The little prince soundtrack ending relationship

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the little prince soundtrack ending relationship

The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's novella about an Her reading doesn't just unlock the world of the possible—it is an act of connection. but—fascinatingly and enchantingly—through the soundtrack. But what makes “The Little Prince” stand out is the numerous levels it of creature-kid relationships that's the stuff of pure “Neverending Story”. (** **If you But the soundtrack was where this movie really shined. .. At first Violet hates the ambiguity left at the end of the Aviator's story, which is why she The relationship between the aviator and the girl were very well done, too.

Second - the story never goes into what makes The Little Prince so special.

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You get to see the Little Prince traveling through asteroids, talking to his rose, taming his fox. Is any of this explained or explored in detail? It is treated as a distraction to the main story. The filmmakers never even bother to explore the symbolism behind the story. It's merely treated as an excuse for telling an alternate story. Third - and this is where the spoiler goes.

The Little Prince is all about love, tenderness, anger, happiness and ultimately, sadness. It's a moving story, told in the sweetest way possible - through the eyes of a small child. I won't spoil it all, but when I saw scenes straight out of a video game, with violence, planes zooming in and out, adventure, etc.

The only thing that made me stay there was my child. Fourth - another spoiler. The aviator was a child with a wonderful imagination, who grew up to become a jaded person.

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The Little Prince helped him question his beliefs and rediscover a sense of wonder he had lost. In the movie, the aviator is a childish old man. Not "child-like", or full of wonder. The whole point of the book was how an adult can become responsible, knowledgeable, yet retain his sensibility and sense of wonder throughout.

Nowhere is this to be seen - the aviator is just like a spoiled, irreverent, incoherent child. Which is even more absurd when you see the real Little Prince's sequences, and you realize how different both versions of the aviator are.

Fifth - another spoiler. If you ever want to see part of your childhood ruined and torn to pieces, go watch this movie. You'll see where The Little Prince ended up. And believe me, you'll want to shout your lungs out at the filmmakers for destroying your childhood image of what his little Majesty would end up like.

And it's absolutely, completely wrong. The girl and the aviator continue to read and play together without the mother's knowledge. The aviator tells the girl about the Little Prince's home, " Asteroid B", covered in baobab sprouts. He states that after clearing away the sprouts, the Little Prince found and nurtured a Rose into maturity. Despite becoming his friend, she was rather selfish, which caused the Little Prince to travel to elsewhere with a flock of birds.

the little prince soundtrack ending relationship

After meeting some adults on other asteroids, he eventually landed on Earth, meeting and taming a red fox. After a while, the fox bid goodbye to the Little Prince, advising him to always see with his heart. The aviator gives the girl a stuffed fox as a gift, telling her that he will leave soon to go find the prince. The two decide to go out for free "birthday" pancakes; when pulled over by a police officer, the aviator is revealed to have no license and the officer returns the girl home.

Realizing that she has not been following the plan, her mother redoubles her daughter's assignments. Nevertheless, the girl continues to read the story of the Little Prince, secretly visiting the aviator to find out the story's ending. The aviator tells her that the Little Prince had succumbed to a venomous snake bite in order to be reunited with his beloved Rose. Although the aviator assures the girl that he firmly believes the Little Prince succeeded, she is so upset by the dark twist to the story that she wishes she had never met the aviator or heard the story.

Towards the summer's end, the aviator is hospitalized. Wanting to put things right, the girl sets off in search of the Little Prince. Escaping through the gutter, the girl falls into the aviator's yard and blacks out. After she awakens, the girl, accompanied by her now-conscious stuffed fox probably the reincarnation of the real one and the Little Prince's story pages, flies the aviator's plane into space. They find all the stars mysteriously gone, all the while landing on an asteroid populated by workaholic adults owned by the "Businessman" from the Little Prince's story, who captures and holds all the stars to power his asteroid and belongings.

After encountering a police officer and an elevator operator — the "Conceited Man" and "the King" from the story — they finally find the Little Prince, who has become an adult named "Mr.

the little prince soundtrack ending relationship

Prince" and works as a janitor for the Businessman, having no recollection of his past. Prince accordingly takes the girl to an "academy" where she is to be "reconditioned" as an adult by a machine by a tall, slim, sinister Teacher.

Recognizing the drawing of his sheep's box from the aviator's pages, which he still kept the original due to his amnesia, he believed that it might be importantMr. Prince begins to recover his memories and saves the girl from the same fate that he had. They escape together and liberate all of the stars from the Businessman's glass vault, which return to their rightful place in the sky.

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The girl and the fox then take Mr. Prince back to B, which is overgrown with baobabs. They find the Rose dead, but seeing her image in the sunrise, the baobabs disappear and Mr. Prince turns back to his younger self, giving him renewed hope.

The girl and the fox return home, accompanied by another flock of birds. The next morning, the girl and her mother visit the aviator in the hospital.

the little prince soundtrack ending relationship

The girl presents him the formerly loose pages bound together as a book, along with all the formerly missing parts filled in. The girl afterwards begins her studies at Werth Academy and reconciles with her mother. Both of them happily stargaze one night, while the Little Prince and the aviator are heard laughing joyfully together on Asteroid B Cast[ edit ] The film's crew at the Cannes Film Festival: Riley Osborne as the Little Prince, [13] an eternally young boy and resident of " Asteroid B", a small asteroid roughly the same size as him.

Paul Rudd as Mr.

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Prince, [4] the adult Little Prince who has forgotten his own childhood and become an anxious janitor for the Businessman. Mackenzie Foy as the Little Girl, a smart and precocious girl.

She has a very inquisitive mind and struggles to balance growing up and basking in her childhood.