Warminster school swap meet

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warminster school swap meet

Mark Mortimer, headmaster, Warminster School Nazh and Qasim – to meet Mark Mortimer, who runs pupil Warminster School, a private. A state and private school's staff and students swap for a week to see how the other half learn – but the A sort of cultural meet and greet. Warminster has the same number of pupils but twice as many teachers as Bemrose. School swap: Pictures shows: From left: Xander, (Warminster) Qasim ( 'In some ways that's good because the children I met at Warminster.

Warminster School

Xander goes into class with his Bemrose counterpart Brett, who says he likes messing about in lessons for fun. However, he says he realises how important education is.

warminster school swap meet

Is it the case that because children perhaps are more compliant you can be more lazy in the way that you teach them? Jon, meanwhile, gets his first taste of maths in the state sector.

ITV's School Swap: tackling the education class divide

But at Bemrose, teacher Mr Thomas, whose lessons Jon enjoys, says he would be in the top set and aiming for a grade A. Nazh, who was originally from Syria but moved to Britain inis ambitious and aims to become Prime Minister one day.

warminster school swap meet

My parents believe in me, it makes me stronger. It is also found that the Bemrose students have a much lower reading age, and a shorter school day. Jo remarks that the later finish for private students might help them to prepare for the world of work. The pressures on the quality of teaching are also different in the schools.

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At Bemrose, the school is under pressure from Ofsted and ever-changing government scrutiny. The students settle differently into their new environments. Warminster student Jon is pleased to find that he is in the top set for Maths at Bemrose, whereas he has been entered for Foundation level at his usual school.

This gives him a welcome confidence boost.

PUPIL TAKEOVER DAY - Warminster School

For those in senior roles such as Head and Deputy their crisis management skills maybe tested on the day, for example Pupils have had to make formal applications for the posts in school. Pupils from any year in the Senior School have been encouraged to apply for any role in the School.

Applications are submitted via an application form and accompanied by a letter outlining their reasons for applying and highlighting their skills and attributes which they have that they feel would be useful in the role applied for.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a panel interview for the post they have applied for. Feedback to unsuccessful candidates will be provided, including those not shortlisted for interview. This has been a steep learning curve for the pupils from both sides - those applying and those recruiting.