You will meet a tall dark stranger

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you will meet a tall dark stranger

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is a English-language Spanish– American co-production comedy-drama film written and directed by Woody Allen. "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" is every frame a Woody Allen film, but it isn't very much more. Perhaps the title provides a clue. Its point of. He said that Allen's latest movie, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, was just another-of-the-same from Allen, a movie preaching that people.

For years and years now, reviewers myself included, in the past have ruefully, sorrowfully, insistently told Allen that his latest work is no good, and Allen has declined to oblige them by quitting.

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Like a spry veteran jockey, he goes on galloping round the course, not riding winners, but not falling off either, despite thousands of pundits out in the grandstand who have staked their reputation on the inevitability of his doing so.

His latest picture is a case in point. A low-key ensemble dramedy set in London, it has familiar late Allen flaws: Yet it is also inventive, persistently diverting, speckled with ideas.

you will meet a tall dark stranger

Line by line, scene by scene, I always found something there to hold the attention. It is never boring. Anthony Hopkins and Gemma Jones play Alfie and Helena, an ageing couple who separate when Alfie has a late menopausal need to date younger women.

Lonely, credulous Helena starts listening to an absurd fortune teller, played by Pauline Collins.

you will meet a tall dark stranger

Their art-dealer daughter Sally Naomi Watts becomes infatuated with her boss Antonio Banderaswhile her failed novelist husband Josh Brolin also begins to stray. Alfie wants a DNA test to find out whether he is the father, but Charmaine argues that his paternity is irrelevant.

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Sally quits her job and asks Helena for a loan she promised, for setting up her own art gallery, but Helena refuses because according to Cristal it is astrologically a bad time. Roy is informed that there was a mix-up of the people killed in the accident and is shocked to hear that Henry is actually in a coma and recovering.

In the end, all are dissatisfied with their choices, except for Helena. She has acquired from Cristal a belief in reincarnation and sees her life now as only one episode in her series of lives.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Jonathan shares her beliefs, and they receive his deceased wife's blessing for the new relationship via a seance. Production[ edit ] Allen wrote the script because he was "interested in the concept of faith in something. This sounds so bleak when I say it, but we need some delusions to keep us going. And the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can't. I've known people who have put their faith in religion and in fortune tellers.

So it occurred to me that that was a good character for a movie: The problem is, eventually, she's in for a rude awakening. Originally, Nicole Kidman was cast in one of the lead roles. Scheduling conflicts arose because of her production company and her film Rabbit Hole.