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For the first time, after the incident, Swami Nithyananda and Ranjitha came together at a press conference at Chennai on Wedensday July Mr. Agarwal said that Nithyananda had come to the court to surrender. A file picture of Nithyananda at a press conference in Chennai. Sex Swami Nithyananda Hones in on his Disappearing Siddhis. didn't touch money but you BOUGHT that 'Learn to speak Hindi' book at the train station? .. The trial court will meet this Friday, 14 September .. omarcafini.infoia. com/news/tamilnadu/nithyananda-cannot-enter-into-aadheenam-.

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  • Nithyananda granted bail

Today, 6 Septemberthere was a hearing date to allow Nithyananda's legal counsel to argue against allowing the forensic evidence, specifically the sleaze video, to be submitted as evidence. Nithyananda and the other accused not counting Gopal Reddy Sheelum, a. Bhaktanadna, A-2, for he is already separated from the rest of the trial because he went AWOL last June bother to show up either.

Gopal Reddy Sheelum already has a non-bailable warrant out for his head. So, now the holy threesome A1 thru 3 are all prison bound before the main trial begins if they get caught. He wasn't prepared to argue and just informed the judge that the other high-profile attorneys including CV Nagesh and Paramila Ranjitha's attorney were too busy doing something else. Please read the Court's Daily Status for 6 Septemberwhich we posted in the comments below for the official ruling.

Hi there, Sri Nithyananda, where have you been? The CID police and the judge were looking all over for you today. Geez, you, Oh Great One, should have been there. At the very least, you, Salamander Nithyananda, should have brought your very own Hollywood Wax Museum piece, you know, the one that you put in center stage and have all your fawning sycophants worship when you are not there, which has been every day for almost three months.

Yeah, that statue is totally creepy, but captures the essence of you. Hey, Nastyananda, do the eyes move in that statue like a grade 'B' horror movie? OK, if that statue was too heavy for your muscle flexing yoga thugs to haul into the court, at least they should have brought in one of those cut-out cardboard pieces and told the judge that you're busy exploring the second dimension. And, as soon as one of your pretty room service ladies, ah, pumps you up and blows some life back into you, you'll be ready to proceed with the hearing.

Or at least they could have said that you were run over by a steamroller and that you needed to take some of your so-called ayurvedic Viagra to pop up again. They might have bought it. But, now, Sri Nithyananda, your absense upset the judge, and he has cancelled your bail and issued a non-bailable arrest warrant out for you. All because you didn't show up. And where were all your well-paid, well-dressed, and well-fed attorneys? There goes your wealth. They didn't bother to show up either.

Was that like that hippie philosophy of 'what if they have a war and no one showed up'? Were they too busy watching reruns of 'Dallas'? Did you not pay them? You oh knowing avatar of every known deity on the planet, couldn't have run out of cash, could you?

We know that it's been almost three months since you last held one of your money-making programs where you separate 15 grand out dumb-as-paint dolts who've been lured in by the promise of learning grade 'B' magic tricks and passing those off as spirituality. A fool and his money are soon parted. Nithyananda, are no fool.

How much money do you have squirreled away? And, what's the going currency in big house? We sure you'll have plenty of it. Apparently, something was much more interesting to Nithyananda's attorneys than defending the Divine Avatar.

The Nithyananda Dog and Pony Show

Perhaps they were binge watching reruns of 'Dallas'? What do you have to say for yourself, MNr.

Chennai Press Meet 13 Jul 2011

What does that mean? The CID will be able to trace my hiding spot like they did last time, thanks to Bhaktananda and his 'Calling Mother India' calling card. Yeah, everyone calls me a mother these days, but I don't want to be called. I just want to be left alone with a few comfy amenities. I can't talk now. What could it mean? We guess that there's a fine line between enlightened genius and downright weird and insane.

We imagine that line is so thin that it doesn't exist at all. We see some buff guy showing off his tummy muscles and a stinky rodent wearing a crown on its head. Hey, Sri Nithyananda, that couldn't be you, is it? The guy showing off his abdomen muscles.

Yeah, it couldn't be you, oh Porkananda. Quite frankly, you've gotten quite chubby lately with all those room service ladies eager to please with late night snacks to go along with the midnight show.

Sorry that we asked. What could this picture mean? Hey, we think that we figured it out. It was like a puzzle. But, it obviously means that you, Pornomahamsa Nithyananda, want to drink a six pack of royal skunk beer. Did we get it right? Or is it because you are the king of smelly bellies?

A simple 'no' would be suffice. So, what could it possible mean, Oh Mr. Holy Molly with the Dolly? How long have you 'downloaded' English for? Yup, we remember that when you first came to the United States back inyou said that you Salami Nithyananda, downloaded English. Just like you downloaded Sanskrit. Or did you swipe it? And, then you that Hindi was like Sanskrit, so you downloaded the whole language.

We know that you're most comfortable with Tamil. And, since almost all of your Indian followers are from Tamil, it's like forming a colony in Karnataka. But, really, Sri Nithyananda. You had that ashram in Karnataka for over 16 years now. You, Oh de Grating one, get pulled to Court almost daily now. It is our understanding, Sri Nithyananda, that this is not a light matter.

The Ramakrishna Mission usually waits up to ten years just to make sure that the aspiring monk they initiate into sanyasi renunciate monk initiation is a person of character.

They don't give this saffron kavi cloth out just so someone can escape from their parents. But what is this here, Sri Nithyananda? In your pamphlet that you wrote sometime in ? It's called "Yet to be Discovered" What irony, Sri Nithyananda, we discovered your history called "Yet to be Discovered" on your website. Don't worry, there, Sri Nithyananda.

Swami Nithyananda, Actress Ranjitha Take on Sun TV, Nakeeran - omarcafini.info

We have a clean copy of "Yet to be Discovered' already to post on another website, so you don't need to remove this file. Sri Nithyananda, do you see in the middle of page 47 where it says: He studied the scriptures here at this Mutt. Since it stated that 'at seventeen', that it was the Ramakrishna Mission Math or Mutt in Chennai Madras that you went to in the year of And, the fact that both parents and the child we guess that the child means you, Sri Nithyananda had to give your written word on the matter.

Is this what your father did when he visited you at that 'dead' institution? But, you, Sri Nithyananda, clearly mentioned both parents. So, did your mother come there too, right before you escaped dressed as a sanyasi renunciant monk?

Oh, Sri Nithyananda, this gets very confusing. Lucky thing that your mother lives with you in your kingdom, we mean ashram in Bidadi. Is she enjoying all of the fruits of your hard-earned fame and 'success'? Perhaps all of the ashramites, followers, and guests should ask her directly about your initial detour to the Ramakrishna Mission in Madras Chennai to get the clear picture. After all, Sri Nithyananda, you of all people, wouldn't want your very own mother to get bad karma for embellishing the Truth or telling lies just to protect her son's fame and wealth?

That does not seem like something that a genuine self-declared Paramahamsa should do to his very own mother. So, Sri Nithyananda, let all the ashramites, followers, and guests ask her in private, and just let her answer honestly and without fear that you, Sri Nithyananda, will become upset or might even threaten to kick her out of your kingdom, we mean ashram. That would be the best policy, don't you think?

So, Sri Nithyananda, now that we discovered that you did start your wandering journey first at what you consdier to be a 'dead' institution, oh, we prefer to say the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai [Madras]exactly how long did you stay there? Wow, that was a lot of adventures. And how many miles did you cover in this journey, Sri Nithyananda? Well, we do want to ask, because it is not clear.

In that pdf brochure " Yet to be Discovered " it says on page That's a lot especially when you, Sri Nithyananda, consider those miles by foot were in the dense virgin jungle or on some very steep trail in the Himalayas.

And we're sure that there were some days that there was snow, heavy rain, and even national holidays that made travel impossible. But, Sri Nithyananda, we're not certain if this is the correct number or not. You see, in your book, "Nithyananda Vo1. But, pages later, to be exact page or page one of the Appendix of your biography, third paragraph, you, Sri Nithyananda, wrote: At the age of 12, he had his first deep spiritual experience.

At 17, he left home on a journey of self-realization and wandered the length and breadth of India and Nepal. He studied Yoga, Tantra and other Eastern metaphysical Sciences and had many profound spiritual experiences. Of the 70, miles that he covered visiting great shrines and practicing intense meditation, many thousands of miles he covered by foot.

In just pages, you covered an additional 51, miles! That miracle must have taken a lot of energy! Your vague about the additional miles covered by foot, but rest assured that "many thousands of miles" is greater than just 1, miles. Maybe this difference was a 'divine' editor miracle that your sleep-deprived indentured laborers missed? But, wait, what's this? Two years later, in your book "His Name is Nithyananda" first edition, November on page You, a Truth-telling, genuine self-declared Paramahamsa actually went the additional revised distance.

OK, Sri Nithyananda, we'll agree that you covered 70, miles during your journey of nine 9oooops, we mean six 6 years, but most likely just four and a half 4. Minus that brief stint at the Ramakrishna Mission in Chennai Madrasof course. Wow, Sri Nithyananda, you really packed the miles and the stories in a very condensed time.

So, how much time did you spend in the Ramakrishna Mission which you, and you alone, consider to be a 'dead' institution?

Nithyananda arrested after court appearance

It couldn't have been very long, in order to get all of these stories and miles in, correct? Well, some of those very nice and sincere people who have given their whole lives to spread and preserve the teachings of Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, the Vedanta Society, and the Truth wrote about you, Sri Nithyananda, and how long you were at the Ramakrishna Mission. Let's take a look: He had joined the Ramakrishna Order at the Madras centre and then spent 3 yrs there, went to their headquarters and was thrown out after a year there??

He left the Order after 4 years of his joining. He stayed there for 4 years, and then after a few months at the monastic training center in Belur Math near Calcutta, he left the Order and started living independently. But he left the Order after 5 years. He attended the monastic training college in Belur Math in orand left the Order from there within a few months. All those testimonials look pretty convincing to us. If in the 'best case scenario' that is best case, for you, Sri Nithyanandayou left the Ramakrishna Mission on January 2,that allowed for you to travel "the breadth of India" in days.

No wonder you, Sri Nithyananda, call yourself the 'jet set swami'. You said that you traveled 70, miles and several thousand of those miles were on foot.