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us carjoy cruise meet

Shot at US Car Joy cruise & meet This photo is in 1 album. US Carjoy meet 76 items. Tags · us · car · joy · carjoy · meet · Aug 11, at PM – Aug 13, at PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Hillerød Kræmmermarked. Smørkildevej, Hillerød. Show Map . Hurricane Pam passed us without leaving much damage. . Racers of big boats were present as well as those that cruise the .. Sadly we didn't get to meet Robin as he was fishing in Alaska, but we did get to meet Patti. Also my car Joy was still there where I had left her and started without a peeps!.

us carjoy cruise meet

Robin Lawrence from Holley handled the tuning chores and together we learned what this engine likes. I had had hoped to show you guys how to read spark plugs but there simply wasn't time to do that during the test. In the end the engine produces great torque and nearly horsepower!

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You can also see behind the scenes photos of the test by checking my social media accounts. Build and professionally tuned at Steve Morris Engines. If you are a neat nick, this video will make you very nervous. This engine gives someone pause to be anywhere near the dyno room! As usual, Tom finds new ways to make the engine uniquely Tom Nelson's.

It really is a blast!


If you want to understand Methanol engines, air fuel ratios, and much more, go to smokemup. This website explains the subject in detail. To subscribe to the NelsonRacingEngines channel click http: To bring your product or service to the World click http: Veritas Movie Studio is a media production company. The beauty of the build is that engine still retains many GM parts.

This prototype engine will be heading to the US soon for testing. The good new is the guys plan on making these engines available for sale next year.

We were lucky enough to witness it on the dyno at Dandy Engines where we were surprised at how smooth and easy the engine delivered both power and torque on regular unleaded petrol. Haltech Elite Ignition: The engine is one of a kind.

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A short look at the Patented symmetrical mirror image turbo developement is shown. This dyno has a very mysterious ghost appearence as well. We hope you enjoy this new video. For more information about NRE products go to http: For help with your video production go to http: Truly one awesome display of time and effort that we were thrilled to witness, but lucky for us it was also here to show us what that ford power plant could do!

It is believed to be the largest running single cylinder four-cycle open crankcase engine in existence. It is rated at HP and ft-lbs. The dual 9 foot flywheels and crankshaft together weigh 15 tons. The main bearing caps weigh Lbs. It was on display at the World's Fair in St. After the World's Fair, it was installed in the W. Want to see more videos like this? The original Dyno destroyer has become mostly unplayable. Youtube must have lost a hard drive.

This video was popular with aboutviews. They build this little boat themselves. The Whangarei harbour is a fun place to sail in with a small boat because there is lots of hidden little streams, that I wouldn't be able to explore with Guppy.

NewspaperSG - The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser, 18 October

In my blogs I often write how busy I am and that that's the reason for not writing a blog, but really that's actually a lie. I am very busy yes, that part is true, but the actual reason for me not writing so many blogs is that I dread it.

Even when hundreds of exiting things happen. There's a few things I really do not enjoy and one of them is having to place myself behind the computer to write or answer mails. But as many things, I guess practice is what makes one good at something, so here I am again, trying to get that mess of thoughts sorted into some writing that hopefully most people can understand Last month I made one of the biggest decision in my life.

Together with lots of friends plus some of Daniels family and mine, we celebrated the commitment that Daniel and I made for each other. A commitment of love - on an absolutely stunning day. The forecast had been threatening us with rain all week, but on THE day the weather couldn't have been better.

Some clouds dimmed the light on the venue outdoors in the morning, then it cleared up to a blue sunny day. Our honeymoon we spend on board our romantic Guppy, together with many friends and family that had come over and were staying on even after the wedding.

So this is what it took to get both - my mum and dad - to come to New Zealand! They enjoyed seeing many of their old friends again a lot and recalled memories all the time. I can hardly describe in words how beautiful it was - it made my heart jump of joy to see all these people, that mean so much to us: I loved having my dad on Guppy without actually working all the time and running from one place to another. It was a busy and crazy time but oh so beautiful!

A couple of weeks after our visitors left, I took on a delivery from Bluff to Whangarei on a Wharram catamaran. Well, that trip was ehm, interesting. de Jongste solozeiler ter wereld! - ◦ Blog ◦

I flew down the day before the departure was planned. Lia Ditton and her partner had been on the boat for a while working on it.

us carjoy cruise meet

I couldn't be there any earlier due to a presentation that I had the night before in Warkworth - so I just had to trust that all was fine with the boat. Early the next morning we were off, with a strong out going tide. Sytze, the owner and builder of Anam Cara was watching us from shore in the warmth of his car.

us carjoy cruise meet

Just out of the harbor entrance I started hoisting sails, intended to, but they wouldn't let me succeed. They wouldn't go further up then a few meters.

This seemed very strange because there really isn't much to this gaff rig. Two ropes leading down the mast - with the sail sown around the mast.

I dropped the sail again, checking the few blocks and tackles that there were, while Anam Cara was swinging wildly. Waves had build up on a shallow patch, just starboard of us. Eventually I just hung on the rope coming straight down the mast before it went through the block. This worked well and with Gerard pulling through the other rope, we finally had the sails up, one hour later. A little later in the day I heard a concerning mumbling while Lia was on watch. The mizzen mast was swinging around wildly.

The new rigging - which is just made up of ropes - had stretched itself so much that the mast now had enough freedom to dance a tango.

us carjoy cruise meet

While I was on the wheel Lia and Gerard tightened the rigging as much as possible in the confused seas. With night fall the wind turned onto the nose. By morning we had sailed a good distance, but we had made very little progress towards our goal. Winds proceeded to be on the nose and we had to keep tacking to and from the coast, only gaining very little towards north. Eventually the winds shifted, but then dropped. So even though we were on the right heading now, we still didn't make any progress.

On the 4th night the winds had strengthenth to a good 20 knots but from the north, so that we were back to the wave-bashing-business.

We had a hard time keeping the boat on course because of the waves. I had just got of watch when I heard Anam Cara tacking and Lia running around on deck. Not much later we tacked again and I heard a turning of the ignition - a few slow turns of the starter motor - but the engine did not start. Lia opened the hatch and asked if I could come up.

I quickly put on my sailing gear and jumped out. The blocks on the mizzen mast had broken off their bolts, which gave the halyard a very bad angle. The rigging had loosened again, which made the mast swing a little.

Our main worries though, were loud bangs and the groaning of Anam Cara. So we made the decision to turn the bow around towards Dunedin. The next morning I had a chat to Daniel on the phone and found out that he had been hit by a car on the road, or - HE hit the car - as he thinks haha! That joke cost him a concussion, bruises and a few painful joints. And of course I was left with little choice, whether to go back and take care for him or not.