What episode does buffy meet dracula

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what episode does buffy meet dracula

"Buffy vs. Dracula" is the fifth-season premiere of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy faces the infamous Count Dracula, who has come to. Though the episode does engage in a bit of unintentional In the last few seconds of “Buffy Vs. Dracula,” we meet Dawn (played by Michelle. He had heard the stories about the world-famous Slayer and wanted to meet her Xander eventually led Buffy to Dracula's castle on the outskirts of Sunnydale, When he again tried to reform, she reminded him that she was still there and from Dracula like the Japanese vampires did, the Scoobies figured Dracula might .

Another example of this occurs when, in Xander's dream, he walks from the front of the moving ice cream van towards the back, crawls up and over some boxes, through a window, and drops into his basement. Whedon also used unusual framing for shots, often leaving much of the frame empty, with a character being placed near the bottom or off to the side.

The scenes in Spike's crypt, part of Giles' dream, were shot in black-and-white to emphasize that Spike is seen as "an old 30s movie villain". In this scene Whedon also let the shots last longer than usual before cutting. The outdoor scene in which Xander sees Buffy in the sandbox was intentionally overexposedintensifying the foreground and blowing out the background, making the sky look white; flash frames were also used in the shot of Buffy in the desert.

Whedon allowed some shots to last far longer than is common in a television episode; this cinematic technique allowed the images to take on meaning. Highly stylized lighting is used throughout Xander's dream. In the university hallway the scene is lit with green and orange gelswhile the almost shot-for-shot re-creation of the Apocalypse Now section is lit with carefully controlled spotlights which allow the background to fall out to black.

Whedon cites The Limey as an inspiration for the unnaturally colored university sequence, and had the scene from Apocalypse Now playing on tape during filming to ensure as close a match as possible for that sequence.

Whedon originally wanted to use rear-screen projection for the driving scene, but had to utilize greenscreen instead, as rear-screen projection would be difficult to set up on their stages. He therefore dissolved the shot into a negative imagecreating intense colors that made the shot more interesting.

Abrupt cuts from close-up to extreme wide angles and sudden shifts from normal speed to super slow-motion are used in Buffy's dream: Additionally, silence is used frequently, to both reflect the characters' disorientation and to unsettle the audience. Whedon cited films by Steven Soderbergh as his main inspirations for the odd editing, especially The Limey and The Underneath.

Buffy vs. Dracula - Wikipedia

Seth Greenwho left the series earlier in the season, makes a brief appearance as Oz in Willow's dream. Armin Shimermanwhose character Principal Snyder was killed off in the season three finaleappears as Kurtz in the Apocalypse Now scene. Amber Benson appears as Tara in the dream sequences, as both Willow's girlfriend and a spirit guide to Buffy.

what episode does buffy meet dracula

Whedon commented on her appearances in Buffy's dream: Mercedes McNab appears as Harmony Kendall is present during Willow's dream as both an ordinary classmate and an inept vampire. Phina Oruche appears as Olivia in Giles's dream heavily pregnant and pushing a baby stroller.

Kristine Sutherland appears as Joyce SummersBuffy's mother. Whedon enjoyed that she got "to play just completely sexy [in Xander's dream], because when you play the mom on a show you're sort of relegated to momhood, so it was nice to see that side of her. Sarah Michelle Gellar had worked with her previously and suggested to Joss Whedon that she read for the part of Dawn. Beck appears in the scene playing the piano, while members of Four Star Mary play the other instruments.

Each dream acts as a character study, exploring the fears and future of the dreamer. Willow, Xander, and Giles are stalked by a shadowy figure, then killed within their dreams. The way in which each is killed is directly related to the role they had assumed when melding with Buffy in the previous episode—that role is indicated by the Tarot-like card used to symbolize the character's essence.

Willow's card had been Spiritus, representing her magical powers; she is killed by having her spirit sucked out of her. Xander's card had been Animus, representing his heart; he is killed by having his heart ripped out. Giles had been represented by the card Sophus, a symbol of his intellect and role as teacher; he is killed by being scalped.

Buffy's card, Manus, was representative of her physical strength. In her dream the stalker is revealed as the primitive, first slayer, who confronts her aggressively. The two fight, but the First Slayer is defeated when Buffy realizes a key difference between them: Her confusion represents her lack of self-confidence, her fear that she still does not fit in or have a place in the world, unlike those around her, who are competent and know what is going on.

Buffy vs. Dracula

She wears ordinary clothes, but the others repeatedly comment on the excellence of her "costume", a reference to her fear that her friends do not see what she has grown into, but rather what she was when younger: This fear is confirmed when Buffy strips off her shirt and jeans, revealing the same unfashionable turtleneck and corduroy jumper she wore in episode one of the series, four years earlier, before her demon-fighting experiences and study of magic increased her confidence and competence.

Willow stands anxiously at the front of the class, trying to read a paper, while her classmates express their boredom with listening to her and Oz whispers into Tara's ear, until she is attacked by the First Slayer and her breath is sucked out of her body. Whedon stated that the maze of red curtains on the stage in Willow's dream are not a direct homage to Twin Peaksas some have posited, [4] [6] but rather represent the safety and comfort of being with her girlfriend Tara, and are a sexual metaphor as well.

His fear that he is stuck is reiterated throughout his dream by his inability to escape his basement bedroom in his parents' home. No matter where his dream takes him, he ends up back in the basement.

what episode does buffy meet dracula

As the only one of the Scoobies not in college, he feels anxiety about his ability to understand and keep up with ideas and conversations, a fear which is realized when he goes to the university, a place he already feels excluded from, and finds that he cannot understand what people say to him. Aware that he is being chased and is in danger, he asks Giles what is happening but cannot understand his answer, nor what Anya says to him, as they are both inexplicably speaking French.

He exclaims, "I don't understand! During this part of his dream, Buffy is dressed as a child, with pigtails, and is unable to throw a ball straight without his help and instruction, an indication of his fear that she will be unable to do her job without his guidance.

Later, Olivia is seen weeping, while the baby stroller has been overturned and abandoned, signifying elements of his unfulfilled life, such as marriage and children.

Later, in The Bronze, he is explaining the reason they are all being stalked and attacked, performing his job as Watcher, but his singing this information represents his unfulfilled longing to be a musician, something he's been exploring privately throughout the season. This theme of aloneness is reiterated by several shots in which she is alone in the frame, most notably the wide shot of her in the vast and empty desert.

Another source of anxiety is her relationship with her current boyfriend, Riley, whom she finds plotting world domination with Adam in his original, human, form. She fears what Riley could turn into as a result of his alliance with the military. She also fears the destabilizing effect of this alliance on their relationship, and the destabilizing effect of this relationship on her life as the slayer.

She is shown putting mud on her face, mimicking the mud mask of the primal, First Slayer. By the end of her encounter in the desert with the First Slayer, Buffy realizes that she does not have to be entirely alone, that it is her closeness to friends and family that makes her a great Slayer, and once she experiences this revelation, the efforts of the First Slayer to continue to engage her in battle become fruitless and increasingly comical.

The dream finally ends in a mundane way, as Buffy refuses to accept a tragic climax and instead insists on normality in her life. Because I needed something in the show that was meaningless, because there is always something in the dream that doesn't make any sense at all. In this case it was the Cheese Man. He confounds everybody because of that, and people ascribe him meaning. This to me means that we're being successful, because this means they're not worried about everything else, which means they sort of did understand most other things.

In a dream sequence in the season three finaleFaith says "Little Miss Muffet counting down from "; foreshadowing Dawn's arrival two years later in season five. Buffy says, "It's so late.

When Buffy leaves the room, Tara tells her, "Be back before Dawn. Tara's words to Buffy, "You think you know what's to come, what you are. You haven't even begun. In Xander's dream, Giles and Spike swing together on a swing set, with Spike wearing a tweed jacket.

Giles comments, "Spike's like a son to me. In Entertainment Weekly 's list of the 25 best Whedonverse episodes—including episodes from Buffy, as well as AngelFirefly and Dollhouse —"Restless" placed at 20, where they called it "Visually lush and trippy," and said, " No one watches it the same way.

That's the mark of a true masterpiece. Club reviewed "Restless" inafter beginning his first look at the series inhe praised Joss Whedon 's ability to represent what dreams are actually like. She is helpless against his powers and unable to stop him from biting her. When she wakes the next morning, she hides the puncture marks in her neck with a scarf. Later, the gang discusses their plan of attack.

Buffy seems distracted and after hearing about the truths of Dracula, she leaves abruptly.

what episode does buffy meet dracula

Riley follows her and forces her to take off the scarf to show the puncture marks on her neck. Everyone is shocked to see that she has been under the control of Dracula.

what episode does buffy meet dracula

Since Xander is under Dracula's power, he has a strange hunger for spiders and attempts to defend the powerful vampire to his friends. Xander volunteers to have Buffy stay safely at his place, Willow and Tara use magic to protect the Summers's home, and Giles and Riley go after Dracula.

Anya complains about not going after Dracula herself, until Xander locks her in the closet.

Xander takes the willing Slayer to his "Master" in hopes of getting immortality in return. After being left alone with Dracula, Buffy tries to take control and stake him, but he is easily able to make her put the stake down. Riley and Giles discover Dracula's castle, remarking how they've never noticed it before, and enter carefully. Dracula talks to Buffy about all the things he will do for her while she struggles to regain control of herself.

Xander tries to stop Riley from going after Dracula, but Riley knocks him out with one punch. Giles finds himself victim to the Three Sisters who effectively keep him distracted. Dracula offers his blood to Buffy, and she hesitantly takes a drink. A flash of memories allows Buffy to break his control over her. Riley rescues Giles from the vampire sisters though Giles is reluctant to leave themand they go to save Buffy.

Buffy and Dracula fight in a vicious battle, and finally Buffy stakes him. After they leave, Dracula comes back from the dust. Buffy is there and stakes him again, knowing he would come back.

Dracula attempts to re-form again but is reminded by Buffy that she is "standing right here".

what episode does buffy meet dracula