Tradeskillmaster 3 5a district track meet

tradeskillmaster 3 5a district track meet

In this edition we're looking at the TradeSkillMaster 4 release, recent game have to separately keep track of multiple addons and their different versions. Sniper will now also highlight new results by lifting them to the top of the list, plus At-a-glance data like profit, region sale rate and recipe rank are all. 3. TxEIS State Reporting Release Notes - TSM TSM code for the generic program used to track students in grade levels who Schedule is selected under Extract from Grade Reporting, and to apply. 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 Tayler, Dick 35 Telic State Measure (TSM) 39 tennis Tension and Effort Stress Inventory (TESI) 41 track and field athletics 80–1; discus 80;.

Crafting has always been non-trivial but extremely profitable when you figure out what works. What I did This is where I will take you through, step by step, what I did to make realm cap in 8 months from nothing. Initial steps First order of business was to get some startup capital and an ah alt established. I had RAF and two accounts, so I did all my characters two at a time. Gnomeozurich and Gnomeolondon began, leveled through starting zone quests and reached level 12 or so in no time, at which point I parked them in Stormwind's Dwarven district and started my next duo.

Gold Capped: TradeSkillMaster basic guide

This is my favorite spot for auction alts, since it's slow enough not to lag excessively but close enough to where many players hang out that you can usually get people to come to you for trades. To start, I grabbed a blingtron, vendored or auctioned stuff from that and the crap I had gotten leveling, also, some weighted jack-o-lanterns people had been hitting me with.

Now I'm rolling and don't really need to farm. I use my 30g to flip some low level cloth, and I also buy some ethereal shards for g and enchanting vellums, advertise in trade and get somebody to shatter them into mysterious essences and make me some elemental force vellums for a small tip.

Check copper ore and bar prices, cheapest around 90s, tin ore and bar, same. I buy out all the cheap copper and tin ore and some bars, head to the forge, and smelt away.

tradeskillmaster 3 5a district track meet

I sell a nice batch for 1g99s the first night, along with some more of my elemental force vellums. Time to restock those, this time to 60 of them.

With a nice g tip, making my enchanter quite happy despite the time spent. Now I'm a few days in, and have my next set of characters in the 40s. I notice that my cloth flipping profits are kind of meh because there is so much supply at low prices that it stays crazy cheap, so I change up.

First I check ah prices for low level enchant mats. I use a few to level enchanting as necessary to keep DEing, but most of them I sell. I also try to make enchants to level enchanting that will sell at close to breakeven or a profit, even if they use more mats, and then I list them. Meanwhile still leveling -- My characters are all bears with a boomkin second spec, I put one on follow as dps and the other as a tank and chain run dungeon finder as soon as they hit Every once in a while somebody kicks me for having an alt on follow doing nothing, oh well.

Generally what with heirlooms and knowing how to play a low level bear pretty well, I slice through these dungeons like butter even missing a dps, as long as the healer is semi-competent.

If not, and my tank dies despite slowing down to accomodate a poor healer, I just step in with my full health no cds used afker, usually saving the wipe. Tanks and bears in particular are completely OP at low levels, doing better dps than most dps classes up to somewhere around level Second stage Once I have a few thousand liquid gold, I start looking at flipping more stuff.

Next good market is darkmoon cards. I'm still flipping various cheap legacy mats and also, expanding my enchanting via trade to the other cheap mop recipes that sell windsong, colossus, blurred speed, glorious stats, pandaren's step and a vanilla one on my enchanter fiery. And still shuffling the crap out of cloth while leveling tailoring for profit, and enchanting fairly cheaply.

Third stage By about 2 weeks in, I'm getting closer to having a 91 that can craft WoD stuff, but I'm still doing most of my crafting by asking in trade.

I have 2 92s with level 2 garrisons and wod profs, and I've developed a pretty solid inventory, around k liquid and about k of stuff. Now I'm all out with my upgrade tokens, keeping 6 regular 2 mighty and one savage up for sale for each type whenever I restock.

As my stash grows, I bump that to 12 regular 4 mighty and 2 savage, then I add a couple of truesteel, burnished and hexweave as well. Now that I have a crafter and a decent amount of liquid gold, I start posting my buy macro: Prices always good for 3 days. I raise and lower my macro depending on ah prices and how much I'm getting. I don't use that much fur or leather yet, so I set those prices low, and will just flip what I don't need to feed work orders.

Takes a while to build the supply chain, but posting this every minutes whenever my banker is on, I do start getting supply roll in a bit. I also buy on the auction house. Mailing This module lets you specify certain items to be automatically mailed to your alts like sending all your enchant scrolls to an alt with enough bag space to handle it all.

AuctionDB This is a module that's used by other parts of the addon. It keeps track of all your searches and provides market prices for tooltips and other modules like Crafting. Gathering This doesn't do much now except keep tabs on inventory on other characters and guild banks. Getting started Once you've installed the addon and all the modules, the first thing you want to do is set up some of the basics.

Let's go and choose the recipes we're willing to craft when they're profitable. Click on the purple scroll icon around your minimap to open TSM's config panel, then click on the trade skill you are going to be using.

I've chosen jewelcrafting as an example. Now to choose which recipes you want to be queuing automatically, you simply have to select them from the list you see when you choose a sub-category. I'm only willing to cut Inferno Rubies in my red gems list: First, I clicked on Disable All Crafts. Then I clicked on all the recipes I actually wanted although it might be faster for you to just uncheck the ones you don't want to sell. Then I clicked on Create Auctioning Groups and got this window: There are some concepts in here you may not have yet: Let's make a quick segue and talk about them.

A group is a list of items that are all priced the same way. For example, I have a group for all "low rent" Cataclysm blue gems anything made out of a yellow or green that will all be posted in batches of four auctions with a heavy undercut and a very low minimium price.

I also have a group for all glyphs made out of Ink of the Seawhich I am willing to undercut down 5g per re-list, and I post five at a time with a minimum price at three times the mats cost.

Gold Capped: TradeSkillMaster basic guide

Sometimes, you just can't group items like that, though. Every single one of my enchant scrolls has its own group. It's just easier that way. To add each of your checked items into their own group, use the All in Individual Groups option.

tradeskillmaster 3 5a district track meet

A category is a list of groups that all have the same default options. If I added hundreds of enchant scrolls to their own groups, I'd go blind and mad trying to price each one. If, however, I created a category before I came into this window, I'd be able to place each scroll into its own group and automatically put each of these groups into the same category.

That means that unless I override certain scrolls' groups, they will all have the same default pricing. Any of you who have experience with older versions of this type of addon, go put gauze in your ears. No, I don't have each of my scrolls listed at the same threshold.

WoW TSM 4 Beginners Guide - Part 1 - Interface and Settings

Okay, so now we've got a couple of recipes added to groups. What I am going to do next is show you how to add them to categories. Name it, then click on it in the window to the left. What we're going to do now is set up the pricing for this category and then add all the groups to it. Setting up the pricing is done in the Category Overrides tab. Some very important options will be hidden if you don't choose to show advanced options, and this checkbox is found in the first tab when you click on Options on the left window.

Most importantly, you'll want to modify the following: Post settings Auction duration, number of auctions, quantity per auction. The defaults are fine for a lot of different markets. General price settings How much you will undercut by, as well as whether you want a lower bid and no, you don't want a lower bid.