Billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett — The Shadow of Doubt | Andrea Downing

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

It stars James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, and Bob Dylan but how accurate is it? What was the real relationship like between Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid?. In the summer of , Billy the Kid, hiding out around the hamlet of Fort Sumner in east-central New Mexico, should have known that Lincoln County Sheriff Pat. In his biography, The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett gave the Kid a bad The Tunstall/Bonney relationship wasn't as close as movies portrayed.

He then armed himself with a double-barreled shotgun and gunned down a second guard who was crossing the street. Once in control of the courthouse, the Kid collected a small arsenal of weapons, cut his leg shackles with a pickaxe and fled town on a stolen horse.

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

News of the brazen escape was soon reprinted in newspapers across the country, making the Kid the most wanted man in the West. He was just 21 years old at the time of his death. Sheriff Pat Garrett Credit: No sooner had he woken Maxwell than the Kid also approached the house, having stopped nearby to get beef for a late dinner.

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

One bullet struck the year-old near his heart, killing him instantly. An image of Billy the Kid from his wanted poster. We strive for accuracy and fairness. Then there is the matter of language.

Pat Garrett: The Story Of Billy The Kid's Friend, Killer, And Biographer

Why inquire in Spanish? He did have a goodly number of Mexican friends in the area.

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

Was it the Kid as Garrett asserts, or one of his friends? Could he have escaped that night and later assumed some new identity?

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

That, of course, is speculation. Following the shooting, Garrett and Maxwell took charge of the body and the events of that night and the next morning.

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Their actions are tainted by serious irregularities. The local postmaster signed the inquest verdict as foreman the following morning.

'Only known photograph discovered' of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett together

The jurors never met as a group. Neither document has ever been found. A facsimile of what appears to be the inquest verdict was discovered decades later. The body was buried the following morning. It was not publicly displayed as was the custom with high profile outlaws in those days.

No photos were taken of the body or Garrett with the body as was also the custom. These irregularities circumstantially favor the appearance of a cover up. The Kid had a reward on his head.

Garrett was not a rich man. Presumably he could have used the money. Under the circumstances you would expect him to take the customary steps to substantiate his claim. If Garrett killed the wrong man, he had motive enough for a cover up. He also had the notoriety, celebrity and opportunity for reward associated with having killed the most wanted outlaw in the territory.

That leads to the question why would Pete Maxwell help him? Apart from money, which Garrett denied was his motive in writing the book, the publication seems self-serving in other respects.

Lincoln resident, Lily Casey, would also say that the Kid was barely 16 when he was jailed in Lincoln in November of This would then make him under 21 years old at the time of death. Garrett may have deliberately made the Kid 21 years old to make him an adult man when he shot him, instead of giving the harsh reality of gunning down a kid possibly still in his teens.

billy the kid and pat garrett relationship

In the end, it made no difference of age, Garrett was still viewed with suspicion. Billy the Kid had a younger brother named Edward or another story he had a older brother named Joseph. The Kid did not have a younger brother named Edward, but he did have a younger brother named Joseph. It's been believed that Joseph was the older brother due to an error on his death certificate when he died in November ofwhich stated his age as seventy-six, thus making his year of birth But there's more than enough proof that he was born inmaking him two-three years younger than Billy the Kid.

At the age twelve, Billy the Kid killed his first man who had insulted his mother. After the killing, he bid his mother farewell and ran away. The above is an example of some of the hogwash written about Billy the Kid.

During an argument, the bully rushed the Kid, sat on him and pummeled him in the face, since the Kid knew he was no match for the heavyweight, he shot him. Though it was purely self-defense, the Kid was wanted for murder. As a young boy, Billy the Kid was given a Barlow knife as a gift and he used it to decapitate a neighbor's kitten.

Just a figment of someone's twisted imagination -nothing more than anti-Billy the Kid rubbish. Billy the Kid was short, chubby and ugly. Here is an unbiased statement from a reporter of the Las Vegas Gazette: So if Billy the Kid was as butt-ugly as some say, why did he have so many female admirers and every description said about him whether by man or woman all say he was a "fine looking lad" or "handsome with boyish good looks.

Billy the Kid was left-handed. He was ambidextrous, but primarily right-handed. Due to the reverse image of the only known photograph of Billy the Kid, it gave the incorrect impression that he was left-handed because his revolver is positioned on the left side.

Someone finally realized the imaged was flipped by looking at the Winchester rifle. Billy the Kid had a hair-trigger temper, which could explode with the slightest provocation. Everyone who came in contact with the Kid, either friend, foe or a reporter, all agree that the Kid had an easygoing personality, a wonderful sense of humor, and was always in good spirits, despite any situation, whether it be bad or good. He was credited for never losing his composure and having a cool head under the most desperate of circumstances.

So those characteristics don't exactly go hand in hand with a bad-temper. Miguel Antonio Otero Jr. He was always in a pleasant humor when I saw him-laughing, sprightly, and good natured. Of course, dime novelists ran with this idea, and therefore created the myth. Billy the Kid was illiterate and had no schooling.

Extremely rare photo of Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett surfaces, could be worth millions

Though he probably had little schooling, the Kid was not illiterate. As a youngster he was an avid reader of books and dime novels. Judging from the letters he wrote to Governor Wallace, they were articulate and almost error free.

Jessie Evans and Billy the Kid were childhood friends. Jesse Evans was under the employment of John Chisum at the time when the Kid was still attending grammar school. A bit of an exaggeration. John Tunstall was 24 years old when he was murdered, hardly the age of a father figure.