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A simplified list of addons with direct download links and some description. Healium is a World of Warcraft addon who's main goal is to simplify Omen Threat Meter - omarcafini.info men-vzip . and will keep track of the inventory of other characters you make, .. XPerl-rzip. Posts about addons written by [-Leila-] X-perl for raid frames. There are 3 widely accepted “healer raid frames. can do just as well with raid frames from a general unit frames addon. What else you will need to track depends on your class, spell choices, and raid assignment. See the circled area?. Version: Raid Frames, buff icons, MT list units and some other portions or X-Perl are Created on demand. And where most addons use 1 event handler per unit frame, which although view and review all the results whenever, without having to re-query each item. .. It just queries the resting state from the API.

While druids require a unit frame that tracks hots in a detailed manner, a shaman may not need such sophisticated tracking. Links These links are just to get you started — no advanced scary stuff. There are two good options for this: Power Auras and TellMeWhen. Both of these addons can be configured to show you when something is there i.

TellMeWhen has very basic options, and is what I recommend for the beginner.

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The bar of icons can be shown: See the circled area? Power Auras is a more advanced version. However, it is far more difficult to set up. Instead of a static on-screen visual indicator of important statuses coming and goingyou could be notified through scrolling text.

A spell cast timer might be what you need for efficiently stringing together those casts. Quartz is what most people use for a cast bar. It is nicely configurable, and shows latency at the end of the bar. However, its GCD timer is just lousy. After all, you are looking at your cursor as you mouse over healing targets. You might as well have important information there. Cooldown Tracking A cooldown tracker for especially your short abilities, such as Penance, Swiftmend, Riptide, and Holy Shock, is a good idea.

Fortunately, for you, many of these addons do double duty. Both TellMeWhen and Power Auras can be configured to show whether an ability is on or off cooldown or you can show the ability at all times, with a timer to signify when it will come off cooldown. In fact, the way I had them set up was just about the same: Here I am on my priest using TellMeWhen. Here I am on the druid using Power Auras. The icons of abilities coming off cooldown are arranged on a line and they march toward zero in the order they will come off cooldown.

Dotimer creates countdown bars for your cooldowns.

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Again, it has other modules its main purpose is dot tracking so you may need to modify or disable certain parts. Target Switching and faster casting There are two main methods to save time in casting.

You simply write it as follows: There are guides for fancying it up, but this macro will cast the spell on whatever your mouse is hovering over.

Click healing can be accomplished with Clique. Clique is not necessary for Healbot or Vuhdo, since they have built-in click healing mechanisms. Bartender is used for the bars.

XPerl is my raid and unit frame system. I have my character in the center, and my target and target-of-target close to the center. I use quartz to track debuffs that I use on the boss. I probably should use tellmewhen for this, but I didn't like how it tracked infected wounds.

Prat is the chat addon that displays things a bit more nicely. I also use TellMeWhen to track my stuff when I'm in cat; this is clearly not here. For the most part the UI is pretty functional.

The raidframes take up all the space on the left side normally in a full raid; this was from my first Sarth3D 10 man kill, so there's only The center of the screen displays a lot of information but is mostly uncluttered to actually see things. Only the corners are particularly obscured by information. Most of the screen is otherwise clear.

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Things I absolutely hate, now that I'm looking at it while not playing: Not having a widescreen monitor. It's a great monitor that I love, but a widescreen would be awesome.

The empty space for the raid frames. The debuffs on xperl are going nuts. I want to display important ones like stacks on 4h but this is ridiculous. And the debuffs on the boss are insane and spilling into the buttons. The quartz timers aren't useful.