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The gig was up when Rachael's guest David Cay Johnston revealed that the returns had arrived .. Ass, Bad, and Books: December 3 at am Just met a. Anime Club [EXTENDED]. Anime Detour PONIES PONIES PONIES Boston 4chan meetup footage compilation .. Busta Rhymes | Sienna | Toyota. Swedish . average Vidya4chan omarcafini.info4. blahhhh. Edit: 6/8/ This is ON folks. If you are in the area and can make it, would love to have you come by the Toyota Museum and meet and greet.

I couldn't stop saying "thank you" because I can tell they're a beacon for other kids who are closeted and-or have unaccepting parents. They can see that Miles is here and okay and living and having a great life! I'm super pumped that they're nonbinary like me, but even before they came out I just love them as a person. I was this close to letting you sign the camera itself haha!

It's merch from the Miles McKenna live show. Doctor, Facepalm, and Life: I expected it was a piece of fan mail, as I sometimes get them here as opposed to my PO. BoxGreensboro, NC, if you ever want to send me anything nice!

The fact that things make their way to my personal address is upsetting to start with, but not as upsetting as the content of this letter. All human beings deserve respect. My heart aches for all the human beings this man "treated, because he clearly treated them poorly and with no respect.

He can do better.

We can all do better PS: It is my understanding that you blame your enormous weight gain on Poly cystic ovaries but that is a bunch ofBull; if you really be that, you are in complete denial. The cause of your ight gain is plain old g y and y know is very sad to see you g a physical Wei being rather than b it on your lack of self- condition poly ovaries for a fat pig mntml There is nothing about your life that is "Fabulous"; when you are a big fat sow as you Write a comment O Los Angeles, California gobo Telephone: It is my understanding that you blame enormous weight gain on Poly cystic ovaries but that is a bunch if you really your cause of your of Bu believe that, you are in complete denial.

The weight gain is plain old gluttony and you know it. It is very sad to see you blaming a physical condition polycystic ovaries for being a big fat pig rather than blaming it on your lack of self- control. There is nothing about your life that is "Fabulous"; when you sow you are, it is a disgusting existence. You need to get out of denial and do something about your extreme obesity. D Totally real doctor, guys Totally real doctor, guys 80s, Beautiful, and Beer: Add Friend I know l occasionally complain about some of the callers to the radio station but then there are just some times that you win the lottery with One Today is that day!

I picked up the phone and said "Hi The River" and l heard this frail little voice asking "Who? My caller said in a shaky voice that she was "So sorry to have bothered m and something made me start talking to her. My new friend is in her late 80's, a widow, still lives by herself, loves to play cards and sometimes like to drink a beer or some whiskey, she has 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild on the way. She said that l sound like a strong handsome man she did say that she drinksshe wanted to know ifl was married because there are some lovely ladies at her church.

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Her husband used to be a fireman, she used to love to dance and go see shows. She has a 15 year old cat. She wishes she saw her family more but she understands that life is busy. And the conversation went on and on I spoke with her for 20 minutes and it made my heart feel happy. Hello, is this the DJ? I just wanted to tell you that I spoke with Lori and l am getting my hair done tomorrow. Me I bet you will be even more beautiful than you are now Caller: And I promise that there was too much dust in the air they weren't tears!

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Old lady accidentally calls dapper radio DJ, what happens next will warm your heart! This will be the saddest thing you see all day. It's sad that after 10 years of what looks like complete neglect of a treatable and irritating skin condition, they not only gave her the name angel but they left her at the Shelter when they moved. I am already spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since I will be available on You can visit me at my temporary home at C My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they were moving.

But they said that http: It would save their life! OP White Guy 1 hr No more white, male heroes please. Like Comment A share O and 5 others Thats racist. And Im sick of it. It wasn't as if there was a special occasion or anything, that's what Dan loved about the Lester's, they simply decided that they hadn't seen eachother in a while and decided to get together. Dan and Phil were in the kitchen with various family members, including Phil's niece and nephew the two Phil had threatened to make jump on the bed to get Dan up.

Evie, a little five year girl was sat on the floor making animal noises and Jack, who was three, was simply stood staring up at Dan. Ever since Dan had joined the family everyone Particularly the children seemed to idolize him, and Phil often joked that they wouldn't even come to visit him if Dan wasn't here Do you kids want to do anything then? Phil chuckled "come on then, we can start in the lounge Look at me using this whole 'multiple posts' thing - - - phanfic phanfluff phanfiction fluff phan danandphil phandom danisnotonfireandamazingphil danhowellandphillester danisnotonfire amazingphil danhowell PhilLester phancakeslesterfluff phancakeslester Look at me using this whole 'multiple posts' thing - - - phanfic phanfluff phanfiction fluff phan danandphil phandom danisnotonfireandamazin Memes, Keen, and Sage: Replace the u in your name with an i.

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But what if these are the wrong things to be looking for if what we actually want is intimacy? This seems so counterintuitive, and yet if we listen to our stories of meeting people, having great chemistry, and then getting sexy, what is the rest of the story most of the time?

He never called back. We had nothing else to talk about. There is an initial sexual attraction, there is a little dance, and if all goes well, sexual union.

In the animal world, the job is done because the goal was procreation. Ikust wanted to see what was on his computer. Double tap if you use Sunday's as your cheat meal day!!!!!! The hardest part about cheat meals is having to diet the rest of the day and not letting it carry on to tomorrow But it's so worth it.

Carb cycling is the key to the success of all my clients All it takes is a simple email to me to find out what it's all about and how my clients succeed!!!!! Funny, God, and Lit: And Tracy's delayed "oh my god! It was so great and hilarious. Ofc Yuzu looked flawless throughout the whole thing, and then there was the part where Shoma said that he celebrated his win by staying up till midnight with Keiji, and Yuzu pretended to be hurt bc he was left out, which was hilarious but also lowkey sad and I hope they all party together next time maybe ahaha.

And the camera angle was just right so that whenever Boyang was answering questions, you could see Yuzu's reactions, and they were always spot on and funny.

A bit sad about Javi and Patrick not making it on the podium bc they're veterans and all, but hey, Shoma and Boyang are also my faves so I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Also I was on the ISU stream for backstage during the men's FS event and got to talk to some really cool fellow Yuzu fans, so that was amazing. In that chat, I was like "ok guys this is just one of my fantasies and it's not v likely but can you just imagine how great it would be if Yuzu went out there and broke the FS WR and won gold??

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Anaconda, Cute, and Dogs: Pictured here is Chico A, one of the doggies photographed. Chico has spent over days looking for a second chance at life and love. He also likes to go outside and enjoys playing a fun game of fetch. Connect, adopt and fall in love with Chico today!