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swap meet car wax carnauba

I am planning on putting a coat of s wax on my cars and i wanted to find out the best way to apply this. I plan of attack was as follows. I was planning on melting the wax over a double boiler slowly. a lot of smaller pieces doesnt spread evenly and get small chunks on car. Chemical Guys is a well-known name in the automotive world, selling regulars at the Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show for over ten years. with Carnauba, or even a little Butter Wet Wax from their Vintage Series.

They both protect right? Why not buy 20 bottles of like NXT and just apply that all over your car. How can you beat over 40 layers of one brand for the same price of one layer of another? Oh, and Mayur, you cant put on 40 layers of wax on your paint.

Your paint can only hold so much wax.

Hahaa, i quoted myself. THE most important thing is the "prep work". A cleaned paint free of impurities, polished meticulously like a fine jewel and sealed with a good quality protectant, in that era wax, will yield the results you are looking for. The advances in synthetic polymers now offer the best protection of chemisty.

He and all his friends exclusively used Meguairs. You can put any quality wax on top of a prepped surface and it will look spectacular; conversely, you can put a million dollar wax on a poorly prepped surface and it will simply not compare.

All things equal, if one can tell the difference in a mega-buck wax next to Meguairs 26 say, the nuances at best will not justify the cost differential. The law of diminishing return on investment takes precedence. I have found the most compelling reasons to use Meguairs is longevity in the industry, the dominance of concourse winners and the cost-effective performance-proven products in the professional and detailer lines.

In fact, I just returned to the hobby and learned of claying on this forum. I was simply stunned at the transformation of the surface. I cleaned, polished and sealed the work with NXT and my silver Yaris looks like that: I graduated to the professional line for the cost benefit. Hope that helps and regards Here is a larger pic of the Yaris.

I took it back to the dealership and all the sales people and customers came directly to the car like a magnet. I parked next to another one that was brand new and there was NO comparison. Mar 27th, Joe's detailing Mar 27th, That's devotion to Meguiars right there gb Mar 27th, Sure you probably can 'waste' the money if you have a million dollar car, don't think I will ever know. I know I get GREAT results from Meguiars products time an time again and doesn't cost all that much, well unless you keep enough products on hand to supply a small store.

This is an age old truth, anyone that's been detailing for a number of years understands this and invests their time in the cleaning step as they know it is the cleaning step that will make or break their end results. That said, after the prep work is done, some waxes will create better results than others that's reality. The true appearance test of any wax is always on black paint and we would put our waxes up against the most expensive waxes on the market in a side-by-side test on the same paint equally prepared.

The results will either be so close it will be a tie or Meguiar's will win. The hardest part isn't the test, it's the judging, most people don't know how to judge results and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, throw in some bias and some potentially bad eyes it's possibleand how do you do the judging as the human element is the biggest variable. Even if another wax was judged to produce a better result Not that I think there's a better product on the market but it is important to have an open mind.

It wouldnt make business sense. Why would people spend all that extra money for nothing? HagFan Mar 27th, Make that definitely have I bought a bottle of Zymol's consumer grade cleaner wax and it has sat in the garage throuh several winters without being opened. I bought it for my daughters car, which I now plan on giving the Meg's 5-step in a few weeks.

I think the Zymol has been stored improperly and will be tossed. JSM Mar 27th, The answer shouldn't really require any thought. It's pretty simple why we all came here and registered to be a part of this forum. Meguiar's, hands down, has what most professionals, enthusiasts, and "Average Joes" want in a car care product. In the end, it is hard for most competitors to live up to the same type of reputation.

Sometimes, just because something costs more does not necessarily mean that it is better. You have to look at the situation from many different perspectives and find what fits YOU best. However, if you look into the Royale wax by Zymol the one that costs dollarsyou would see that it is a lifetime supply.

I dont think this is meant to be purchased by individuals, it is targeting dealerships and detailing companies. That is not to say that the wax is any good.

I guess I'm just frugal. I could see that I am just trying to point out that it is not as rediculous as everyone thinks. I guess to some people it makes sense if they have a million dollar car why not put a wax on it. That is not to say that the wax is any good, but it is just really expensive.

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It seems like it is all marketing to me also. Lydia Mar 27th, Because human nature is to think that if you pay more for something, it must be better. A Mar 27th, Mayur Mar 27th, Because they are dumb. Sure their wax is more concentrated, but really whats the point. You can get same results out of synthetics now. Also it does make business sense. They want you to think its the best in the world and just rip you off.

If it was soo good, how can they offer lifetime refills for free?

swap meet car wax carnauba

Thats what your basically paying, the lifetime refills. Other than that its the same thing and if it isnt, then it isnt miles ahead then all the other waxes out there. May be a little better because its highly concentrated but again its nothing that other waxes cant achieve. One of my projects in college was to prove this very point along with the placebo effect. We sold various products at a swap meet for a couple weekends and many people would pay 10X more for the exact same product just because of our marketing.

It was a sneaky but fun project and we received lots of attention from this. It was also a great learning experience for us as well as the hundreds of people who bought from us. We had some crowds throughout the days and many of them got a kick out of seeing what was going on once they became wise to what we were doing.

It happens all the time with products such as oil additives, fuel additives, paint care products, skin care products, paint management gadgets, perfumes, shampoos, energy drinks, tools, pharmaceuticals, cereals, etc. Wolf-Strong Mar 27th, Hell, I would almost be tempted to buy empty Zymol cases off ebay, clean em up, strip off the logos, relogo with Meguiar's, and add in product!

The ONLY thing I have found about Meguiar's products that I do not like is that they are not always cosmetically pleasing when placed next to Zymol products HagFan Mar 28th, Or at least you have to qualify the statement with the "lifetime supply" as onnfire has explained.: There are always enough people with more money than sense to fall for persuasive pitches like Zymol's.

After all, if it's that expensive it must be the best, right? I could not have said it better myself.

swap meet car wax carnauba

None of them did anything for me lookswise, especially for the price. I found the gloss levels to be way down compared to other waxes. The beauty of Meguiars products, is they do not focus on just one aspect. They last, look great in various conditions and are easy to use. Add in fantastic support for the 1 bottle a year customer, how can you beat that? Also, the point about the lifetime refills being marketed at detailers is invalid, since they will only sell you Royale wax once they are satisfied you are not using it for business purposes unless you are a Zymol approved detailer!

I'll stick with my Meguiar's. BlueZero Mar 28th, Parking my truck in the sun with all the windows up. Mayur Mar 28th, Either way its almost guaranteed that they wont share anything. We own a quiznos store sandwich shopwe dont go over to subway rival and give them our meats or breads. You have to remember that both of them are business' trying to make a profit, not to do what you want. Of course they do listen but to a certain point and not they will not just walk into Zymol hq and share their "technology" BlueZero Mar 28th, Darn you, now I have to go there for lunch.

This phenomenon is from the aluminum rivets and rain gutters oxidizing. Polluted rain facilitates the process. Mix the two products together to make 16 ozs. Clean vehicle as if waxing. You'll be amazed by the results. Do you have a vehicle, boat, or hot tub with oxidized chalking paint or fiberglass? Use Magic Mix Metal Polish and a soft cloth. With light to moderate pressure give these surfaces a finish that looks like new.

Always reseal the surface with Magic Mix Body Wax to keep it looking nice. To protect brand new chrome wheels or highly polished aluminum use Magic Mix Body Wax.


Its high carnauba content and specialized polish leaves behind an incredible shine. Magic Mix Body Wax is also a delight to use on paints. It protects and keeps things in a great looking condition. Tube-Grip can work in tighter spaces than with a caulking gun.

HV is perfect for seam sealing due to its flexibility and strength. It can also be painted. Unfortunately for vehicle owners the lights will only look new for a few years unless a vehicle is garaged constantly and babied.

The fact is UV rays from the Sun and the constant abuse while driving from Grit and Debri will take its toll on the surface of the headlights. While headlight replacement can be a option, most find the pricing to be more than expected.

But all hope is not lost. Anyone with some time and a few simple items can make their headlights clearer and more attractive that before! A list of materials will be added below for your task. This must be accomplished using sandpaper. Even for a very damaged headlight I would not go more aggressive than grit to start with.

swap meet car wax carnauba

You don't want to mix it up Just pick one. It will make the later steps easier and the clarity of the lense will be better. Sand using the soapy water as lubricant until the surface has a dull even look to it. Then upgrade to a finer yet grit of sandpaper like grit.

Repeat the same steps again.