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Find Naruto The Movie - 3 - Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom [DVD] As a Naruto fan watching the show and movies from beginning to end (in order). Song: Hypnotize Band: System of a Down Here's the song on youtube: http://www .Enjoy. Ninja of Santoryu: Shichibukai of the Crescent Moon Kingdom. By: Skillet Lord. While the Fourth Great Shinobi War rages on, Naruto and a team of comrades have There should be no reason to seek any sort of business relationship with him. .. This cycle ended when Chamū made his way back onto the.

The fights aren't even that interesting. It goes to getting the character's ass kicked for about 1 and a half minute, then the rest is the protagonist kicking their asses. The most notable fight is the finale, but even that is boring and ends way too quickly making the villains who looked cool and interesting before, look like pushovers, getting beaten in the most simplest and least epic of ways.

This is a Naruto movie so a new Rasengan has to be introduced, but sadly it looks stupid and incredibly lazy. The impressions the fight scenes leave you wanting more because they just are so quick to end, and the scene after are not something to look forward to either. It gets someone like me mad who loves Naruto fights so much.

I don't even care if there is just one fight in the entire movie as long as it is interesting and satisfying. This movie does not deliver that satisfaction which is a huge shame coming from Naruto.

It is bad both on Naruto and anime movie standards. While I have not seen Naruto the Last yet I know hate me this has to be the most unsatisfying and worst movie of all of Naruto. The story while interesting at few points, is chalked fill with cliche and boring scenes and relationship just barely being OK, does not help.

Hikaru is nowhere near being a good character, as well as rememberable, and while the prince is a little better and becomes good at the end, he is not some one you will enjoy throughout the movie. Shabadaba is a fucking disgrace as a villain, and while the other enemies are cool, they are not on screen enough for you to be fully engaged with them before the credits. Fight scenes are disappointing and quick, which is sad coming from Naruto.

The voices however sound really well done.

Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

The animation while not bad, is a step down from the other movies. If you are looking for an anime movie to watch, stay away from this one because you will not enjoy almost the entire movie.

You are better off watching any other of the Naruto movies. That is all for this review. If this gets enough likes, maybe I will do another movie review.

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They then suffered a similar fate to their comrades, as he turned his hand into a blade of glass and proceeded to the butcher them with it.

After having impaled Aoba through his stomach with the blade, the tokubetsu chunin tried to croak out through his pain "I know that the Santatsu couldn't be to far behind all this. And now as a traitor to Konoha, you shall fall to the hand of the Nitatsu, Dentist Salon.

As a result he threw Aoba against a nearby tree, before walking over and releasing his mini Den Den Mushi, leaving him to bleed out in the woods with the rest of the guard "It's quite a shame none of them knew Haki isn't it Mr. But I think that me and my employees can handle the trip to Konoha from here. In the meantime you should gather up some Shotatsu and make your way to the Land of Waves. All while Dentist Salon watched him further into the woods that the country was famed for, before walking towards his own to the east in the form of the Great Naruto Bridge a mere ten minutes from their point of separation.

In front of the bridge stood a statue of its namesake during his first battle against the Santatsu Foundation on the bridge seven years ago "So this is the mighty Cinderface that our Shogun are so interested in.

No matter, he's just an obstacle against making Konoha what it should be. He'll fall to us in due time. Why do we have to start this damn mission out in the middle of the dessert? Within the two weeks that the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto had been getting mission after mission being requested to him "15 missions in two weeks. I can't even remember the last time I had to work this much. Not to mention all the extra money you've been getting from all the A and B Rank missions you've been completing got you enough money to get a better apartment for you and Hinata.

They were probably the only people who didn't see him as a monster after all. Itachi accurately predicted the cause of this was the fact that he'd accidentally bleached Naruto's normal red hoodie and bright shade of pink, which just so happened to be the swordsman's least favorite color "Come now, tell me you're not still upset about the pink jacket thing.

You could be Chouji right now. Why am I even on this mission? Wouldn't it make more sense for a chunin like Shino or Konan?

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I mean with the Santatsu Foundation running around our village has been busier than ever. What was practically a parade of wagons and caravans riding through the dessert right towards them "Is that a mirage?

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Who would need this many caravans? He ordered the military forces to kill them all, but the team was able to escape with the help of some soldiers still loyal to the king. Escaping to a hidden cave, Michiru found that his father was still alive, but Sakura, although able to heal his petrified arm, was only able to keep him alive for a little while.

The king revealed that he had suspected that something like this would happen, and had arranged for the journey to keep Michiru out of harm's way. Before dying, the king told Michiru and Hikaru that people are truly important in life, not material goods.

During an attempt to escape the country by boat, the three ninja hired by Shabadaba attacked, disabling Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Lee with reaction-dulling poison that slowed their reactions. The prince was captured, but the emergence of Naruto's fox chakra allowed him to repel the attacking ninja before the prince's son could be taken. At the castle, Shabadaba's reasons for taking over the country were revealed to be purely material, the same things Michiru had considered important, as he intended to use the nation's wealth for himself rather than the people.

Michiru was disgusted by Shadabada's attitude, and realised the truth of what his father had said. Shabadaba decided to put him to death by a drawn out hanging: With the help of the circus Michiru had purchased earlier, Kakashi's team made a rescue attempt with Hikaru and the rogue soldiers, infiltrating the palace by disguising themselves as members of the circus.

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One by one, Kakashi and his team fought individual battles: Kakashi fought the many soldiers in the courtyard, while each of the genin fought one of the ninja. Lee wielded a pair of nunchaku that had the ability to connect to other staffs hidden in his leg weights, creating weapons such as a long staff and a chain whip. Sakura was able to dispatch her poison and genjutsu-using opponent, Karenbanaby shattering a chandelier to locate her by watching where she moved, and subsequently killed her with one punch.

It turned out Karebana had worn too much perfume which had helped Sakura locate her opponent while in a genjutsu by smelling for the perfume. Naruto fought against Ishidatethe leader of the three ninja, while helping Hikaru reach his father.

Hikaru shot an arrow, severing the rope around Michiru's neck, and Naruto's shadow clones caught the prince and his father.