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traitor bomb scene meet

Traitor () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more The film's dialog is well written, making up for the sometimes slow pacing scenes that take . Later on they re-enter the U.S., meet with other important terrorists, and together of Intelligence to break the terrorist ring whose objective is the bombing civilian targets. And you travel a lot, and you get to meet interesting people, and uh, I just think .. for a code in exchange (to deactivate the bomb rigged to explode in his vest) were .. and the scenes of Joseph impersonating both the Polish traitor/Nazi spy . by someone who made explosion sounds with their mouth during the meeting. At some point in the movie we're told that the kid has Asperger's, which me— is this: In an act of betrayal against all Predators, a rogue Predator flew . Munn is really funny in the more comic scenes of the movie, but her.

Samir shows up in Yemen posing as an arms dealer and trying to infiltrate a terrorist network for a rogue CIA operative. Through the recommendation of a mutual acquaintance, Samir hooks up with a terrorist named Omar but before you know it they both wind up in prison after being captured by Yemeni government soldiers working in conjunction with the FBI.

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After Samir and Omar escape from the prison aided by terrorist sympathizers, they escape to France where Omar introduces Samir to Fareed Mansour, Omar's boss in the terrorist network. Fareed justifies drinking of alcohol a sin in the Muslim religion by stating that it's necessary to blend in to achieve victory as the ends always justify the means.

traitor bomb scene meet

Somehow Aly Khan, an actor of Indian Muslim ancestry, seemed more like a stock Hollywood villain than a representation of an actual terrorist. Samir makes it quite clear that he feels that Fareed has misinterpreted the Koran to justify violence. Nonetheless, would Samir have risked blowing his cover by getting into an argument with the very man who he must prove his allegiance to?

traitor bomb scene meet

Samir is depicted as a man who totally abhors the killing of innocents. However and here is the big problem with the moviehe is willing to hook up with a lone rogue CIA operative an intelligence contractor as he is referred to in the moviea person who he knows virtually nothing about, and plants a bomb in the US consulate in Nice at the behest of this shadowy figure, which accidentally kills eight innocent people.

It just seems that there are too many action-thrillers today that trot out the tired storyline of inter-agency government squabbling, especially between the FBI and the CIA.

To my recollection, most US embassies and consulates are pretty well-guarded. And why Samir would even take a chance in conducting an operation such as this when he knows that something could go wrong is beyond me. While the rogue CIA operative must end up getting bumped off precisely because he is amoral and unprincipled, the FBI fares better here.

Traitor: A Movie that Betrays Itself

The two agents, Clayton and Archer, are your typical good cop-bad cop characters. Archer is the bad cop and punches Samir a few times in an early interrogation scene in Yemen.

traitor bomb scene meet

Meanwhile, every other Muslim character seems transplanted from dated 80's action movies and True Lies. You have the English speaking, well coiffed terrorist who poses as an elite aristocrat in Europe, but whose sole purpose is the destruction of the infidels.

Then there's the terrorist henchmen, a classic Hollywood staple, which is basically a United Nations coalition of mute, scary looking Middle Eastern, Persian and South Asian men.

And another major supporting character, Omar played by perennial "go to terrorist actor" Said Taghmaouiis a European educated, chess-loving jihadist, who Samir befriends in Yemen. Omar and Samir discuss theology and spirituality, bouncing off each other's philosophical outlook on life, all while playing chess.

They are excellent foils for one another and the movie has fleeting scenes building on their friendship, even though it is eventually uprooted by Samir's betrayal. Instead, Omar becomes yet another substitute terrorist plot device as the movie lapses into "Muslim Bourne Identity" territory. In an attempt to show balance, the filmmakers portray Clayton as a Texan one with a really bad Southern accentand a highly educated son of a Baptist preacher who studied Arabic and religious studies in college.

Aside from giving the movie its necessary cop-who-hunts-terrorist role, Clayton is also a metaphor for the tolerant American who is willing to see beyond race and religion.

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Clayton's nemesis is his partner Archer, a Dirty Harry, shoot-first ask-questions-later" FBI agent, who lacks cultural awareness and appreciation for the nuances of Islamic traditions.

This is all well intended, but characters need to be independent, living creations, not just convenient messages. When Archer says or does something politically incorrect, Clayton calmly educates him. When Archer lambastes Islam as a religion of terrorism, Clayton reminds him that the Klu Klux Klan rationalized their abhorrent behavior with the Bible and that extremist minorities don't define a religion.

And then they continue with the stereotypical plot, hunting down enraged Muslim terrorists. The message of the film is lost due to its inability to define its good intentions with realistic characters and meaningful dialogue, substituted instead with tense chase sequences.

traitor bomb scene meet

This point is highlighted by what is the film's most egregious and unintentional characterization: For a movie that tries to have its tolerance cake and blow it up as well, the filmmakers dangerously depict an America that is heavily infiltrated with assimilated Muslim American citizens who -- at the drop of a dime -- are ready to carry out suicide, terrorist missions.

From a South Asian government official to an unassuming, light-skinned college student to an Arab husband and father to an African-American businessman -- all magically jettison their lives, careers and loved ones as soon as "Nathir" contacts them for a mission. For those in America ignorant about Islam and Muslims, it reinforces paranoia and mistrust, making it seem like your harmless Muslim neighbors, teachers, friends and lovers are all [cue drum roll and melodramatic music] terrorists!

The film's supporters will likely argue that the sophisticated characterization of Cheadle's Samir counteracts this evil.

But is Samir the shining Muslim definitive of the moderate majority, or merely an aberration that exists within the confines of a Hollywood narrative? Traitor aims for the former but unintentionally delivers the latter.