How to flirt in fable 3

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how to flirt in fable 3

Use your expressions on them (flirt, manly arm pump, etc.) Use trophies near them. This increases your renown and gives a temporary boost to their relationship. For Fable III on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Love Sword ". For Fable on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to woo a girl". Heal Life spell around them), and use your dating expressions (giggle, flirt , arm pump, and sexy hero pose). konvikt_17 10 years ago#3.

It sounds easy, and it is, once you know how at least. Buying a marital home is the easiest part, all you have to do is go to the town you want to have a wife or husband! Making a woman fall in love with you can be tricky.

The biggest factor in people's ability to fall in love with you is renown. So, even though you can get married at the very start of the game, it is a lot easier once you have some renown. It is also harder for evil characters to have people fall in love with them, but it is still easy. Good characters can have women fall in love with them simply by them seeing your character.

You will know when they are in love with you because they will be highlighted green. In general, the more expensive, the better the result is. Try giving them a gem or two. Don't keep giving them the same gifts.

how to flirt in fable 3

Use your expressions on them flirt, manly arm pump, etc. Use trophies near them. This increases your renown and gives a temporary boost to their relationship with you.

Ugly mofo's don't get the girl, a high attractiveness and a low scariness helps getting women to like you. Buying a wedding ring is as easy as buying a home, unless you're trying to get a good deal. Oakvale has the best deals without stealing or finding one. Giving the wedding ring to the woman in love is easy. If you happen to give a wedding ring to someone who is not in love with you, they won't take it so you won't waste it but if you gave it to someone who is in love with you, but isn't the person you wanted to have it, you wasted a perfectly good wedding ring.

Now that she has the ring, talk to her and she will say one of the pre-set lines of "why not, lets get married". A short delay and a conformation box will pop up and you can go ahead and get married.

How do you flirt in fable?

Note that you can have more than one wife, with a limit of one per town five in total including Lady Grey. Your wife will periodically give you gifts. You can sometimes get gifts as often as once a day for a few days in a row.

The gifts are simply items from the shops in the town your wife lives in, so don't expect many items you can't get through other methods.

how to flirt in fable 3

Here are some worthwhile rewards you can get, and from where: Note that Peter Molyneux seems to have a pretty simplistic view of reproductive health. Unprotected sex reults in your character receiving an STD.

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Don't worry though, having an STD doesn't seem to have any effect on gameplay whatsoever. Also strange - if you sleep without a condom an infinite number of times with the same individual, you contract an infinite number of STD's.

How any one human could carry that number of crotchrotting afflictions is a mystery. Also a mystery, babies seem to take virtually no time at all to pop out.

Of course, if you've bought some condoms or found some, say in Reaver's secret bedroomSTD's and babies can be avoided. Be aware though, that if you sleep with a man, and use a condom you won't hear him making any pleasurable noise during the discrete fade to black scene. Also, you'll see his love for you has slightly decreased! But as Tina Turner so eloquently reminds us, what's love got to do with it?

Prostitutes can be found in several locations - noteably Old Bowerstone, Bowerstone Industrial and the Mercenary Camp.

How do you flirt in fable? | Fable Answers | FANDOM powered by Wikia

For a simple monetary transaction, male or female prostitutes will follow you to the nearest bed. For group sex, just hire more than one prostitute. When you hire the second one, you'll have to let go of the hand of the first, but don't worry.

Just go to a nearby bed, and you should hear the audio, and get the stats and STD's to prove you had sex with both. For easy group sex, build the brothel after taking the throne of Albion no nursery for you!

Just hire all the prostitutes in a given room, and then head to bed. Marriage Once someone loves you, all you need is a ring cheaply bought from several vendors and to press the right button to propose - oh, if only it were this simple in real life. You will be given the choice of where to hold the wedding. Most of the zones in Albion are available, each with three different wedding options ranging from the cheap and simple vagrants wedding under a bridge, to the full royal wedding at the palace.

There doesn't seem to be a gameplay difference, it just shows a different cut scene based on your choice. Even a demanding and uppity noble lady remained quite in love, even if given the cheapest wedding available. You will be asked to designate a home for your new family. Choose one of your existing properties, or buy a new one. Then set your spouse's allowance. The total value of the house, and their allowance seems to affect your spouse's happiness.

Put a noble in a dweller wagon, and they'll immediately start to grouse. Put a beggar in a luxury estate and they'll talk about never living so well. You can marry multiple timesbut as Jasper will warn you, it's best not to set up your new family in the same neighborhood as an existing family.

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In fact, there's a glitch where trying to place your new love in the same home as an existing spouse results in the new love disappearing crime of passion methinks entirely from the game. Once married, unprotected sex involving a man and a woman will result in a baby. Over time, that baby will grow to become a child. When they're old enough, bring your child to Brightwall Villageto open the Demon Door there.