Young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

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young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. . Before appearing on The Apprentice he spent 11 years at Ford Motor Company in In she was invited back for a 'Most Embarrassing Answers' special, where she was "The Apprentice, Series Meet the candidates". The Candidates for the BBC's The Apprentice Photos (c) The BBC Bbc, Zara Brownless was a worthy winner of the BBC's Young Apprentice. Bbc. We trace Sir Alan Sugar's previous wannabe Apprentices to find the winners and losers. , 12 MAY ; Updated , 28 JAN for charity Make Your Mark and judged the finals of Young Enterprise UK. Londoner Samuel, who'd previously worked for Ford for a decade, went on to launch.

She says her hunger and passion push her to succeed and she puts maximum effort into everything she does. She is confident that her self-belief and strong-mindedness will see her through the tasks. Owner, Beachwear Company Lives: He says he is going to put in the hard work and aims to make no mistakes along the way. Online Fashion Entrepreneur Lives: Derbyshire Jessica is owner of an online fashion company and the Operations Director for a PR and marketing agency.

The Apprentice 2016 : Meet the candidates

She believes her positive helpful attitude will propel her through the tasks, and says she wants to get close to the other candidates to find out how they operate, analyse their strengths and weaknesses and attempt to use them to her advantage. Owner, IT Consultancy Lives: Northamptonshire Karthik owns an IT consulting company and says his friends would describe him as a born leader who takes charge and blazes a trail.

He cites his role model as Alexander the Great because he is a master strategist and a brilliant tactician.

Owner, Property Consultancy Lives: Oxfordshire Michelle is the founder and owner of three companies in mortgages, property and lettings.

young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

She describes herself as straight-talking, passionate and honest but admits that she can sometimes be bossy and impatient. She says letting others take the lead could be challenge for her. Digital Marketing Manager, Fashion Lives: London Mukai has lived in over six countries across three continents and recently gave up his position as a senior communications manager to focus on his business idea. He believes his charm is one of his strongest qualities, though he is a straight talker which he thinks some people might perceive as being insensitive.

Owner, Hair and Beauty Salon Lives: Glasgow Natalie owns and runs two beauty and clothing businesses. She considers her best quality to be her quick-thinking, but she is also a persuasive talker who insists that nothing embarrasses her. She prides herself on her ability to buy and sell with ease and believes she has the motivation to win. Owner, Food Distribution Business Lives: Wiltshire Oliver is the founder and director of a sausage manufacturer which supplies supermarkets both in the UK and internationally.

He believes his greatest business skills lie in his marketing ability and his powers of persuasion. Owner, Marketing Agency Lives: Chigwell, Essex Paul is the owner and director of a marketing company specialising in finance, technology, construction and property.

young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

Greater Manchester Rebecca is the owner of a marketing and design business, working as both the account manager and creative director. She prides herself on being relentless and possessing an infectious enthusiasm, but admits that numbers and calculations are a weakness for her. London Samuel is responsible for managing and generating new business for over businesses across London. He regards his ability in developing new and innovative ideas to be his strongest business skill.

Senior Sales Executive, Technology Lives: Essex Sofiane works in a high-end retail store, negotiating technology sales with high profile clients. He says he has the ability to adapt, deliver and build lasting relations with people in business, but his friends would say that he can sometimes be overzealous. She was the most highly educated of all the contestants, although her experience lay mainly in pharmaceutical research.

She was fired in week 2 after deciding to use cats as the theme for a children's charity calendar and displaying poor sales skills during the task. It has since been revealed by contestant Alexa Tilley that the team were given no choice in this matter, a fact that was not revealed to the television audience. Ruth Badger Ruth Badger born had previously been employed as a Sales Manager and a senior management executive for Compass Finance prior to appearing on the Apprentice.

Badger was on the losing team for 7 of the 10 tasks. She eventually finished as the runner-up, reaching the final. Since her appearance, Badger has presented her own programme called Badger or Bust.

young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

She won as project manager in the first week, but Sir Alan unexpectedly dismissed her in Episode 3, telling her "I don't need another corporate lawyer. Bremner had a number of radio and television appearances and was the business correspondent for Scottish talk radio station Talk She has been an entrepreneur since when she left the motor industry to become a Management Consultant and Trainer.

She has taught on MBA programmes and spoken at conferences across Europe. She is also a regular media commentator.

She was ultimately fired in Week 6, ironically on a car-selling task.

young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

Inshe was the winner of a special charity edition of The Weakest Linkfeaturing previous candidates of The Apprentice. Her first baby Emmeline was born prematurely in and died on the same day.

Jo also wrote the BBC Apprentice Column in and has written for The Guardian and many leading industry press on leadership issues affecting women. Her loves are yoga, meditation, golf and swimming. She currently lives in London but her roots are in Hull.

young apprentice meet candidates 2012 ford

From her first job working the checkouts in Kwik Saveshe rose through the business ranks in various firms to become a global project manager. Dewberry went on to win the series, beating rival Ruth Badger in the final.

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Dewberry's first assignment for Sir Alan was to launch Xenon Green, a business that disposes of unwanted computer equipment. However, she and Sir Alan parted company in September She had a romantic relationship with fellow contestant Syed Ahmed and became pregnant by him.

In August they lost the baby, who died before birth. However, injury cut short his career and he found employment as a door-to-door salesman. He was born in South London but currently lives in Brighton. He described a good all-rounder and who gets on well with people.

As one of the least educated contestants he joined the competition for a challenge.

The Apprentice 2012: the candidates

On the show Ansell gained a reputation as a "nice guy", reaching the final three before being dismissed. In the final he was selected by Ruth Badger to be on her team. He was brought back into the boardroom for the first task but later won as project manager the following week. He was dismissed in the seventh week of the process.