Is there a relationship between hand size and height

Hand length as an alternative measurement of height.

is there a relationship between hand size and height

If you Multiply your height (in inches) by for women and for men) it will equal the length of your hand in inches (from wrist to the tip of your middle finger) . The results from the present study show that there was a positive correlation between height and hand length and other parameters indicating. Men's hands say a lot about their virility, cancer risk, athletic ability, attitudes toward women, (BMI) of men, they found that height and the gap between index and ring fingers were the other factors that made a difference.

In conclusion, the results from the present study indicated that hand length is a proxy indicator for height when it is difficult or not possible to measure height directly, and also other variables such as age, weight and BMI stand as indicator for predicting height among Gbagyi school children of Abuja in Nigeria.

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is there a relationship between hand size and height

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is there a relationship between hand size and height

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is there a relationship between hand size and height

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Hand Length as a Determinat of Height in School Children

This is used throughout the power point sildes as the class demonstration to introduce the bivariate relationship. Activity Worksheet - Hand Size: Microsoft Word 37kB May17 07 This is a set of questions that guides students to investigate how well hand size can predict height. This is usually used as a group activity. It is suggested starting the group activity during the class period or lab sessionscompleting the activity after class and turning the worksheet the next class period.

The hand size data 50 cases: Excel 11kB May15 07 This data is a subset of the hand size data. The questions in the Hand-Size worksheet are based on the analysis of this data set. Activity Worksheet - online applet: Microsoft Word 26kB May15 07 This worksheet is for students to learn the effects of outliers and influential cases.


It may be assigned as a group activity or as an individual homework activity. Questions for assessing learning outcomes Microsoft Word 99kB May3 Teaching Notes and Tips Features about the Real-Time online data collection the instructor should be aware of: This activity requires students to collect data and enter their own data to an online database.

Here is the instruction sheet for instructor: Instruction for instructor to facilitate the data collection. Microsoft Word 28kB May17 07 The equipment for conducting this activity are a one-foot actual or paper-copy ruler and b Computer station with Internet connection.

The best classroom setting is a computer classroom with Internet connection. Students can also enter their own data using any computer that has Internet connection after class. Prior to conducting this activity, the instructor needs to: During the session of conducting the group activity, Start with the discussion on how to measure hand size and ask students to compare different ways of measuring hand size in terms of a is the measurement measures 'hand size', b is it easy to measure, and c how well can it be measured repeatedly.

Comparing Hand-length from wrist to tip of the middle finger and hand-width from the tip of the thumb and the tip of little finger, when stretching out the handThey both are valid measurements, easy to measure.

How well can hand size predict height?

Hand length is more repeatable. Ask students to go to the Real-Time Hands-on Activities and direct them to enter the data. Ask student to make an 'educated' guess as to which one 'hand length' or 'hand width' a better predictor and their reasons. Then, make a comparison later after the analysis. Outlier cases may occur.

Hand length as an alternative measurement of height.

For example, Based on how hand-length and width are measured in this activity, hand-width is always longer than hand-length. If a case that shows hand width is shorter than hand-length, this provide a discussion on measurement error and the effect of outliers. The hand-size data for the worksheet has a case with hand-width shorter than hand-length. Students are asked to analyze the data, firtst, without knowing this case, then, investigate the data, and delete this case, re-analyze the data and make a comparison.

The use of this activity beyond introductory level: This activity may be used to introduce models with both qualitative gender and quantitative hand length predictors.

is there a relationship between hand size and height