zorbonauts, which saw the introduction of the bubble-ball, a high energy, high fun sport showcasing a colourless inflatable capsule over the upper body.

Zorbonauts wrestled with other players, played soccer, and performed unique gymnastic stunts. The second item, BrinHkers Brindavan Hockey Playersallowed the Brindavan Hockey team to showcase their skills with the sticks with a synchronized display of skills with some real match experience. Twilight Swings was a dance item that demonstrated a Western style of dance, the Jabbawokeecz style, that involves brisk vigorous movements interspersed with slow continuous movements. It was imaginatively integrated with Bhangra, the popular Indian dance.

The fading evening light made way for the Illuminati, an enthusing blend of dance moves and human formations wearing indigenously created LED costumes. The dance styles included freestyle and dance-pop genres. The grand finale of the day was Celestial Rhythms, with students performing a rope display highly parched on a tall crane.

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The strokes of courage and love scripted a fitting final offering unto the Lord with prayers to Him to bless us all to be a perfect note in His Celestial Rhythm. Despite this, we allow our minds to lead us into an illusion thinking that we are the ones responsible for our actions. The drama depicted this journey through Keshav, a blind sculptor with a robust vision.

In the attempt to gain sight, Keshav gradually loses his vision. He leaves the Lord's hand blinded by ego, and all he sees is his own creation.