Triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

Triumph in the Skies II Quotes Week 08 (end) | TVB and Thai Lakorns

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

Buy "Triumph In The Skies (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama)" at TVB's blockbuster Triumph in the Skies follows the trials and romantic relationships. Read Triumph in the Skies Review by Bridget on 2) Chris and Coco's abruptly ended relationship after Vincent's death. 3) Sam's. They both acknowledged their relationship has gone beyond ex-lovers or friends. Now the Zita-Isaac-Donald dilemma must end right?.

But a lot of the show concentrates on the professional training of airline pilots, which is presented in a surprisingly gripping manner and is deftly interwoven with the crisscrossing romantic storylines.

Sam Francis Ng and Belle Flora Chanthe main characters, meet by chance in Rome and, after chasing through the city in a series of coincidental meetings, hook up and have hot off-screen sex. The character of Sam could have been an insufferable, controlling bore but Francis makes him intriguing, sympathetic and ultimately loveable despite his restrained personality.

The show also directly addresses the fifteen-year age difference between the two characters, with running commentary throughout the series on the difficulties of this seemingly mismatched pair finding harmony.

Francis is clearly the best actor in the program but for the most part the rest of the cast holds up pretty well to his star-power and acting chops.

He has an uncanny knack for intently listening to and playing off of his fellow actors, elevating and enhancing their performances by his subtle and effective responses.

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He wants a long term relationship, and that requires a strong foundation. So, you have to do whatever I say. Take the captain test. You failed twice already. This is your last chance. I know you are stressed out. But, you have the potential.

Triumph in the Skies II Overview | TVB and Thai Lakorns

All you have to do is let go of the past failures. I have confidence you will definitely pass. Summer Myolie Wu challenges him to a bike contest and he purposely lets her win. But she challenges him to take the captain test, and although she knows it is hard, she says she will take the engineer exam. But this time, they are really cancelling all my flights. I really have to undergo hearings. The feeling is quite… bad. Sam Francis Ng is the one who decided he should undergo hearings to prove his innocence before he can fly again.

Holiday Fala Chan finds out through other pilots at Skylette and goes to confront Sam, but he says it is best not to talk about work at home. Therefore, Holiday goes to comfort Jayden, to which he realizes taking risks, and doing things the dangerous way, can lead to their consequences. That is why I am forcing myself to change. Why am I changing? I am changing for you.

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

And the problem is, you are a pilot captain. You are always on top of everything. She initially wanted to become a flight attendant at Skylette to see her father, but later realized she enjoyed her job.

She is thankful for Hero Quinn Hofor taking part in helping her patch her relationship with her father. She later develops love for Hero.

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

She actually became a flight attendant because she wanted to see her father and then continued because she wanted to see Hero more. But, under the encouragement of Hero, she decides to continue pursuing her dreams of a being a dancer.

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

Hero Yung Quinn Ho had the dream of flying planes ever since he was a child. At first, he was not fond of Pink Pink Rebecca Zhubut he later discovers she has feelings for him. They get together at the end. He encourages Pink Pink to continue her passion of dancing. She cannot physically carry a baby, so she asks Coco to help them.

Coco agrees, but at the same time, Coco has to break up with Nick Hugo Wong for the decision. Then, she tells Coco that Victor is doing better and the baby is hope. But, when Coco goes back to Hong Kong, she once again disappears and does not answer her texts, calls, and emails.

She makes it seem like the world revolves around her. But yet, she is not there to support Coco throughout her surrogate pregnancy. And when Victor is well again, she takes back the baby. Coco is hands-down, the best friend anyone can ask for. She was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for Colby. Roy was comedic in his words.

Jayden was funny through his words and facial expressions. He has had numerous girlfriends in his life, and he is not willing to commit to any of them. Even with Holiday Fala Chanit was an open relationship. Not long after Holiday breaks up with him, he realizes that Holiday is actually his true love.

And, he goes to all extents to prove himself as the one for Holiday and that they should be together again. He started out depressed.

But, Holiday Fala Chan was the shining bright star that bought light into his life once again. Her actions reflected her love life. But nevertheless, she is still the bubbly person. She creates a lively atmosphere wherever she is. At first, she seems to be directionless, until she is guided by Sam Francis Ng. She shows she is not willing to give up, regardless of what others say. She tries her best, until she can accomplish what she wants.

“Triumph in the Skies 2” Ending Revealed |

Sam Francis Ng was originally someone who barely smiled, and kept all his feelings to himself. Holiday Fala Chan was originally the carefree and careless one. Sam taught Holiday what it means to be disciplined and responsible: And, Holiday taught Sam what it is to smile and express his feelings in words. They led each other out of their past, forever gone relationships and moved forwards, knowing they should cherish the ones they have now. The series had one themesong, two subsongs, and several background songs.

I found the Themesong to be quite appealing, contrary to what others thought. The lyrics relate to the series as well, describing the long journey of the plane ride and if people worked together, they can accomplish a whole lot.

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

This song was a mix of Cantonese and English, although the Cantonese and English does not really relate to each other. Weather is hard to say during the journey. The song compares love to a flight ride: As all the couples in the series experienced their ups and downs, this song can relate to all the couples in different ways.

They have gone through their own emotional setbacks before finally realizing they are the soulmate for each other. After their emotional journey, they should be with one another forever and ever. They know how to make the other feel better when the other is not feeling happy. They complement one another. London was the location where Sam and Holiday first met, unknowingly.

Later, the Cadet Program came here for training. Paris is the romantic location of where Jayden and Holiday started. But as romantic as their relationship gets, it does not last.

triumph in the skies tvb ending relationship

Roy and Heather also kissed under the Eiffel Tower after Roy passed his captain pilot exam.