Where can meet benedict cumberbatch

where can meet benedict cumberbatch

Well I have met him once, albeit really really briefly, for about two minutes or so. It was during an event he hosted in Kuala Lumpur. I've been a big big fan of his. I'd like to send some fanmail to Benedict Cumberbatch. Someone I love is terminally ill and all they want is to meet Benedict/speak to him on the phone for a . The late Spike Milligan once remarked that he had arranged to meet a In his role as Hamlet, Benedict Cumberbatch will have to learn, and.

Up until this point, I had been running on pure adrenaline. But as I stood in line, the nerves began kicking in.

30 Hours in London to see Benedict Cumberbatch – cumberbatchweb

I had bought 3 extra photos on top of the one that came with my diamond pass, but I had never done anything like that before, so I had no idea what I was doing or how to ask for poses without feeling super weird. When my turn came, I went up, said hello, and then let him know about the 4 photos.

I asked if he was doing hugs that day, and after thinking about it for a second, he said no totally understandable, with the amount of people he was seeing that dayso we just did a normal shot first. Then I asked if we could do silly faces, which we did.

I never could have thought of a better one if I tried — I was so happy! Little did I know about the face he pulled…he left that as a parting surprise for me… I started laughing the second they handed me the photo and continue to giggle each and every time I glance at it.

I later noticed that the picture went viral — over reactions on Facebook and on Twitter! When I left the photo area, I could have easily left right then and there feeling completely satisfied. I still had an autograph session to attend, as well as his talk … not to mention all the others I was to meet in my short amount of time there!

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He was charming, extremely funny, sweet, and incredibly thoughtful. Finally for Saturday was my autograph session — which was by far the most nerve wracking part for me.

where can meet benedict cumberbatch

To understand this, we need to go back to Sherlocked for a moment. When I decided to go to that convention back in January, I figured there might be a chance that Benedict would attend, and if he did, I wanted to find a way to show my affection and gratitude in a tangible and meaningful way.

30 Hours in London to see Benedict Cumberbatch

So, I decided to pick Save the Children for the year as my gift to Benedict, because I remembered hearing about his impassioned speeches after Hamlet and knew how much he cared about their work. So, I was feeling pretty nervous while I stood there waiting in line — and mind you, I was also running on about 3 hours of sleep and no food since the previous evening by this point! When my turn finally came, I greeted him happily, and then as he began signing, I asked my million dollar question.

The respect the man has for his fans is so obvious, it can almost be a little overwhelming at times. At this point, I presented him with the replica note, hoping to make him realize that it really and truly was OK — and he accepted it immediately, telling me that on second look, upon seeing it, he did seem to think that maybe he had seen it, but that he would make a point of reading it again just to be completely sure this time.

In chatting about it, I gave him a brief summary of what it was, and he thanked me graciously for it. Finally, as it must have been top of mind for him since I had mentioned Sherlocked early on, he asked if I had come all the way from LA for this, and I told him no, but that I was actually from DC…and then his minders interrupted him, and I was off!

Today, I got the chance to see Benedict one last time before I left — his duo photo with Mads. When my turn came, I said good morning to them both, and then Benedict asked me how I was doing. And that was that!

However, he greatly appreciates all the kind words and support that he receives and he values his fans very much. How do I know that if I send something to Benedict it will get to him?

where can meet benedict cumberbatch

How can I get one please? Please send all requests for donations via Conway Van Gelder Grant We are not provided with autographed photos or indeed any other merchandise Sherlock or otherwise that we can send out to anyone for raffles.

Where can I see Benedict please?

where can meet benedict cumberbatch

I also cannot tell you where he will be months in advance. If you do not wish to join either social network you can simply bookmark the pages for information. Anyone claiming to be him on there is a fake. Please note that media outlets unfortunately frequently link to fake accounts so please be wary. Auburn Is Benedict married? Benedict is married to actress and theatre director Sophie Hunter and they have two sons Christopher and Hal together.

What hour was he born? I am sure Benedict would love to and will do so if his work takes him there. Any planned promotional activities abroad will be mentioned on the site. The bracelet is made by Swedart.

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It is made of black reindeer leather with pewter braid and hand carved reindeer antler button. You can buy the bracelet here. I need to contact Benedict directly.