Transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

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transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

TRANSFORMERS ENERGON Powerlinx Optimus Prime Vs Megatron TRU exclusive * see pic · TRANSFORMERS ENERGON Powe $ bids. + Shipping. Results 1 - 24 of TRANSFORMERS ENERGON Powerlinx Optimus Prime Vs Megatron TRU exclusive * see pic. Brand New · Hasbro. $ 0 bids · or Best. Megatron's only weakness is his obsession with Optimus Prime. a Mini-Con Powerlinx bestows on a Transformer, initially overwhelming the Autobots Once there, Galvatron once again soaked himself in Super Energon, . Prime impaled Galvatron, whose body crumbled and dissolved as he met his end once and for all.

Optimus Prime assigned Hot Shot and Jolt the task of destroying an energy-draining device. Armada Volume 1 He later checked on Scavenger when he was building a satellite dish that would help find Megatron.

Nevertheless, the three Mini-Cons went and fell into a trap set by Galvatronwho combined them into the Dark Saber. Optimus Prime and Jetfire then arrived on the scene, combined, and kicked Galvatron to the sky, saving the Mini-Cons. While transporting him, Optimus Prime and Overload were attacked by Tidal Wavewho freed and combined with Galvatron.

The battle was put to a pause when Unicron arrived. Armada Volume 4 Teamwork is using somebody else's fist to punch people. At a later point, Landmine asked Optimus for permission to plant an energon tower on a hill, but the commander rejected the plan, citing Decepticon activity in the area.

Before they could strike, Wing Saber leaped to Optimus's rescue, and the two combined. With their teamwork, they defeated the Decepticons. Energon Volume 4 While investigating an energon reaction with Kicker, Optimus Prime found a dark duplicate of himself, Scourgealready at the site. After the mysterious Transformer shot at them, Optimus leapt to battle.

transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

There goes my bonus. One million years ago, Optimus Prime was in the satellite room of the Loop in Cyber City when Hot Shot unexpectedly arrived, carrying unsettling news of an attack on the Mini-Con Village D by Transformers calling themselves " Decepticons ". Armada 1 While the Autobots investigated the remains of Mini-Con Village D, Optimus Prime demanded that they find clues as to what had occurred, as he did not know why the Mini-Cons had been taken and feared that these Decepticons had started a civil war.

Soon afterwards, Megatron and his Decepticons invaded Cyber City and declared that the inhabitants now belonged to him. The Autobots arrived to defend the city, but were soundly beaten by the Mini-Con augmented Decepticons.

Realizing that they were no match for the Decepticons, Optimus Prime ordered a retreat, for if they stayed and fought, they would die. Armada 2 Over the next million years, the Mini-Con empowered Decepticons steadily conquered the planet. Concerned that the conflict could escalate and put other worlds at risk, the Universal Peacekeeping Committee sent the famed mediator Fflaxl to the relatively unknown Cybertron in an attempt to settle the dispute between the Autobot and Decepticon "tribes" peacefully.

However, just as he arrived, Megatron and Optimus Prime were in the midst of a battle, and Optimus Prime was sent flying, eventually landing on BixFflaxl's bodyguard.

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The diplomat, seeing the scale of the war and its participants, decided that some conflicts were best left untouched and that everything would work out in the end. Armada Preview Meanwhile, the Mini-Con escape ship crash landed on a distant world known as Earthdispersing the occupants all over the planet. A member of the indigenous human species, Rad Whitestumbled upon the crash site and inadvertently activated the Mini-Con homing device, where it was detected by both Autobot and Decepticon forces.

Optimus Prime resolved to go to this planet Earth, believing that this might be their second chance to bring back justice to their home. The Autobots led by Optimus Prime used the space bridge to travel to Earth, unfortunately appearing right in front of a group of human children on a field trip to the Allspark Power Generator Station.

Optimus Prime quickly decided that stealth was of the utmost importance and that they should minimize contact with the local inhabitants, a policy that was questioned by Smokescreen and Scavengerwho just wished to tear through the planet to find the Mini-Cons, as their own troubles were of greater concern.

This brought on them an angry rebuke from Optimus who declared that they weren't about to endanger Earth or its inhabitants to serve Autobot interests, but he also understood their frustration, telling them to save their anger for the Decepticons. As Starscream and Cyclonus caught up to the fugitives, Optimus Prime and Scavenger appeared and knocking them out of the sky.

Armada 4 When Megatron arrived on the scene, Optimus Prime bided his time while Smokescreen got into position and distracted his enemy by trash talking, mocking that for all of Megatron's Mini-Con-enhanced power, he had continually failed to defeat the Autobots. Alexis thought that he was a "big red blabbermouth" while Carlos opined that it was like watching a wrestling match due to all the talking they were doing before fighting.

Suddenly, Smokescreen pulverised the cliff Megatron was perched upon, burying the Decepticon leader in rubble. At first, Prime was able to beat on Megatron, but the Decepticon's Mini-Con advantage proved too much, and Megatron Powerlinxed with all of his Mini-Cons, intending to obliterate all of Prime's circuits for his disrespect. Fortunately, Jolt 's team of Mini-Cons arrived, saving Rad and the others, then Powerlinking with the Autobots to force the Decepticons into retreat.

The Mini-Cons requested an alliance with the Autobots, on the condition that they were equals in partnership. Optimus Prime agreed, stating the Autobots desperately needed the Mini-Cons' powers, but it was ultimately the choice of the diminutive robots to make. With the alliance formed, Optimus Prime ordered the Autobots to find suitable Earth vehicle modes and the construction of a local headquarters, for he had a feeling they were going to stay on this alien world for a long time.

Later, Optimus Prime sought out the kids at the Black Hills to tell them goodbye, as he felt they had been dragged into their war too deeply already.

He wanted Sparkplug's support in the decision, but before the Mini-Con could fully voice his opinion, he received an emergency transmission from Sonar of the Air Defense Mini-Con Teamwho were under attack by the Decepticons in Rapid CitySouth Dakota.

Sparkplug proposed a covert rescue operation, but Optimus Prime flatly refused, fearing the Autobot Mini-Cons could be captured by the Decepticons. Fed up with Prime telling them what they could and couldn't do, the Mini-Cons and the kids went on their own. Armada 6 Meanwhile, Megatron had modified and forced the Air Defense Team to powerlink together to form the mighty Star Saberand used it to attack the Autobase in Lincoln.

During the ensuing battle, Optimus Prime implored for the Air Defense Team to resist Megatron's manipulations and free themselves, as the power came from the three of them, not the one weapon, a concept that Megatron found unfathomable, as all he cared about was controlling the power. Sparkplug and the others returned to make amends, powerlinking with the Autobots to give them the edge they needed. Now on equal footing, Optimus fought back, telling Megatron and the Air Defense Team that it was about respect: The Air Defense Team broke free of their bonds and attacked the Decepticon leader.

Prime felt that because there was now a balance to the war, the non-aligned Mini-Cons were right to leave and not tip the balance for either side. Armada 7 While out on a nature hike, Carlos and Rad encountered the Mini-Con Swindlewho tricked them into thinking he was escaping from the Decepticons.

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In truth, he was out to capture both humans for Megatron's latest scheme. Hot Shot, Red Alert, and Smokescreen came to the kids' rescue, but were also captured in turn. Optimus tried to free all of his captive allies, but as he was now completely outnumbered, he was taken prisoner alongside the rest of the Autobots.

Thankfully, Swindle had a change of heart after the humans had offered him genuine friendship, and freed all of the Autobots from their bonds. Optimus and his soldiers forced the Decepticons to retreat, but were unable to stop them from taking the repentant Swindle along. Soon afterwards, a monolith crashed in TranquilityKansas and sent out a signal which summoned all Mini-Cons on Earth to converge at the monolith's location.

Red Alert was not especially concerned considering the Autobot Mini-Cons could come and go as they pleased and that they might have just needed some time to cool off, but Optimus Prime was worried: While the Mini-Cons were in their trance-like state, the Decepticons arrived, intent on claiming all of Earth's Mini-Cons for themselves. Rad used Sparkplug's communications systems to call Optimus Prime for help, which soon arrived.

Unfortunately, while the Autobots and Decepticons fought amongst themselves, the Mini-Cons and Rad entered the monolith and blasted off into space. Armada 8 As the Autobots left for home, Optimus Prime explained to the kids the significance of the giant Mini-Con symbol that had been burned into the ground and that Rad had been taken to the Moon. He also told them the story about how the Mini-Cons had escaped Cybertron and eventually crashed their ship on the Moon, breaking it in half and sending the bow to Earth.

Optimus' only plan was to wait for Megatron to make his move, and try to stop them, for they had no options for reaching the Moon that would not require specialised equipment or actions that would compromise their security on Cybertron.

However, an opportunity provided itself when the majority of the Decepticon left for the Moon, Armada 9 allowing Hot Shot and Red Alert to erase any Decepticon sensor logs while Optimus Prime used the space bridge to travel to the Autobase on Cybertron. Unfortunately, Jetfire had his hands full and resented Optimus Prime not leading the Autobots on Cybertron. However, Optimus did manage to get his hands on an Autobot Transport GunshipArmada 10 which he used to travel to the Moon.

Unbeknownst to Optimus, however, the selfish and cruel Destruction Team leader Dualor had strapped Rad into one of the space mines protecting to Moon, and now Optimus was preparing to destroy the minefield, but he hesitated.

While Sparkplug's Mini-Con friends and the Space Team were working on rescuing Rad, Optimus Prime realised an itchy trigger finger would be disastrous. Optimus correctly deduced that Sky Blast meant no harm and allowed him to dock with the gunship whilst towing the dummy mine containing Rad.

After blasting Cyclonus into pieces for attacking their ship, Optimus thanked Sky Blast for his help, and gave those back on the Mini-Con Moonbase transportation to Earth promising them that he and his compatriots were in for a lot of changes in how the Autobots treated them.

Armada 11 Prime's word was soon tested when two crises occurred at the same time: Scavenger and Smokescreen had detected the Decepticons building some sort of rocket launch facility in Death Valley, Californiaand a Mini-Con escape pod from the Moon had been detected in northern Alaska. At first, the Autobot leader preferred to deal with the Decepticon situation, until Sparkplug convinced him that if he didn't assist the Mini-Cons, the ones in the Autobase would be walking out. With political concerns in mind, Optimus Prime offered the full resources of the Autobots in mounting a rescue mission, which seemed to satisfy the fractious Mini-Cons.

With little choice, Optimus asked Sparkplug to powerlink with him at maximum power, enabling the Autobot to defeat Cyclonus. With the crisis averted and the Mini-Cons rescued, a disappointed Optimus asked Sparkplug why he had been holding back on him, as he thought they trusted one another. As Sparkplug told him the legend of the Mini-Cons having the power to save the universe or destroy it, Optimus was suddenly taken to Cybertron, where he witnessed its destruction While the Autobots tried to figure out what had happened to him, Optimus wandered across the blasted ruins of Cybertron, he discovered a lone survivorwho had been reduced to a gibbering wreck.

Worlds Collide, Part 1 of 4 Optimus Prime refused to believe the confused, fragmented story the survivor told: Prince of Nothingness came, the heavens opened up, and their final judgment was pronounced. All those who fought perished and everything was destroyed.

transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

Worlds Collide, Part 2 of 4 As Unicronthe devourer of worlds closed in on Cybertron, Optimus begged the survivor to tell him of any way to fight back against the monster. Worlds Collide, Part 3 of 4 Sadly, the survivor was beyond help, allowing himself to be sucked into the oblivion of Unicron's maw, despite Optimus' pleas for him to resist. Unicron noticed the lone Cybertronian and took the form of the survivor, proclaiming that like this reality's Optimus Primethe Autobot would fall and his universe would be consumed - the gateway was being prepared by his heralds.

Suddenly, Jetfire appeared, having jumped through a space bridge portal after destroying the Decepticon space bridge nexus that Unicron's heralds were using to open up space for their master to enter that reality. As this fallen Cybertron crumbled, Sparkplug, Comettor and the mysterious Mini-Con Over-Run appeared, having crossed realities to find the Autobot leader. With one mighty blast, Jet Optimus delivered a broadside to Unicron, giving them enough time to escape back to their reality.

As Cybertron's general, Optimus stood as the bulwark against the Chaos Bringer's onslaught, leading their combined forces until the Mini-Cons united their power to deliver an almighty blast at Unicron, sending him back into the unknown. Though victorious, Optimus Prime considered that with such pure evil, it may never be overand they must be eternally vigilant. The End Energon comic Ten years later, Optimus Prime found himself uncomfortable with the Autobots ' unpreparedness for war and requested the High Council to put resources into Cybertron 's defense.

Levitacus expressed the Council's decision that such an action would sap the little energon they had and would instigate the Autobot- Decepticon conflict all over again. Over-Run replied that he could simply "ask" his planet for the answers he sought, suggesting that he understand himself before he can understand the Adversary. Upon touching the structure, Optimus was pulled into the Hubwhere he met Sig-Omega and was granted a vision current events on Unicron that involved the Terrorcons.

The voice of Megatron called out to Optimus and asked for assistance in freeing him from the spark core of Unicron. In exchange, Megatron promised to use his knowledge in the defeat of Unicron.

He was pointed to Earthwhere energon that Unicron desired lay. Still, they agreed to Optimus's mission to Earth, on one condition: His preparation was interrupted when Unicron's Four Horsemen attacked.

Just as War was about to crush Optimus's head, the Omniconson Over-Run's orders, rushed to his rescue. Strongarm explained to Optimus that, as the Primehe had the innate ability to access the Hub at any location. He was granted a team of droneswho he could Powerlinx with. Using his super mode, Optimus was able to fight off the Horsemen, who left the scene as they were ordered elsewhere. Soon after, Levitacus brought news that the High Council was informed by Cybertron itself that Unicron had begun moving again and was focusing his attentions on Earth.

What Lies Beneath, Part Two In response to a distress call, Optimus Prime and a team of Autobots rushed through the space bridge to Earth, where they confronted Scorponok and his Terrorcons, who were raiding the planet for its energon. Their power proved too much for the Autobots to handle, but the fallen heroes were saved when Carlos destroyed an energon stockpile and Scorponok proved more concerned about safeguarding the remaining energon than in destroying the Autobots.

While Optimus composed himself after his beating, Megatron's voice reached him again, declaring that he was ready, having attained a new body constructed in Unicron.

Recovered, the Autobots ran into Rad and Alexis. After some reintroductions with their old human friends, the Autobots fought the Decepticons again at the Gregory Salt Sea. Now with energon weapons from the Omnicons, the Autobots fared better this time, and the Decepticons were forcibly pulled back to Unicron through portals.

Knowing the threat Earth was now under, Optimus Prime promised to defend the planet from Unicron and the Terrorcons. Multiplicity Optimus started with establishing Cybertron-constructed shield towers on Earth. Aftershock However, his attempts to connect to the human populace were frustrated when the Omnicons nearly destroyed Chicago while trying to mine some energon they had detected.

He assigned Hot Shot the task of acclimating the Omnicons to Earth, starting by having them attend to the shield tower in the Yukon Territory. Further Autobot infrastructure required reinforcements from Cybertron, so Optimus personally entered the space bridge, only to be diverted to Unicron's core to face the still-trapped Megatron.

transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

Optimus Supreme is enlarged to giant size with a power boost from Primus which also energises several of the other Autobots. In a veritable battle of the titans, Optimus Supreme destroys Unicron, but his mind lives on within Megatron. Although many of the Decepticons are captured and imprisoned on Cybertron, Megatron and his remaining forces soon attack the planet and free them. Another fugitive is Shockblast's younger brother, Sixshot, who joins Megatron's team to get revenge on Optimus Prime for his brother's death.

Optimus Prime (Armada)

Guided by Unicron's consciousness, Megatron is led to a subterranean reservoir of Super Energon, which transforms him into Galvatron. Two of the Super Energon's guardians, Bruticus Maximus and Constructicon Maximus, awake from stasis and side with him, but the third, Superion Maximus, sides with the Autobots.

In the ensuing battle, the rupture of several Energon Towers sees a blanket of damaging Energon gas coat Cybertron's surface, keeping the Autobots trapped off the planet, forcing them to send in Kicker and the Omnicons to stop the gas flow while Galvatron seizes control of the planet and directs its movement back to Alpha Q's region of space.

In a multi-pronged attack, the Autobots turn the tables, but Galvatron then immerses himself in the Super Energon again, growing to a colossal size, as Unicron's mind once again takes over his own and directs him into space to merge with his Spark, still intact in the void.

transformers energon powerlinx optimus prime megatron meet

Optimus Prime grows to gigantic size also and forces Galvatron into a battle, bringing his consciousness back to the surface, at which point Prime drains Unicron's essence from his body. Galvatron then seeks to destroy Unicron's spark, but is possessed by it, while all of the Autobots combine their Sparks of Combination with Optimus Prime, reviving him and leading into the final battle with Unicron, which is promptly aborted when Galvatron takes control of his body again and plunges himself into the foundling sun created by Primus from the Super Energon, preferring to die than to be manipulated.

With this action, the sun ignites, breathing new life into Alpha Q's worlds, lighting the way to a brighter tomorrow.

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Comics[ edit ] Such as with the previous line of Transformers: Energon's mainstream comic distribution came courtesy of the former comics giant Dreamwavetaking over their Armada comic title with Issue 18, and written by Simon Furman.

But whilst the Armada title had faithfully approached the concepts of the animated series, this title took liberties with the characters and told a far more expansive arc, even incorporating completely new players, such as a member of the High Council type Autobot named Avalon secretly collaborating with Alpha Qwho, like his animated counterpart, had a separate agenda, but it may never be known if he had the same goals as the anime version.

The initial story arc also continued plotlines from the final Armada issue, as it retained Optimus Prime's Armada form in its upgraded grey and blue Powerlinx form for the earliest portions as Cybertron came under attack from the still thriving, but damaged, Unicron. As the Horsemen ravaged Cybertron, Prime interacted with Vector Sigma and was upgraded to his traditional Energon form.

Rad and Alexis would get more time, sans Carlos, as the storylines progressed, with both showing a deeper affection for the other, however the relationship was never fully explored due to the closure of Dreamwave. The Transformers presence on Earth was also handled with more resentment and hostility from a handful of citizens; this culminated in a large-scale Terrorcon assault on Earth during the second story arc, as Megatron transported Optimus into the hub of Unicron, where his spark had been trapped since the conclusion of the Armada comic, and manipulated Prime into freeing him so he could enter a body he had been secretly preparing.

Upon release, Megatron swiftly took control of the Decepticons again, killing their leader Scorponok. Optimus remained inside Unicron, fighting off the horrors within heading for a final showdown with the heart of the enemy. Unfortunately, like many of the plotlines above, the comic folded, with all of the ongoing storylines abandoned, although it was confirmed in the final issue that the intended last arc for the Energon comic would have led directly into DW's own version of events in Transformers: IDW, the current holders of the franchise, have not continued publication of the Energon comic or even published a Cybertron comic, they did however release a collection of the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club exclusive storyline, Transformers: Cybertron - Balancing Act, which followed Vector Primeon a side quest to the central Cybertron animated series storyline.