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This is the 10th message of a 10 part series and was recorded at So it was fascinating on Sunday to speak on the theme of Elijah's preparation and release of Elisha as Maturity and fruitfulness are the goals of a discipling relationship. appeal for a double portion of the Spirit that was resting on Elijah. As Jesus taught, His disciples wrote what He said. Order a free Bible to Elisha stated he wanted a double portion of Elijah's spirit. They made a deal that if. John the Baptist: In the Spirit and Power of Elijah by Dr. Michael Barber The similarities are striking—as well as the one major difference! .. The disciples wonder at Jesus' eschatological language, asking, “Then why do the chariot at the River Jordan, Elisha receives a “double-portion” of Elijah's spirit (2 Kgs – 15).

Elijah asked his student-prophet what he would desire of him before his departure. They continued to walk and talk, when suddenly a chariot with horses of fire descended from heaven, sweeping Elijah up off the ground toward heaven in a whirlwind. When Elijah had disappeared from view, Elisha was overcome with grief, tearing apart his own outer garment see 2 Kgs. When he approached the Jordan River, he struck the water as Elijah had and walked through again on dry ground.

When we sustain a new leader, it is our privilege to pray and come to know by revelation that those who have been called to lead us have indeed received authority from God. Both men were healers; both were men of many mighty miracles, of kindness, and of mercy.

When a newly called leader comes into our lives, we need to recognize that no two leaders or their ministries are the same. Yet they have one thing in common: The Lord has also given us leaders in our wards, branches, and stakes. The Lord richly blesses those who are true to the mantle of authority He gives His servants. He passed around the meat to the townspeople, and they all ate.

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Then he went with Elijah as his assistant" 1 Kings The story of Elijah and Elisha may be the most obvious mentorship story in the Bible. In his first encounter with Elijah, Elisha is willing to let go of his occupation, his family, and the life he had built thus far in order to follow after a man offering his mentorship.

He killed his oxen and destroyed the yoke, giving the proceeds to his neighborhood. This would be the equivalent of selling a business and throwing a party with the proceeds.

So much can be learned by observing the life of another. We can learn from their habits and disciplines, how they relate to others, and even from their faults.

Elisha was destined for a double portion, but if he had never first offered himself as a servant to Elijah, he would have remained a farmer and never performed the amazing miracles that blessed the lives of so many others. Fifty men from the group of prophets also went and watched from a distance as Elijah and Elisha stopped beside the Jordan River.

Bible scholars believe that Elisha served Elijah for six years before Elijah was ushered into Heaven. Before Elijah was taken up into the whirlwind, Elisha asked to "inherit a double-portion" of Elijah's spirit. Some scholars see this as indicative of the property inheritance customs of the time, where the oldest son received twice as much of the father's inheritance as each of the younger sons.

Elijah and Elisha Discipleship Relationships 1 Kings 19:12-21.

In this interpretation Elisha is asking that he may be seen as the "rightful heir" and successor to Elijah. In this interpretation the "double-portion" isn't merely an allusion to primacy in succession, but is instead a request for greater prophetic power even than Elijah. By means of the mantle let fall from Elijah, Elisha miraculously recrossed the Jordan, and Elisha returned to Jericho, where he won the gratitude of the people by purifying the unwholesome waters of their spring and making them drinkable.

Before he settled in Samaria, Elisha passed some time on Mount Carmel.

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His double prediction regarding relief from drought and victory over the Moabites was fulfilled on the following morning. He is called a patriot because of his help to soldiers and kings. To nourish the sons of the prophets pressed by famine, Elisha changed a pottage made from poisonous gourds into wholesome food. Finding his flesh "restored like the flesh of a little child", the general was so impressed by this evidence of God's power, and by the disinterestedness of His Prophet, as to express his deep conviction that "there is no other God in all the earth, but only in Israel.