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texas high track meet

Track & Field divides up to compete at four different meets this week. Freshman Megan Rourke was the top female, battling the high winds to. The only three high jumpers in the state to clear 7 feet this year come Texas Longhorns football signees competing at the state track meet. Texas High School Meet Results and Rankings for Track and Field Cross Country - omarcafini.info TFX - The Internet Home of High School Track, Field and Cross.

The Belton track team became the centerpiece of the Belton H.

Texas High School Track & Field State Records

Athletic Wall of Honor which I built in I have contacted more than schools to present them with lists of their track champions over the past years. The EXCEL file does not include information on those who placed rather than won their event at the state meet. UIL state track meet programs available for almost all years do list athletes who qualified for and participated in the state meet and thus those with an interest in compiling a school list of all state qualifiers could create such a list but only with considerable time and effort at the archives.

Unfortunately those records are not available at UIL or elsewhere. Worth includes scattered and incomplete newspaper records from Another focus of my research was the progression of state and conference records which are available in annual UIL programs but not compiled into progression lists.

texas high track meet

This book also contains some information on national records available from the National High School Sports Record Book and from newspaper articles for the UIL meet from Also, results from the National Scholastic Meet in Chicago were added to the later career information of champions who placed in that event held from Narratives of 54 great champions are included in this volume.

An NFL encyclopedia was searched to locate former pro players who had also been high school track champions.

Over other former track champions have played in the NFL. One chapter is devoted to Texas high school track champions who won Olympic gold medals. The first such championMorris Kirksey of the Waxahachie Academy—was a state champion in and an Olympic champion in becoming the first Texan to win a track and field Olympic medal.

Kirksey had been forgotten by his own hometown of Waxahachie and was unknown to Texas sports historians since he attended Stanford and lived the rest of his life on the west coast.

It is intended to provide additional information that is not readily available from the UIL archives. I received great cooperation from Dr. They gladly accepted additional information that I found. In many cases local libraries had microfilms of early local newspapers that provided such information as first names of champions as well as the names of relay members which were not given in UIL records. Also, alphabetical listings of past track letter winners from university track media guides were cross-checked with the listing of Texas high school track champs.

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The lack of such later career information on many of the former champs in the EXCEL data base should not be construed as meaning that those champions were less successful but that no information was found for them. Hopefully, those with later career info on others will contact the author so that later versions of the website will include this data.

According to the Austin Statesman, the meet was organized by the Texas Interscholastic Association of the University of Texas which had been created by its first president, Prof. There was no separate division for the high schools and the academies as all athletes participated in the same division. In this era many academies included boys who had graduated from high schools and were preparing for college thus prep schools and were thus older than many high school athletes.

texas high track meet

At this time there were only 10 grades in high school and thus high school seniors could be as young as Not surprisingly the older academy athletes dominated the first statewide track meet with Allen Academy winning the first meet in with 54 points to 23 for Itasca H. The meet had 14 events including seven standing broad jump ; standing high jump; yard dash; yard dash; hop, step and jump; three broad jumps; and the hammer throw that were soon discontinued and 7 yard hurdles, yard dash, yard dash, yard dash, high jump, shot put and pole vault that have been held with some modifications for years.

The Texas State High School Track Meet has been held continuously from through the present with the meet marking the th anniversary of the event. The first meet was held at the athletic fields of the University of Texas on April 29, ; the second in Ft.

Worth on May 8, ; and the third at Arlington on May 15, Since all of the state meets have been held at the University of Texas in Austin except for the Class B state meet held in Denton from During the early years of the state meet at UT in Austin there were several state-wide high school track meets held each year at various universities e. All athletes entered on the date of entry deadline will be charged regardless if they compete or not.

Texas coaches want UIL to add an indoor track season, but hurdles stand in the way

Payment of entry fees: Checks should be made out to: Bring your entry fee to the meet. Check below for packet pick up times. Packets will not be released without payment.

texas high track meet

Entry Deadline is Tuesday September 18, 8: Contact meet director, shawn. If your school requires a W-9 to make payment contact the meet Director: Packet Pick up and Course Inspection: Packet pickup is located at the front of the Dugan Track Stadium: Course inspection is at the same time. Due to an Islander Soccer game the stadium will be closed at 6pm on Friday. There is no fee for parking. Team parking is at the track or tennis court lots for team vans.

Buses will drop at the stadium and then continue to main campus and park at the Hammerhead lot, which is located at the second entrance onto campus. A shuttle will take bus drivers to and from Hammerhead and the track stadium lot. Spectator parking will be one of two places depending on the weather: If the weather is dry: If the weather is wet so that we are unable to park cars on the grassy fields near the track stadium: There will be shuttle buses to take you from the main campus back to the track area and return.

Handicap parking is at the track stadium lot. There is no charge for admission Team Camps can be set up on the grass areas adjacent to the track stadium stands. No participants or spectators will be allowed on the track or into the track infield. Awards and Awards Ceremony:

texas high track meet